Black News...Shutdown looms no deal in sight! So what? Shut the fucker down! You too spoiled anyway...!

Tara Lee’s Poison Garden


I Have Been to the Mountaintop Full Speech

Amos 'n' Andy - Kingfish Gets Drafted (1951)

Las Vegas police arrest person in connection with Tupac Shakur murder investigation

Copyright and Fair Use - Office of the General Counsel

Fair use is the right to use a copyrighted work under certain conditions without permission of the copyright owner. The doctrine helps prevent a rigid use ...

Medicare Advantage ads will look different this fall. The shit makes you sick, so tank God!

U.A.W. Goes on Strike Against Detroit’s Big 3 Automakers is a Good thing

Dow Jones Gains As Trump Ramps Up Shutdown Pressure; Tesla Rises Despite This Call As LI Dives

Congress is moving into crisis mode as time runs short to avoid a government shutdown

Nearly 14-foot gator involved in Florida death

Poll: Get ready for Trump 2. Biden kissing China's ass! He faces criticism of cronyism, nepotism, the economy, immigration and all!

Latino Democrats not our friends! Los Angeles councilman Democrat Kevin de Leoninvolved in racism scandal is running for re-election

Marjorie Taylor Greene called Lauren Boebert a . . . what? They not friends!

Homeless; Judge Rules Trump Committed Fraud, Stripping Control of Key Properties

Beloved Temple University acting president JoAnne Epps dies at age 72

What Is Drive Reduction Theory About? It's the Greedy vs the Needy!

The Supreme Court refused Alabama’s request to reinstate a congressional map drawn by racist GOP lawmakers

This ugly witch, Kay Ivey pissed and shitted on herself at the same time

Payback is mother! Ukraine said Saturday its bold strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the Crimean city of Sevastopol had left dozens dead and wounded “including senior leadership.”

Merrick Garland Named As President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee But It Stayed on the Senate's floor

Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (December 11, 1926 -- July 25, 1984) was an American rhythm and blues singer and songwriter. She was the first to record the hit song "Hound Dog" in 1952. 

Black Hebrew Israelites and antisemitism: Beliefs, how to stop them

Trump's presidential approval rating stays steady: NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls

Our thoughts and behaviors are strongly influenced by affective experiences known as drive states. These drive states motivate us to fulfill goals that are beneficial to our survival and reproduction.

Janet L. Yellen. U.S. and China agree to new economic dialogue format. What the fuck, bitch are you stupid.

What? Radio Veteran, Police PIO Kevin West Dies Unexpectedly! How Did He Die!

High blood pressure: The silent killer. No its' a serial killer. It kills the same people the same way everytime!

Black lawmakers in California push to overcome resistance on reparations

City of Chattanooga mourns loss of radio personality Kevin West

How Much Do Dealers Make on the Sale of a New Car?

A potentially life-saving drug drug called TBO-309 developed to treat strokes. Drug could be on the way for people at risk of strokes

Day care operator charged in baby's fentanyl death allegedly deleted more than 20K text messages

The Real Wakanda: How an East African Kingdom Changed Theodore Roosevelt and the Course of American Democracy

Colleges That Don’t Require SAT Or ACT In The US

Alleged Alien Corpses Displayed to Mexican Congress Did Not Convince Scientists. They Don't Know Nothing!

Money can't buy you love! Iran-US prisoner swap in motion as nearly $6B in once-frozen Iranian assets reaches Qatar

Woman Hit With Police Cruiser After Standing In Street Firing A Gun

Georgia special grand jury recommended charges in election case for Sen. Graham and 2 ex-senators. Nobody is above the law!

Study finds Black and Latino students face significant ‘funding gap’ because of illegal immigrants?!

The Best USB-C Laptop and Tablet Chargers

Lawsuit accuses Beverly Hills police of racially profiling Black drivers

Jerry Summers: Famous Chattanooga Trial Attorney Imprisoned In Historic Office Building

Chattanooga's Own. Jerry Summers: Hero Of The Empire

No good deed goes unpunished! Queensland man trying to help friend dies from snake bite

Fuck You, We Got to Get This Money From Underground! US behind more than a third of global oil and gas expansion plans, report finds! shame on US!

Escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante captured after nearly two weeks of manhunt

Escaped Pennsylvania murderer Danelo Cavalcante shot at by homeowner while stealing rifle

Here's why American men die younger than women on average and how to fix it

Researchers Uncover New Pathway for Accumulation of Age-Promoting ‘Zombie Cells’ That Being Said, You Still Won't Leave This world Alive! Living longer won't get you off the hook!

It's an abomination! Pig kidney works a record 2 months in donated body, raising hope for animal-human transplants...

They will even steal milk money from the poor kids!

Got cancer? You gone die from something! Many of these cancer risks had established links to obesity, inactivity, diabetes, alcohol, smoking, environmental pollution and western diets high in red meat and sugars

The Grapes of Wrath! John Steinbeck: A flawed genius

What are magic mushrooms and psilocybin?

Coco Gauff, 19, wins first Grand Slam in stunning takedown of Aryna Sabalenka

What are the 4 Grand Slam tournaments

As Jacksonville shooting victims are eulogized, advocates call attention to anti-Black hate crimes

Boebert is divorcing her husband of nearly 20 years. Here's a timeline of their relationship.

Dying to get in! 350 migrants found 'crowded and dehydrated' in trailer in Mexico

Gov. Greg Abbott may target a 1982 Supreme Court ruling known as Plyler v. Doe that requires schools to educate undocumented children.

Sky-high CEO pay is in focus as workers everywhere are demanding higher wages

Escaped Pennsylvania prisoner Danelo Cavalcante, now armed with a stolen rifle and ‘extremely dangerous,

What’s ahead now that Republicans are opening an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. What he do?

White man who shot Black teenager who went to wrong house will stand trial, judge orders

Parents Behaving Badly: A Youth Sports Crisis Caught on Video

More troubles for Biden! Prosecutors seeking new indictment for Hunter Biden before end of September

60 years ago, Alabama church bomb killed 4 girls Denise McNair, 11, from left; Carole Robertson, 14; Addie Mae Collins, 14; and Cynthia Dianne Wesley, 14, were killed on Sept. 15, 1963, when a bomb exploded in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman on the nation's highest court, will give the keynote address at the remembrance Friday morning at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama.

A Trump-Biden rematch may be on the horizon in 2024, whether voters like it or not A gen z rebellion!

Fact Check-Re-examining how and why voter fraud is exceedingly rare in the U.S. ahead of the 2022 midterms. Fair exchange is no robbery. Swapping Votes is no crime.

Amdt14.S1.8.9.3 Police Power Classifications and Equal Protection Clause For You!

13 Natural Remedies That Can Help Slow Down Aging. Take That Ponce de León!

Biden on Monday threw numerous verbal jabs at his predecessor in a Labor Day speech, aiming to use his administration’s record as a way to undermine the inroads Donald Trump has made into a core part of Biden’s political coalition.

The Jacksonville shooter killed a devoted dad, a beloved mom and a teen helping support his family

Last month August 23

A look back at the March on Washington nearly 60 years later: in photos

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw to resign after three tumultuous years at the helm. I am good to be gone from these outlaw breakers!

The first Africa Climate Summit opens as hard-hit continent of 1.3B demands more say and financing

Trump’s trial run: How an onslaught of court dates could sideline him from the campaign trail

Biographer says it wouldn’t be ‘total shock’ if Biden drops out of 2024 race

Thousands of people leave Burning Man festival after being stranded by heavy rain

An auto strike looks likely. Should I buy a car now? Auto dealers say yes, show you right!

Officer Mark Dial charged with killing Eddie Irizarry released on bail. Body Camera image caught you. It's clear, you had the smoking gun!!

Philadelphia Police Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting

Corrupt Justice Alito rejects Senate Democrats’ call to step aside from an upcoming Supreme Court case

The best Justice money can buy! Justice Alito rejects recusal

The easiest sublect of all! College students are still struggling with basic math. Professors blame the pandemic

Remarks on Diversity Lead to Investigation of North Carolina Judge. That's Critical Race Theory for you!

DeSantis' Florida redistricting map is unconstitutional and must be redrawn, judge says

In trying to inculcate, Court strikes down Alabama congressional map for diluting Black voters

DeSantis' Florida redistricting map is unconstitutional and must be redrawn, judge says you dumb fool

If you want to be U.S. teachers' pay at $60,000 minimum wage — First take on a 'Vow of Poverty' 5 states currently pay teachers best

Shutdown looms no deal in sight! So what? Shut the fucker down! You too spoiled anyway...

It's an art to knowing when to leave. You will leave one way or the other! Feinstein, longest serving woman in the Senate, has died at 90

US Senator Dianne Feinstein dies at 90. Turtle you next!

Feinstein, of Senate, dies at 90 Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die!

Another night of looting erupts in Philadelphia. Don't blame our kids, blame this institutional racism that forces them into a life of crime

McCarthy’s Hail Mary: Strip Ukraine aid and finally pass Pentagon spending bill

On the run, McCarthy is back to square one. He doesn't know whether to shit or call a cab. Multi task!

A government shutdown is nearing this weekend. What does it mean, who’s hit and what’s next? Forget about it!

Alabama dusts off an old playbook for diluting Black vote. Black vote is to die for!

Uncle Tim to donors: Stay calm, carry on, write checks. His brain not fully developed!

Maybe Lucy's baby. Tim Scott advocates firing striking auto workers. He really looks like a monkey

Blacks see bias in media despite changes, survey says. Who owns the media? Jews

From secretaries to secretary of state, Biden documents probe casts wide net: More crooked than Trump. Maybe we need to elect a dog catcher for President

The Alabama GOP will have to comply with a Supreme Court order striking down its racially gerrymandered map. Them some hardcore cracker down in that bottom. And they ain't gone change

Head Of Louisiana Police Col. Lamar Davis Says He Would Welcome A DOJ Probe Into Racial Profiling. He's Just Another go to Nigger for Racist Whites

Louisiana police accused of ‘unconscionable’ abuse in ‘Brave Cave’

Fake news spreads faster than true news on Twitter— Monkey see Monkey do!

Sounds like white supremacy! Elon Musk calls U.S. media and schools 'racist against whites & Asians' No, he's a racist motherfucker and a mulatto monkey

llinois becomes first state to end cash bail!

Fatal police violence by race and state in the USA, 1980–2019: a network meta-regression

Republicans rally behind Trump, attacks on U.S. justice system intensify. They stand by their man

Nov 24, 1974 CE: 'Lucy' Discovered in Africa

2024 Presidential Election Poll CBS News Biden-Trump poll finds concerns about Biden finishing a second term, and voters' finances also weigh on Biden

Usher Seeks Dismissal Of Herpes Suit, Says Plaintiff Knew Of Unprotected Sex Risks. Don't be out There Spreading that Shit, Man! You Got it for Life...

Usher will headline the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas

Shot down like a dog! Ta’Kiya Young’s family urges officer’s arrest after video shows him killing the pregnant Black woman. 'Please Don't shoot me!' She begged for mercy!

Ta’Kiya Young had big plans for her family before police murdered her in a parking lot

Chinks are not our fiends! China and the U.S, Still Adversaries, Are Talking About what? That’s a Start.

Worse than slime! U.S. business optimism about China outlook falls to record low - survey. Some of the top US companies in China in terms of revenue include Apple, General Motors, Ford, Starbucks, and Boeing. Like Benedict Arnold, they're traitor to US!

Sen. Bob Menendez indicted again for corruption, allegedly had cash stuffed in coat, gold bars. He just can't stop stealing

Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey indicted on federal bribery charges a second time. This time you out! Damian got this.

“Black musicians are routinely the subject of racism and prejudice that undermines their value.” These Jews are too racist to believe! They hate everything Black that they can't steal! What a rotten group of people they are...

Serviceman missing in Black Sea navy HQ strike, Russia says; Kyiv warns of Moscow ‘energy terror’ campaign

Rattling the beggars' cup, Zelenskiy faces difficult conversations in Washington amid spending battle

Ukraine fires 6 deputy defense ministers as heavy fighting continues in the east of Ukraine

Motherfucker Got Sued For Will Pay $787.5 Million to Settle Defamation Suit

Rupert Murdoch to Retire From Fox and News Corporation Boards. Good riddance you Piece of Shit

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch have been humiliated, but they won’t change their ways

Rupert Murdoch set to marry for fifth time at 92. If this old fart can get it up, there's hope for US all! It's hope in the world y'all!

Look What Happened When the FCC Offered Murdoch a Way Out of US Broadcast Ownership and Fucked it Up!

Nine Memphis deputies indicted for death of Black man in Memphis jail

What We Know About Tyre Nichols’s Lethal Encounter With Memphis Police

Family sues Akron and 8 officers who shot and killed Jayland Walker

Seattle officer caught on bodycam laughing after collision that killed grad student

A student was fatally struck by a police car. What an officer later said about her sparked outrage and it should

Police union leader said woman killed Jaahnavi Kandula, a 23-year-old graduate student by Seattle officer ‘had limited value’ How disgusting is that? That's about one lowdown thing to say! A case of lose humanity...

A newly released bodycam video from the Seattle Police Department (SPD) shows what appears to be two officers conversing and making light of an incident where an officer fatally struck a pedestrian in January.  

So, let the House burn! Republicans intensify government shutdown risk over spending bill

7 ways MAGA Republicans differ from other Republicans and rest of US!

Boebert among hard-right House members blocking McCarthy’s speaker bid

Only a Speaker in name, McCarthy is running out of options to stop a shutdown as conservatives balk at a new plan. Shut it down! We broke already so, let the good times roll!

He took it to his grave; suspect James Lewis in the 1982 Chicago Tylenol Murders dies

James Lewis, the suspect in the deadly 1982 Tylenol poisonings, dies at 76. really

Tylenol suspect James Lewis told me anyone could have poisoned those capsules

Isabel's other great uncle, Stanley Janus, then 25, and newly-wedded wife Theresa, then 20, went to Adam's house afterward. The tainted bottle of Tylenol was still there, and they weren't feeling well, so they reached for pills not knowing yet what had caused Adam's death. Oh God, how fucked up is that? Can you identify the victims in picture above? For example, where is Stanley Janus and wife Theresa?

Chicago Tylenol Murders: 3 members of Janus family died in 1982, Adam Janus, Stanley Janus, Theresa Janu and pain has passed on to generations

Remembering the Victims of the Chicago Tylenol Murders: Mary Kellerman, Adam Janus, Theresa Janus, Stanley Janus, Mary Reiner, Mary McFarland, and Paula Prince

What Happens To Bail Bonds When the Case Is Over?

What US hides: A close encounter with the 'alien bodies' in Mexico.

How long will it take U.S. to payoff national debt of $31.4 trillion? Forever and a day!

The Bail Bond System and Rule of Law

Analysis of spending in America's largest school districts

Our $23 Trillion National Debt: An Inter-generational Injustice

Lauren Boebert apologizes following removal from "Beetlejuice" at Denver theater

4 girls Denise McNair, 11, from left; Carole Robertson, 14; Addie Mae Collins, 14; and Cynthia Dianne Wesley, 14

Getting paid! The Salary of Auto Industry Executives hit sky high

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson says 'whole truth' about Black history must be taught

Reporter asks CEO about her nearly $29 million in compensation as workers strike

Oregon launches legal psilocybin access amid high demand and hopes for improved mental health care

12,212 migrant children reentered U.S. border custody alone in 2021 after being expelled. Sending all them kids over here

US Federal judge rules revised Daca policy illegal and halts new applications. No more dreamers for now!

What are the limit on police power in racist states in the south? Murder and brutality!

Attorneys For 34-Year-Old Roger Heard Man Killed In Clash With Police Say Officers Acted Recklessly

5 Ways Cash Bail Systems Undermine Community Safety on the Backs of the Poor!

In Its First Monopoly Trial of Modern Internet Era, U.S. Sets Sights on Google

Google Goes on Trial Over Justice Dept. Claims That It Has Monopoly Power

What's at stake in Google's antitrust trial

Coco Gauff says her parents are the reason she plays tennis. Everything to know about the Gauffs

Championship Point | Coco Gauff Wins Women's Singles Title | 2023 US Open

Biden raised more than $72 million for 2024 campaign since announcing candidacy!

Best politicians money can buy! Which Presidential Candidates Are Leading the 2024 Money Race?

Was racism a factor in death at Centinela Hospital? California is ill-equipped to investigate. She planned a smooth delivery.

Maternity ward to close as family calls for justice in death of April Valentine Black mother

Maternal mortality rates are rising. April Valentine, an Inglewood mother, was one of them

Coco Gauff wins the US Open for her first Grand Slam title at age 19 by defeating Aryna Sabalenka

Coco Gauff wins U.S. Open women’s final, defeating Aryna Sabalenka

Morocco earthquake: at least 2,000 dead and thousands more injured

Flooding death toll soars to 11,300 in Libya’s coastal city of Derna.

Why fentanyl is a hundred times more deadlier than heroin, in a single photo

As more children die from fentanyl, some prosecutors are charging their own parents with murder

Body cam catches elite federal prosecutor offering Justice Department card during DUI crash arrest

Biden's mess! Number of migrant families with kids crossing U.S. border nearly triples in two months

DeSantis Explodes At Black Man Who Blaming Him For Jacksonville Mass Shooting: 'Nonsense!'

G20 adds the African Union as a member, issues call rejecting use of force in reference to Ukraine

After 33-years, Remains of Tuskegee pilot who vanished in WWII have been identified

Pentagon accounts for one of the missing from the famed unit of Black pilots. A Red Tail!

Remains of Lt. Fred L. Brewer Jr. Tuskegee pilot who vanished in WWII have been identified



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