Hurricane Ian nears Florida landfall with brutal 155 mph winds! Second time around is worst than the first time! Tropical Storm Ian, which is moving across Florida, is expected to strengthen back into a hurricane before it makes landfall in South Carolina Friday.

Findings on MLK Assassination

Black Mamba Kills Man's Wife, Daughter and Nephew in Single Attack

Only 6 left in stock - order soon. All Lies Matter: Why Everything You Know About Racism In America Is Wrong. Insights And Wisdom From America's #1 Black Activist. Hardcover – December 24, 2020

New Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Phase 3 Clinical Trial

On the bones of dead slaves, thanks to economic freedom for some, US still out performs other nations in standard of living. Yeah, you living large on slavery

McConnell endorses bipartisan bill to prevent efforts to overturn US elections

The fix is on; heads I win tails you lose! Georgia voting equipment breach at center of tangled tale

The forgotten history of what California stole from Black familie. They paying up, what about the rest?

Teaching Preschool-to-Third Grade Programs and Practices: That's Where The Action Is — A Review of Research. You Have An Opportunity To mold Young Lives

10 Ways To Celebrate National Black Business Month. First, Spend Some Money!

What to know about getting updated Covid-19 booster, flu shot at the same time

Worthless Miller-Motte College

Who Ya Gonna Believe Me or Your Own Eyes? Believe Your Lying Eyes It's All Propaganda.

Tarius Sledge, He Not My Daddy! Arrest by Crazy Tyler Mcrae, East Ridge Student Raises Controversy

Rappers' wanted dead not alive! ‘A whole village destroyed with one shot’: how PnB Rock’s murder shook hip-hop

10 Reasons Why Seniors Lose Their Appetite

Election Commission Certifies Marvene Noel Election Despite Concerns "It Doesn't Pass The Smell Test"

2 claim $1.34 billion Mega Millions lottery prize

DOJ charges 47 people with stealing $250 million from pandemic program meant to provide meals to needy kids. We left the milk money!

How Early Can We Use Crossword Puzzles for Kids Reading?

Marie Mott Asks Election Commission Not To Certify Results Of Runoff Election. It Was Bought And Paid For

How Important is Hamilton County Chancery Court In Standing Up For Citizes' Right? Get To know The Clerk & Master.

Drop a dime! Grove St. shooting nears its one-year sad anniversary; CPD still sees it as a priority

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Gives Tennessee Voters Opportunity To Create Emergency Succession Plan For Office Of Governor

Com'on Up! Biden Administration Has Admitted One Million Migrants to Await Hearings

They need to Plan an Adult Literacy Program in Chattanooga. Bad! First, we need to know if the Black parents can pass the TNReady reading test.

These 16 states are issuing additional stimulus checks to qualifying residents

What's The Difference Between Bits and Bytes

Impact of Gun Violence on Black Americans And All

Marvene Noel Wins By 70 Votes Over Marie Mott In City Council District 8 Runoff Election

NYC to host landmark exhibition honoring Black lives lost to racial injustice. You can't quantify the numbers

Black Americans see complications in adulation of Queen Elizabeth II. Who needs a queen anyway?

US soldier who posted about killing Black people given top security pass

Cheaper gas likely slowed high US inflation for a 2nd month

4 Design Principles for Data Set Processing

Like spreading AIDS, inside a city’s struggle to vaccinate gay Black men for monkeypox. You can hide AIDS, but you can't hide the monkeypox with them sores on your ass!

The demand for money behind many Cop traffic stops. Get paid! There's a sucker born every minutes

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; Busing llegal immigrants from the border: A tale of three cities

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96

Going nowhere fast; food prices are still soaring — here's what's getting more expensive

Turkey's Erdogan: Russia's Putin willing to end his war. “Declare victory and get out!”

The edge of war: what, exactly, does Putin want in Ukraine? He wants out! It's heads we win and tails you lose! That's the luck of the draw.

Within one year of the formation
of the Black Panther Party, the FBI established a special counter-intelligence program called COINTELPRO, to neutralize political dissidents.

Will Smith Says "No Part of Me" Thinks Chris Rock Oscars Incident Was "Right" in Apology Video

Female police chiefs rare in nation's largest cities

Ruled By Nathan Rothschild, The British Empire Was Much Worse Than You May Realize

Charles and Diana: a history of their failed marriage, and her death!

Can artificial sweeteners increase the risk of heart attack? How much sugar can one have then?

A Ukrainian presidential adviser said there were so many Russian POWs that the country was running out of space to accommodate them. Putin, do like US, declare victory and just leave!

China's economy is in bad shape and could stay that way for a while

Murder incorporated! Woman, 22, Killed; Man, 19, Taken To Hospital In Still Another Chattanooga Shooting

Woman, 26, Shot In Apparent Domestic Incident On S. Lyerly Street

Woman Injured In Carjacking On S. Kelley Street

“Racism is part of our inheritance as Americans. Every city, every state and every region of this country has its own deep history with racism.

Nothing lasts forever! Queen's doctors concerned for her health

A Las Vegas public official has been arrested in connection with the killing of an investigative journalist

Pregnant Black activist Brittany Martin serving 4 years for protest comments

Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency In Chattooga, Floyd Counties Due To Flooding

‘I don’t believe in God anymore’: You'er not alone! Britney Spears affected by son's 'hateful' behavior'

With The Worst Schools in US, Top Hamilton County Schools Salaries For 2022-23

Remembering Hurricane Katrina's Impact, 15 Years Later On Blacks And All

Emergency declared as flash flooding hits northwest Georgia

Why Time Management Matters More in the Digital Age

Antiviral Drugs That Are Approved, Authorized, or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19

Lawyer say Donovan Lewis: Ohio man police shot in bed was reckless, senseless. That 'po child wasn't bothering nobody. Another cautionary tale; Don't be caught sleeping in bed while Black!

Lawsuit accuses Black Lives Matter head Shalomyah Bowers of stealing more than $10million

Police Chief Murphy announces new review process for 15 officers in Brady Letter accusations

Head of Russian oil giant Lukoil dies after falling from hospital window, reports state media. Right!

He's Another Dr. Strangelove. Nuclear secrets reportedly found at Mar-a-Lago are ‘gamechanger’

Two Trump lawyers could be witnesses or targets in FBI investigation

Children more candid about mental health when talking to robot, study finds

Biden's clarion call says Trump's MAGA mob threatens US democracy

Sleeping while Black! Columbus cop fatally shoots Donovan Lewis, the man in bed

Are there different types of monkeypox?

Student Loan Forgiveness FAQs: The Details, Explained

Black-owned restaurants disproportionately impacted during pandemic

UN cites possible crimes vs. humanity in China’s Xinjiang. Who could live under China?

Judge orders halt to DOJ review of documents seized from Trump

Serena wins again at US Open, beating No. 2 seed Kontaveit

Gone Nuts! Trump rally highlighting January 6 case of alleged Nazi sympathizer sparks criticism

Hurricane Ian nears Florida landfall with brutal 155 mph winds

Second time around is worst than the first time! Tropical Storm Ian, which is moving across Florida, is expected to strengthen back into a hurricane before it makes landfall in South Carolina Friday.

Be careful of what you wish for; Trump pushing back on special master’s request for him to declare in court whether DOJ inventory is accurate

You can't unring a bell! Kate Brown is trying! US governor’s historic use of clemency: ‘We are a nation of second chances’

Oregon ramps up its clemency, record relief, and resentencing programs

Police Chief Says Probe Underway Into Drag Show With Children Present; City Council Hears Both Sides; Jenny Hill Hits Death Threats

Police Chief Says Probe Underway Into Drag Show With Children Present; City Council Hears Both Sides; Jenny Hill Hits Death Threats. Don't kill 'em — they need Jesus! Morality policing a slippery slope

Where is the Doomsday clock? At doom’s doorstep and we all gonna die: It is 100 seconds to midnight!

We opened pandora's box; status of world nuclear forces. e=mc2

E = mc2. It's the world's most famous equation, but what does it really mean? "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared."

Doomsday scenario: US will act ‘decisively’ if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Russia’s war in Ukraine is at a dangerous nuclear tipping point. Nuclear feared distruction

Still no justice-Police tortured Natasha McKenna to death

No Charges Filed Following Police Probe Of Taser Death In Fairfax County Jail

Police release video in Natasha McKenna death. It was murder, murder most foul!

Too close to call; Kemp widens lead over Abrams to 8 points in Georgia governor race Who wants that rotten, racist Kemp?

Democrats’ Black male voter problem for Stacey in Georgia!

Looking past midterm, Progressive Democrats frustrated with 2022 primary losses

North Korea fires missile after Harris leaves South Korea. Now, take that back home!

NAACP requests civil rights probe into Jackson water crisis, saying Mississippi has long discriminated against majority-Black capital

US Navy sends its most advanced surface warship to east Asia

A $4.4 billion US destroyer was touted as one of the most advanced ships in the world. Take a look at the USS Zumwalt, which has since been called a 'failed ship concept.'

You can run but you can't hide! Hurricane Ian will hit Florida Cat 4 storm, with 130-156 mph winds

What’s the difference between hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons? Are they the same?

Nearly four in 10 Black, Hispanic families facing food insecurity during pandemic

Some eating good! A growing number of
Black Americans are going hungry

Killing each other over that fentanyl drug money; Philadelphia Surpasses 400 Killings in 2021. It's killing them and the white junkies too! Eugenics 101

2022 State of Black Chattanooga! It's really bad for Black men. Black leaders and elected officials are worthless 

Report: Black Americans more likely to be wrongfully convicted. What is the news?

The Russian Air Force Loses Up To Four Planes In One Day As Ukrainian Air-Defenses Advance

Cornered like a rat! DOJ can resume criminal probe of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago, court says

Beware Of the Ides of March: Top GOP senators reject Trump’s declassification comments and call for proper storage of secret records

Top GOP senators reject Trump's declassification comments and call for proper storage of secret records

GOP suggests there's 'pressure' on Republicans to impeach Biden if party wins the House

National Urban League President Condemns "Brutal Mistreatment" Of East Ridge High Student

East Ridge High Students Demonstrate On Behalf Of Student Who Clashed With SRO; SRO Wants To Go Back On Patrol. Him back on the street — NO

Super Typhoon Noru slams into Philippines as thousands evacuated. Run to safety!

Elijah McClan died due to sedative, police restraint: That 'po child wasn't bothering nobody!

Arraignment for 3 former officers, 2 former paramedics charged in Elijah McClain's death

A lying letter! How the corrupt gas industry capitalized on the Ukraine war to change weak Biden's policy. That's why US prices went up!

3-year-old fatally shoots mother with "unsecured firearm," That was my baby's daddy gun!

Don't fuck with me: Putin announces ‘partial mobilisation’ of Russia and threatens nuclear retaliation saying ‘I’m not bluffing’

The Madman! This refers to the strategy of deterrence adopted by a leader to portray himself as irrational and unpredictable in order to convince his enemies that it is better to stay away from him and avoid trouble. It is linked to former U.S. President Richard Nixon who apparently tried to portray himself as an unpredictable and volatile person to scare the Soviet Union and other Communist countries during the Cold War.

North Korea denies supplying weapons or ammunition to Russia. Kim says it's a dirty lie!

NYC Mayor Blames GOP' 'Failure' for Migrant Killing Herself. There's Enough Blame to Go Around!

I ain't the brightest bird that ever flew! Don’t expect too much out of me, I’m just not that smart. Herschel Walker’s bizarre move to lower expectations.

'Absolutely DUMB': Herschel Walker Questions Evolution - 'Why Are There Still Apes? Think About It'

King Charles III accused of racism after controversial gesture towards 'po Black man

Much Ado About Nothing! ‘Ritual is important’ – why and how we are mourning Elizabeth II

After 21-years in the joint, judge vacates conviction of ‘Serial’ subject Adnan Syed

Adnan Syed Murder Conviction Overturned ... Judge Orders Release from Prison

Black students caught in cross-hairs! What to know as state standardized testing kicks off across TN

Black News Podcast: White Evangelical Christians made pact with the devil they didn't know!

Pennsylvania offers a one-time pardon application for select lower-level marijuana convictions

Alabama sidesteps compensation for survivor of ’63 KKK The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing

Victims: Addie Mae Collins; Cynthia Wesley; Carole Robertson; Carol Denise McNair

1963 Birmingham Church Bombing Fast Facts

We only hear from her at election time! Kamala Harris embarks on midterm campaign swing to boost turnout -- and her own brand

Appeal raises $150,000 for Pieper Lewis girl ordered to pay family of accused rapist Zachary Brooks she killed

$924,019 Shifted To Police Budget Covers Command Changes, New Positions, Social Workers

Courage Is Grace Under Pressure. There's No Doubt About Who's In Charge Of CPD! “Walk With Integrity”: Community Leaders Show Support For Chief Murphy. A roadmap for police reform! She too good for Chattanooga!

It's An Art Knowing When It's Time To Leave! New County mayor Wamp Wants Gerald Webb In Post

No doubt about who's in charge. Weston Wamp halts $49,000 project to add seat for County Mayor on dais. Taxpayers'matter!

Dow tumbles 1,200 points for worst day since June 2020 after hot inflation report. Where do I put my life savings? Hide money under the mattress

Dow tumbles as America’s prices keep rising as we keep spending

Mayor Kelly Endorses Councilwoman Marvene Noel In City Council District 8 Runoff Election

District 8 City Council Runoff Cost Put At $50,000-$70,000. Can you buy the election in Chattanooga? Somebodies' trying!

Fury as Queen's Death Overshadows British Black Man Police Fatally Shot

Professor Uju Anya, wished for queen’s death to be ‘excruciating,’ drawing ire from university

Carnegie Mellon Refuses to Condone Uju Anya Over Queen's Death Remarks

Don’t Mourn the Queen! Queen Elizabeth II may have been on the throne to witness the dismantling of the empire. But she was also monarch for the brutal subjection of the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in the fifties.

A record number of Black candidates for higher offices aim to reshape U.S. politics. Will Black voters do the heavy lifting to get them elected?

ReRe not the only one! FBI file shows bureau kept tabs on Aretha Franklin’s activism, a common focus during the Civil Rights era. She was giving Malcolm money bigtime!

Zachary Merdy, 7

Sound like postpartum, Erin Merdy; Police believe 3 children'Bubbly' Zachary Merdy, 7, Liliana Merdy, 4 and and their three-month-old baby sister drowned by mother at NYC beach

New Details: Mother Told Family She DROWNED Her 3 Young Children Found on Coney Island, Stunning Neighbors and Friends

Young California mother Karina Castro beheaded on street identified, new info released on man arrested in attack

The Suspect Jose Solano Who Allegedly Beheaded His Ex-Girlfriend On The Street Has Been Arrested

Report on Black students finds ‘jaw-dropping’ gap between graduation rate and college readiness in TN. A causality between education and violent crime. There's a Correlation Coefficient here!

Education can increase patience, which reduces the community conflict rate and hence reduces the propensity to commit violent crimes in communities of color . Ergo, the dumber the people, the more violent they!

Police say Memphis shooting suspect Ezekiel Kelly, 19 killed 4

4 killed, man arrested in Memphis shootings after grisly live stream

Israeli army says a soldier likely killed a Palestinian-American journalist

It was murder, murder, most fowl! US senator rejects Israeli army report on killing of Abu Akleh Palestinian American reporter! What won't they lie about?

'They were shooting directly at the journalists': New evidence suggests Shireen Abu Akleh was killed in targeted attack by Israeli forces

Body found in Memphis as police search for abducted jogger Eliza Fletcher



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