Amicus curiae (“friend-of-the-court”) briefs are briefs written by individuals or groups who are not directly involved in a legal case, but have expertise or insight to offer a court to assist in making its decision.

Who is hoping to challenge
Trump for president in 2020?

Manchin and Huntsman team up to talk platform for No Labels 'unity' ticket that could run in 2024

‘No Labels’ Eyes a Third-Party Run in 2024. Democrats Are Alarmed

What are special counsels and what do they do? Ask Trump!

Who is Jack Smith? The ex-war crimes prosecutor who is coming for Trump

Biden vs. Trump II is likely America's unhappy fate

5 things to watch for if Trump is indicted again by Jack Smith

Demand Mitch McConnell to Provide Proof he is not a Turtle. He's Not A Turtle. Now, He's Mr. Freez Now and Close to Dead

Senate GOP leader McConnell briefly leaves news conference after freezing up mid-sentence. The Art of Knowing When to leave or quit

Trump says he will not drop out of 2024 US election race despite new charges in classified documents case. Smith got Trump in the pincer movement or double envelopment. All flanks covered with no way out.

Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates, Threatened to Expose Billionaire’s Alleged Affair

Lawsuit alleges billionaire Leon Black raped autistic teen at Epstein's townhouse. Sounds more like That Mutt Bill Gates

What We Know—and Don't Know—About Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. We Know That Gates is Across Between a Creep, Jerk and Nerd!

On Monday, Sept. 8, 2014, Jeffrey Epstein had a full calendar. He was scheduled to meet that day with Bill Gates, Thomas Pritzker, Leon Black and Mortimer Zuckerman, four of the biggest tricks in the country. Epstein was blackmailing all them suckers, especially Gates.

Biden-Harris to designate a national monument honoring Emmett Till and his mother. This continued patronizing of Blacks now sickening. Don't beat a dead horse to death! That patronizing US won't put one dime in the Black man's pocket

Gannett Sues Google, Accusing It of Dominating the Ad Market

How the White Racist Jewish Press Wrote Off Black America, Even today. Why do Jews hate Blacks?

Potential strike averted as UPS reaches tentative agreement with 340,000 unionized workers

Florida licenses two Black farmers to grow and sell cannabis for medical use. Good deal for Blacks in Florida

Is gun violence an epidemic in the U.S.? Experts and history say it is

Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. In photo of victim was he shot in front or back?

Weekend shootings leave at least 6 dead, 20 others wounded in Chicago. Institutional Racism Force Blacks into a life of crime and violence! Black politicians don't have a clue

White House admits error on Blacks jobs claim clime as usual when it comes to US. Biden care more about migrants than voting Blacks even in 2024!

Justice Department sues Texas over Gov. Greg Abbott's order for law enforcement to pull over vehicles with migrants. What's wrong?

‘See you in court’: Abbott responds to DOJ border lawsuit warning. Any reasonable person know Abbott right

Ousted MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross: ‘It’s Becoming Inherently More Dangerous To Speak The Truth’

Did the White Supremacist Bill Gates Personally Fire Cross? Here’s What Tiffany Cross Said That May Have Led MSNBC To Cancel Her Show

Bill Gates is a practicing racist and gets away with it all the time of white privilege. He's a racist at heart! He looks like a sick dog!

To make matters wrose for Hunter, Greene on Wednesday turned up at the House oversight committee with a large poster board sporting a montage of photos showing a nude Hunter engaged in sex acts. You go girl! She must be a superwoman to do something like that!

Debt ceiling talks teeter on the brink, as lawmakers leave town for weekend without a deal

The Problem of Marjorie Taylor Greene Is She Won't Listen To US. She Got Her Own Mind

Woman, three children, dead in triple murder-suicide in Verdigris Oklahoma. She Went Nuts!

Went Nuts! Brandy McCaslin, 39, and her children, a 10-month-old, a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old.

4 dead in Oklahoma triple murder-suicide, including 10-month-old

How big are Donald Trump's legal problems? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

High powered federal prosecutor and Special Counsel Jack Smith, Indicted Trump?

"He's cornered like a rat! " Refers to the fact that rats will jump at you when cornered. Basically, meaning to be careful when pushing people too far or giving them no other option but to fight back.

Is this the smoking gun? Hear exclusive audio of Trump discussing classified documents in 2021. Now, cornered like a Rat!

Texas A&M interim dean resigns after 'DEI' hysteria led to botched journalism hire

Texas A&M University president resigns after Black journalist’s professor Kathleen McElroy hiring at campus unravels

Texas A&M President Resigns After Conservative Pushback Against Journalism Professor And DEI

RFK Jr. for President! Secret fundraising success: Republicans. If you get elected, maybe you can find out who killed your father and uncle!

Indianapolis, 1968: Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and a historic call for peace

Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash, faced backlash from both Democrats and Republicans after she called Israel a “racist state at a progressive conference over the weekend. ” What the fuck is it? A Nazi state gone rogue!

The Supreme Court just issued its biggest rulings of the year. Here’s what you need to know.

Updated charts provide insights on racial disparities, correctional control, jail suicides, and more

Biden condemns ruling against race-conscious admissions: ‘This is not a normal court’

The Supreme Court just issued its biggest rulings of the year. Here’s what you need to know.

Supreme Court affirmative action: Consideration of race outlawed as factor in college admissions. It maybe a good thing if it forces Blacks to get real about education!

Florida approves Black history standards decried as ‘step backward’

See the states that have passed laws directed at young trans people. When everybody hates you, you better get right. Killing gays ain't enough!

Almost 40% of borrowers with student loan debt didn't finish their degree." So what's the big deal about paying the money back?

There they go trying to link the dignity of Black struggle to these faggot dogs. LGBTQ across the U.S. have found ways to merge Pride month and Juneteenth celebrations.

60+ Affirmative Action Statistics; Affirmative Action Is Not a Failure. It's the dumb students mostly Black. If they get in they'll never get out!

Report says at least 32 transgender people were killed in the U.S. in 2022. Dead is too good for you 'cause you going Straight to Hell anyway

It's the gorilla payback Ketanji Brown Jackson accuses majority of "let-them-eat-cake obliviousness" and goes after Thomas concurrence

Another Smoking Gun. Hunter Biden Allegedly Threatened Chinese Official For Crack Money Using His Father's Power

Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals of the US president's son. He's a Hope to Die For Crackhead!

What’s the Cost of Educating Children of the Undocumented? It costs $52 billion and is the largest public expense for America!

Tennessee House committee denies in-state tuition to 13,000 immigrant students

It's the Pink Elephant in the Classroom! Public Education for Immigrant Students: Understanding Plyler v. Doe. It's Taxpayers' burden!

Anti-immigrant bills spark outrage in Tennessee immigration organizations

Debris from Titan submersible brought ashore after catastrophic implosion

Human remains have likely been recovered from the Titan submersible wreckage, US Coast Guard says

“What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” A Lash with a whip of leather straps embedded with metal.

At the time, the overall holdings of the Butler family included 900 slaves. These would be divided into two groups of 450. Half would go to the estate of John, who had since died. These slaves would remain on the plantations. The fate of the other 450 -- Pierce's half -- was more precarious.

Putin’s mad dog Yevgeny Prigozhin was always going to bite him

Finally the dictator is being dictated to. President Vladimir Putin on Monday blasted organizers of a weekend revolt as “traitors”

Prigozhin and Putin Both Dead Men Walking

Criminals have stolen nearly $100 billion in Covid relief funds, Secret Service says

The Great Grift: More than $200 billion in COVID-19 aid may have been stolen, federal watchdog says

How $400 billion in COVID-19 aid was stolen or wasted, by everyone from social security fraudsters to Texas pastors, loss represents a jarring 10% of the $4.2 trillion the U.S. government has so far disbursed

Analysis found that covid relief agencies and fraudsters potentially stole more than $280 billion in COVID-19 relief funding; another $123 billion ...

Listen to audio exclusively obtained by CNN of a July 2021 conversation during which former President Donald Trump acknowledges he held on to a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran. He's crazy like the Mad Hatter!

We can't do better as a nation! Biden v. Trump: A race for the White House with actuarial tables in the background.

It's the best we can do! Biden v Trump: US is unenthused by likely rematch of two old white men

AMA Code of Medical Ethics’ Opinions on Care at the End of Life. Eugenics is not an option.

Setting limits; A matter of life and death: Which patients should doctors treat first?

Making Decisions for Someone at the End of Life

There's a toxic mistrust toward U.S. Supreme Court. It's got real consequences. We should trust our court. You trust 'em, while I go hide the silverware.

Titan crew died after ‘catastrophic implosion’ of submersible, US Coast Guard says – RIP with US

The pilot and 4 passengers of the Titan submersible are dead, US Coast Guard says

US navy detected likely implosion of Titan submersible hours after it began its mission

Stuff movies are made of. A search to find a vessel occupied by wealthy curiosity-seekers lost in the depths of the ocean, has all the component parts of an addictive story: irony, suspense, potential tragedy, potential glory, lifestyles of the rich, aspiration and hubris.

Is it chicken or mystery meat? Here’s how the first bite of ‘cell-cultivated’ meat tastes


The Triangular Trade – Black Peoples of America. Jews made money off the Triangular Trade. They even financed the evil slave masters in Natchez Mississippi!

The long-run effects in the Scramble for Africa. Who won? The Africans lose

A charging decision on Hunter Binden is expected soon. Here’s what we know about the investigation.

French antitrust decision sets the stage for Google to pay for news content in Europe

Hunter Biden pleads guilty in a deal that likely avoids time behind bars in a tax and gun case

That's My Son! Hunter Biden to Plead Guilty to Federal Charges

‘India is now a linchpin’: US looks to Narendra Modi’s visit to counter China. Who needs China anyway?

Let me outter here! Ain't dead yet! ‘Dead’ woman bangs on coffin during her own wake in Ecuador

Woman declared dead knocks on coffin during her own wake in Ecuador: "It gave us all a fright" Scared to death!

Race and Ethnic Images in American Is When The Jews Took Over the Black Communities In US. Ask Your Parents!

Damn the Curse of Ham: How Genesis 9 Got Twisted into Racist Propaganda. Why they do this? Because are we the children of light, and their father is Satan!

In particular, we sought to find out the truth about Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Where is their humanity? Ask Satan.

D.W.Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” Coming to a Drive-in Near You? The Jews Masterpiece against Blacks!

Blinken kicks off meetings in Beijing on high-stakes mission to cool soaring US-China tensions. Who needs China anyway?

Eviction filings are 50% higher than they were pre-pandemic in some cities as rents rise

In adversary combat with China, which is best? US open society or China's close society? It's axiomatic!

The dehumanization of Black men in the land of our birth. Woe to you this racist America!

A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America, and why can't Black fathers like me live with their families in public housing?

'Uncle Tim' slur against Tim Scott trends on Twitter after his Biden rebuttal. He said they called him it because he's Black. The people who said it are Black too!

'Uncle Tim' slur against Tim Scott trends on Twitter after his Biden rebuttal

Listen to audio exclusively obtained by CNN of a July 2021 conversation during which former President Donald Trump acknowledges he held on to a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran.

Trumpty the Dumpty sat on the border wall, Trumpty the Dumpty had a great fall. All the Maga forces and its men couldn't put Trumpty the Dumpty back togther again! Presidential candidates struggle with response to Trump’s unprecedented legal trouble

How Trump’s new legal jeopardy could shape 2024

The 'Insanity Defense' won't work! Trump stored, showed off and refused to return classified documents indictment say. What was he going to do with the documents? Put them in a tell all book!

"Look at the polling": James Comer brags that GOP's Biden crusade is boosting Trump's numbers

The Great Grift: How billions in COVID-19 relief aid was stolen or wasted. The Dem's stole it all!

LGBTQI is an umbrella term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Can't we just say fags. Everything to know about the important term. LGBTQ+ Acronym

Hamtramck leaders vote against allowing Pride flag to be displayed on City-owned property. Show 'em love and they flaunts it!

4 myths about how immigrants affect the U.S. economy cost $151 billion each year and counting.

The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer

Biden's Open Border Hurts Black Americans Most of All—and We Know It. Yet, he needs the Black vote to get reelected!

Immigrants don't take American jobs, lower wages, or push the poor out of the labor market. MYTH #2: “It is not easy to immigrate here legally ... Looking for the American dream; is to paint a house and cut up a chicken.

The Cost of Welfare Use By Immigrant and Native Households Cost $515 billion

Black mother Ajike Owens remembered after being shot to death in front of child by white neighbour

Children of Black Florida mother Ajike “AJ” Owens, who was killed after knocking on neighbor’s door consumed with guilty over her death

White woman who fatally shot Black neighbor through front door arrested on manslaughter and other charges

Trump indictments unsealed, revealing ex-US president faces 37 charges in Mar-a-Lago case

White Woman Arrested In Florida For Shooting Of Black Neighbor Ajike ‘AJ’ Owens

Why the new indictment could be more serious than the first of big trouble

Florida woman who fatally shot neighbor appears in court, sheriff releases details of racist threats

Susan Louise Lorincz, 58, admitted to detectives that she called the children “Nigger.”

After years of threats, a feud ends with a Black mom dead and her white neighbor arrested

Trump notified that he is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation. Who gives a fuck, now?

Calls for woman's arrest grow after the fatal shooting of her neighbor in Florida. Long held feuds could be behind mass shootings in US! These killers got a gripe!

Hate crime, yes or no? Black woman in Florida shot dead through front door by white neighbor

California seized enough fentanyl to kill millions, governor Gavin Newsom office says

Is This Payback For Opium Wars? 'They say payback is a Mother' We Are Shipping To The U.S.' : Inside China's Online Synthetic Drug Networks

The Opening to China Part I: the First Opium War, the United States, and the Treaty of Wangxia, 1839–1844

Hundreds of journalists strike to demand leadership change at biggest US newspaper chain

How Obesity In The U.S. Has Grown And What To Do About It. Food from Doordash (sic)ain't helping.

You just too fat! What is the body mass index (BMI)? It's a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy.

Jeffrey Epstein Dead in Suicide at Jail, Spurring Inquiries. inquiring minds want to know

Which one did the hit? That trick Bill Gates had means, motive and opportunity! New details of Jeffrey Epstein’s death and the frantic aftermath revealed in records obtained

Motive for murder. The billionaire did it, which one? Jeffrey Epstein ‘blackmailed’ Bill Gates with threat to expose alleged affair with Russian bridge player

More than 150 years ago, a prison complex known as the Lone Rock stockade operated at one of the biggest coal mines in Tennessee. They called it convict leasing

Here are all the famous people Jeffrey Epstein was connected to. Make that bitch talk!

Who Flew on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' Plane? Full List of People Named

A timeline of the Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell scandal

Black New Yorkers Are Twice as Likely to Be Stopped by the Police, Data Shows

Too old to run for US president again? Biden's ‘watch me’ reply. We Watching

Just days to spare, Senate gives final approval to debt ceiling deal, sending it to Biden

Would you buy a used car from one of these men? Would you take the chance? House approves the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling bill as default deadline looms

House OKs debt ceiling bill to avoid default, sends Biden-McCarthy deal to Senate

How did the Tulsa Race Massacre history become hidden, forgotten? That's 'critical race theory' gone wild

When crying is not enough, Hundreds were killed in the Tulsa race massacre. Are we already forgetting them?

On May 19, 107-year-old Viola Fletcher visited Washington, D.C. to testify before Congress in its hearing for the centennial of Tulsa, Okla. race massacre. “I’m here seeking justice and I’m asking my country to acknowledge what happened in Tulsa in 1921.

A crook is a crook by any other name; Wall Street money rains on Schumer the good old boy

S.C. store owner who killed teen previously shot at people he suspected of shoplifting, authorities say

Analysts say the agreement on Debt bill could have only marginal effects on the US economy. The interest on the debt 650 billion.

In Fight Against Violence, Asian and Black Activists Struggle to Agree

The China-Mexico cartels fentanyl pipeline: increasingly sophisticated and deadly. Crooked US politicians maybe apart! They'll do anything for money.

Merchant Charged in Girl's Fatal Shooting

The Chink killing of Latasha Harlins was 30 years ago. Not enough has changed

Deputies had arrived to find windows smashed, and looters stealing items from the store.

Leaving these crooked states out in the cold, Sackler family, the maker of OxyContin, will be shielded from lawsuits as part of $6B settlement

A bogus deal is always a steal, suckers! US political leaders push for lawmakers’ support on debt ceiling

The agreement – which would raise the debt ceiling for two years, freeze spending on domestic programs, increase spending on defense and veterans issues, impose some new work requirements on federal food assistance programs — food stamps

Sign of end times; Black Nun whose body shows little decay since 2019 death draws hundreds to rural Missouri. US going straight to Hell

The incredible life of Sister Wilhelmina: Nun who faced racist taunts as a child saw a vision of Jesus at 10 and begged to join convent - and quipped her religious name meant: 'I've a HELL of a WILL and I MEAN it

Dead in water; GOP Respond With Outrage to McCarthy's bogusDebt Limit Deal

On the Backs of Blacks and poor, Biden, GOP reach debt-ceiling deal, now Congress must approve it to prevent calamitous default

Bill Gates, at Odds With Trump on Virus, Becomes a Right-Wing Target

How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight

Where Are the Gifted and Talented Black Students?

TCAP results: 35% of Hamilton County 3rd graders mostly Black face repeating grade. The psychological effect will be catastrophic on already low preforming students.
Bill Gates made some eyebrow-raising claims about President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying he doesn’t know the difference between two sexually transmitted diseases and that it was “scary” how much Trump knew about Gates’ daughter’s appearance.

5 things to know about Memorial Day including its controversies. Memorial Day is a cursed day for Blacks. Didn't you dumb ass Nigger know?

A Black WWII veteran Isaac Woodard was beaten and blinded, fueling the civil rights movement

Remembering the WWII veteran beyond the vicious racist attack that blinded him. In your face you rotten Americans!

A man accused of shooting and killing a woman who was a passenger in a car that mistakenly drove up his driveway; Kevin Monahan, 65, has been charged with murder Attorney demands firing of Mississippi police officer after 11-year-old boy is shot.The child, Aderrien Murry shot by Sgt. Greg Capers a stupid Nigger!

How Police Violence Weighs on Black Americans. It's fucked-up getting beatdown by GOP everyday

A Mississippi grand jury has indicted three former Jackson police officers in the death of Keith Murriel

Kenya McCarty and Avery Willis are charged with second-degree murder and James Land is charged with manslaughter.

Racism has no day off in America! Sunday Morning in America Still Segregated – and That’s OK With Worshipers. We don't Like Niggers, they un-Godly!

REV. GEORGE LEE, one of the first Black people registered to vote in Humphreys County, used his pulpit and his printing press to urge others to vote.

On memorial day 2023 — “Tonight, I Sen. Raphael Warnock want to pay tribute to civil rights martyrs to all those, over so many years, who have put their voices, and their lives on the line, to defend that right,” Warnock said. “Martyrs of the movement like (Michael) Schwerner, (James) Chaney and (Andrew) Goodman, Viola Luizzo, James Reeb.



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Do We As Blacks Need Self-determination From US

Amicus curiae (“friend-of-the-court”) briefs are briefs written by individuals or groups who are not directly involved in a legal case, but have expertise or insight to offer a court to assist in making its decision.

The 4 Parts of IPv4 IP Addressing; Let's take it apart. IP address My computer

What Is Fentanyl Made From? Ingredients, Cutting Agents & Adulterants

Officer fired after releasing dog on Black man whose hands were up

Grand jury indicts Daniel Penny in chokehold death of New York City subway rider Jordan Neely

The state with the highest relative population of Black Americans in the United States is the District of Columbia with 48%, followed by Mississippi with 39%, Georgia and Louisiana with 34% each, and Maryland with 33%.

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

GUGu Master sexual therapist On the difference between masterbation

14 indicted in Chattanooga for their role in 9 recent fentanyl overdose deaths, say police

Found because of foul odor, Police confirm 2 dead at home on East 37th Street. If you ain't woke to fentanyl, you alread dead!

Attorney General Josh Stein Sues Google Over Advertising Monopoly

Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy. Not Just Picking Crops, Painting Houses and Cutting up chickens!

Magic Johnson Did Not Contract HIV from a Vaccine, Contrary to Online Claim. How Did He beat AIDS When Everybody Else died?

'Tenure Trap' Is a Novel by Clifford Eberhartdt

Governor Abbott Hand-Delivers Letter To President Biden At Border Visit. It States, You Piece of shit!

Challenge to Harvard’s use of affirmative action was designed by a conservative to reach a friendly Supreme Court

Your mortality is at hand! Chief Justice John Roberts fell last month while walking, received stitches to close a wound on his head and spent the night in the hospital.


The Supreme Court’s biggest decisions are coming. Here’s what they could say. Loan forgiveness no. Affirmative Action Hell NO!

Experts Split on Whether Chief Justice Roberts Has Epilepsy. He's Sick and Won't Be Around Long.

In a 6-3 decision, Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, wrote that the admissions processes at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. How fucking ironic is that? The same 14th Amendment designed to protect Blacks was used against Blacks!

Reports that Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words "not true" when President Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court's campaign finance decision.

Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in college admissions and says race cannot be a factor

Through Decades Of Addiction, Hunter Biden Says His Family Never Gave Up On Him. Like His Dad Gave Up on Black Men With The 1994 Crime Bill. The Hypocrisy is Palpable!

What did Abraham Lincoln mean by A house divided against itself cannot stand"?" I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery and race hatred will win or lose US in 2024!

will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction!

Gannett sues Google, accusing company of violating antitrust laws in digital ad practices

Rewriting history; New Florida standards teach students that some Black people benefited from slavery because it taught useful skills

The Return of Ryan Gosling. The Boy Got Range

Does Ryan Gosling really sing and play guitar as Ken in ‘Barbie’? Hush Up!

The Stylistics - I'm Stone In Love with You. How did we go from this to that stupid rap. It was Jewish magic!

Senator Blackburn: Says Biden’s Foreign Policy Weakness Emboldens China More!

Joe Biden's Eyes in Video Spark Wild Conspiracy Theories

6 Ways to Identify Spoiled Food. Don't Eat Chicken and Dressing Left Out Over Night! We Know it's to die for, for real!

In Amereica Numbers Matter. How Hard is that to Understand Even for Dumb Blacks. 2020 Census Undercounted Hispanic, Black and Native American Residents

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted of a crime( The great caveat) shall exist within  a State...

The Racist States like Tennessee took the caveat and ran with it, and the rest is History for 'po Black Men. Would you go up before an all white jury, if yes , so your momma raised a fool!

How to Make Trump Go Away. He's Like the Herpes; It'll Never Go Away. Trump winning in 2024 is 'very real.' It could happen! In game theory; it's a zero sum game. Heads we win tails you lose! It's Down to the Independent Voters and Luck of the Draw!

Lawsuit coming from family of woman Melissa Perez killed by San Antonio police officers, attorney says

Harvard professor Francesca Gino who studies honesty accused of falsifying data in studies. They all do it!

Detroit school district adopts new Black history curriculum. It's Quintessential

E is on a mission from GOD. Amrica needs to pay that reparation money

Gone Too Far! Synthetic human embryos created in groundbreaking advance. Natural birth gone wrong

How a Grad Student Uncovered the Largest Known Slave Auction in the U.S.

Five men aboard missing Titan sub dead after 'catastrophic implosion'

Fake News! This could be a publicity stunt by the media to get the public matters that matter! Who's paying for the Titanic vessel recovery anyway. You!

For many Black families, 4th is not a celebration of America's independence, it's more like an excuse to fire up the grill, get drunk and kill each other!

Chattanooga rules and regulations for backyard chickens

Debris field found near Titanic amid search for submersible, Coast Guard says

What Every Teacher Should Know! Edward Thorndike: The Law of Effect

Operant Conditioning: What It Is, How It Works, and Examples Classical Conditioning: How It Works With Examples

TCAP results: 35% of Hamilton County 3rd graders face repeating grade. What are the names of failing schools and what are the student demographics? In Black and white. What we have here, is another lose generation of Black kids in Chattanooga!

County broke as Job's Turkey! Tourism Co. Mounting Campaign Against Wamp Budget Changes

Mass shootings and violence leave dead and injured across the US this weekend

Heading an African-American and Jewish production team, the filmmakers go behind the explosive headlines of conflict to reveal four riveting stories.

Still not free! Americans mark Juneteenth with parties, events, quiet reflection on end of slavery after Civil War

From death on the streets of Crown Heights to director Steven Spielberg's controversial visit to a predominantly Black high school in East Oakland, the film resists simple analysis and treads on the fault lines of racial coalition and conflict.

Birth of a Quotation: Woodrow Wilson said “It's Like Writing History with Lightning.” Woe to you liar!

You asked for a list of the consequences (other than a fine and imprisonment) of a felony conviction. In Tennessee you become a lifer! Even when you get out

Word Association - Saturday Night Live. Don't Say Nigger. Say The N-Word. You Know You Want To Say It But Just Say No!

Trump braces for possible federal charges. Is this the end of the beginning or the begging of the end for America?

‘Some birthday’: Trump turns 77 under shadow of charges – with threat of more to come and they coming!

No, Trump could not pardon himself in New York case if he is re-elected president.

Yes in Fed case! At the hearing, Trump sat hunched over with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. He did not speak.

Blue Magic - Sideshow (Stereo) - YouTube.

25 Great DIY indoor water garden Ideas. It maybe illegal to gnow weed!

The Growing Threat of Cyberattacks

Before the recent mortgage meltdown, property flipping was a common way to make money in the real estate business. You would buy a house, fix it up and then sell it for more than you paid for it. That was—and is—legal.

Will Hunter Biden crack use Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign?

Hunter Biden On Making His Own Crack, Living with His Dealer and His Family’s Effort to Keep Him Alive. Player, never leave your crack pipe in a cab! That's a rookie mistake. Is he cooking crack in White House? Do a bear shit in woods

What Is The 70% Rule In House Flipping And Does It Show How Much To Pay For A Distressed Property?

Trump arrives in Florida as history-making court appearance approaches in classified documents

Can chief justice Roberts restore the dignity of supreme court

Black News Podcast; Clifford Eberhardt

Do You Have a How Dark Side? Just How Dark Is Your Dark Side? Is it Nature or Nurture?

Sotomayor and ‘fidelity to the law’

Trump Indicted He Is Charged in Classified Documents Inquiry

Tina Turner's Cause of Death Revealed

Buy Now And Pay Later! Tax Increment Financing

Biden Worked "Damn, Darn Hard" To Get Strom Thurmond To Support Reauthorizing Voting Rights Act Supreme Court rules Alabama's congressional maps violate Voting Rights Act

Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, is a geographically targeted economic development tool. To future taxpayers, heads we win tails you lose!

Twitter shuts down "Uncle Tim" from trending after Republican senator offers GOP response to Biden


Trump's a three-time loser. Prosecutor suggests any indictments in Trump election investigation would likely come in August

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Fears that GOP’S rhetoric after Trump indictment could spark violence How to Make Sense of the L.G.B.T.Q. Culture Wars? It Makes No sense to want to get booty all the time.

Elvis Presley’s cousin lifts Democrats’ hopes in Mississippi governor’s race. Let's take Mississippi Emboldened shoppers threaten Target workers over Pride Month and others too!

Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers And Blacks The Most! And always have.

TIF allows local governments to invest in public infrastructure and other improvements up-front. Local governments can then pay later for those investments. What taxpayers got is the luck of the draw!

High Powered Fed Attorney Jack Smith, Indicted Trump! His fidelity to the law is undeniable!

Carter and the Kings: A friendship and alliance — but after MLK’s assassination

Vigilantes in Haiti strike back at gangsters with brutal street justice

Can she lose weight? Lizzo threatens to quit music, locks Twitter account after latest wave of body-shaming

The castle doctrine; you may have to use it in Chattanooga with these stupid Niggers! If you come on my property without permission, I will kill you; I swear it!

Trump-appointed judge rejects Tennessee’s anti-drag law as too broad, too vague

Graduation shooting – A Feud: Video shows suspect open fire on father and son Renzo Smith and Shawn Jackson at Richmond high school graduation

Houston Police Department faces new lawsuit for Black man's 2021 death

Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover; slip out the back Jack

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs recreational cannabis bill into law

Social Security will not be able to pay full benefits starting in 2033

Will Social Security run out of money? Here's what could happen to your benefits if Congress doesn't act

According to the trustees' report, Medicare will not be able to pay full benefits to all beneficiaries starting in 2031. So what! Just chump change anyway!

Pat Robertson, who helped make religion central to GOP politics, die at 93

Survivors Of Tulsa Race Massacre Fight To Make Sure It’s Not Forgotten Survivors Of Tulsa Race Massacre Fight To Make Sure It’s Not Forgotten

In gun law push, Tennessee governor’s office memo says NRA prefers to ‘round up mentally ill people’ and do what?

Cyrus Carmack-Belton; Black 4-year-old fatally shot in the back by S.C. store owner who wrongly accused him of shoplifting, the chink shot somebody before

Yusuf Hakeem aka Joe Pope (Biggest traitor in the Black commuity) is a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing District 28

Farrakhan and others calls Judaism a 'gutter religion'

As rising oceans threaten NYC, study documents another risk: The city is sinking

Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools ‘due to vulgarity or violence’

Do Marxism And Christianity Have Anything In Common?

10 Bible Verses about Marxism - Open your fucking mind! If you got one!

Biden trips and falls at Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. He couldn't get up on his own

Hawkish Israel Is Pulling U.S. Into War With Iran. The Question Is If US To Fight Iran, Will Blacks Be Forced to Fight For Racist Jews

Israel must prepare for war with Iran without US help, former NSA chief says

‘Whatever it takes to protect Jews' money’: Biden and McCarthy’s tense journey to debt deal

Trio Charged In Chattanooga Fentanyl Ring Get Federal Prison Time

Watch rare footage of Rick Rubin and retarded Jay-Z recording '99 Problems'

About; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month. Gays Need Need Love Too. If You Don't Watch It, These Fags Will Scratch Your Eyes Out.

Debt ceiling deal: What’s in, what’s out of the bill to avert US default. No food = no hope for poor!

Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors

Opinion | The Fevered Anti-China Attitude in Washington Is Going to Backfire

Modern China and the legacy of the Opium Wars

The fault lines in America's China policy - The Economist

Hong Kong and the Opium Wars

Trowing Blacks under Bus won't help, why Biden's struggle with Black voters still isn't good news Trump

Libya court sentences 23 to death for ISIL campaign

Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates, Threatened to Expose Billionaire’s Alleged Affair.

Again, Blacks got shifted in Debt deal when it imposes new work requirements for food aid and that frustrates Democrats

We will succeed’: Zelenskiy says Ukraine ready to launch counteroffensive. What you waiting for?

California's earliest Black settlers bought land only for it to be stolen. Their descendants want it back right now.

A woman claims James Brown was murdered and has given potential evidence to prosecutors. It’s since disappeared

Which Type of Meditation Is Right for Me? Sit Your Dumb Ass Down First

Once again, the debt ceiling is in the news and is a cause for concern. GOP racist white supremacists say it's all about them Niggers and poor

Niggers killing Niggers. Family of Banko Brown files wrongful death lawsuit against Walgreens

Wave of lawsuits against US gun makers raises hope of end to mass shootings. It won't work because of GOP

Stand your ground, we are counting on you! US debt ceiling deal: McCarthy could face threats from hard right as agreement criticised

New Mexico shooting victims mourned by their children, 64 grandchildren

More than 150 years ago, a prison complex known as the Lone Rock stockade operated at one of the biggest coal mines in Tennessee.

Biden says debt deal ‘very close’ even as two sides far apart on work requirements. GOP say, put them Niggers to work! Debt ceiling talks teeter on the brink, as lawmakers leave town for weekend without a deal

Russian warship protecting pipelines attacked by 3 Ukrainian marine drones in the Black Sea; any adversary worthy of attack will fight you back

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack

Tina Turner created a career on her terms, not defined by her trauma. Ike wasn't that bad!

Ex-guard Gregory Rodriguez charged with 95 counts of sexual abuse in California women’s prison

DeSantis you're persona non grata as he pushes past embarrassing campaign start, outlines travel schedule for early state visits

Ron DeSantis faces battle against Trump for Republican nomination after Twitter launch descends into farce

The NAACP says Florida isn’t safe for Black people. Unfortunately, they’re right

After yearslong delay, drug dealers at, DEA revokes license of drug distributor Morris & Dickson over opioid crisis failures. Who's dealing to whom?

GOP said we don't only kill Niggers! We'll kill white women too! 'Series of errors' Who is Kevin Monahan?