Are Blacks The Only Race Who Will Aid In Their Own Doom?

Al Sharpton Must Be Crazy To Think Blacks Will Support Illegal Immigration

By Noble Johns

ATLANTA —(BNW) Somebody said the brothers in Atlanta want to run Al Sharpton out the state for coming to this bottom supporting the illegal aliens. We know he’s a lacky for the Democratic party, but when he comes to the South supporting people who are in direct opposition to the struggles of Blacks in the South, he has step out of line.

Does that slick ass nigger from New York think he can come to the South and make Blacks support an initiative that is against their best interest? As he finished his speech, I noticed that he was escorted out by bodyguards because he was afraid of getting his head crack for coming to the South talking that smack.

Several hundred people, mostly labor union members, rallied Saturday at the Georgia Capitol against the state's new law targeting illegal immigrants. It was the latest in a string of actions by opponents to protest the law.

The Rev. Al Sharpton told the crowd the law violates civil and human rights and will lead to racial profiling of U.S. citizens and others who are in the country legally.

"We're going to stop it here before it goes any further to other communities," the New York-based minister and civil rights activist said. "We cannot have a nation where, based on your language or your race, determines your rights. Your rights must be determined by the fact that we're all equal."

He was careful with his words, not to mention the cost of illegal immigration to the state in general and Blacks in particular. If you were to ask the average working Black in this state, they will tell you that illegal immigrants take jobs from Blacks in Georgia, so why is this not an issue for a creep like Sharpton? It’s not an issue to him because his interest is not with the Black community but with his own selfish interest.

Sneaking over 20 million illegals into this country has deflate our numbers and increase the numbers of Hispanics, and the Congressional Black Caucus will lose about three seats as a result. How stupid can we get? Blacks stand to lose big time because of redistricting on the national and state level. Just how many seats the Black Caucus will lose because of redistricting is not known, but whatever the lost, it's because of illegal immigration.

However, there is not consensus on this among all Americans — Hispanics disagree with whites and blacks. By a 65% to 31% margin, Hispanics say illegal immigrants eventually become productive citizens rather than being a drain on the system. Blacks (60%) and especially whites (74%) tend to view illegal immigrants as a burden on taxpayers.

The law's author, state Rep. Matt Ramsey, has dismissed concerns about racial profiling, saying the law includes language to protect against it. The Peachtree City Republican and other supporters say the law is needed to keep illegal immigrants from putting a strain on the state's resources, such as hospitals and schools. Now, here is a white man speaking to the interest of Blacks in the South, when a civil rights activist is trying to put Blacks down. What is this country coming to?

Below is a breakdown of the cost of illegal immigration:

* $1.28 billion a year to educate the children of illegal aliens
* $265 million a year on unreimbursed health care for illegal aliens
* $133 million a year on criminal justice activities for illegal aliens
* $79.8 million a year on welfare for illegal aliens
* $143 million a year for additional state/local operating costs
* $721 annual cost to each of Georgia native-borne headed households

I believe American taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for illegal immigrants.

You just have to wonder what we’d be able to do with public education in Georgia if we could free up the $1.28 Billion dollars we’re currently using to educate people who shouldn’t be in the country anyways. I don’t expect to hear the education lobby ever mention how this huge drain on public education could be used to lower class sizes, reduce school overcrowding, and provide services to American citizens who are currently going without them because of budgetary constraints. They're cheating on test in Atlanta because of the pressure to educate the illegals children.

How many Blacks could have their access to healthcare improved if we weren’t spending a quarter of a billion dollars a year spending that money instead on illegal aliens? How many programs could be diverting at-risk youth from gangs if we could use the more than $100 million we spend annually dealing with crimes committed by illegal aliens? Are we so wealthy that we can afford to lavish services on foreign nationals? I think Not!.

And what would your family do with the $721 a year of your taxes if it weren’t being taken by local, state and federal government to support the unlawful presence of illegal aliens in our communities, or to deal with the negative impacts caused by their presence? That’s your money. Wouldn’t it be better used providing for your family?

The crowd at the Capitol was a sea of green T-shirts worn by members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The union is holding a young workers conference in Atlanta and sent busloads of people to the rally.

A federal judge has temporarily blocked two parts of the Georgia law until a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality is resolved. State officials plan to appeal the judge's ruling.

One blocked section authorizes police to check the immigration status of suspects who don't have proper identification and to detain illegal immigrants. The other creates a state penalty for people who knowingly and willingly transport or harbor illegal immigrants while committing another crime.

Other parts of the law took effect July 1, including a provision that makes it a felony to use false information or documentation when applying for a job and another that creates an immigration review board to investigate complaints about government officials not complying with state laws related to illegal immigration.

Starting Jan. 1, businesses with 500 or more employees must use a federal database to check the immigration status of new hires. That requirement will be phased in, applying to all businesses with more than 10 employees by July 2013. Also starting Jan. 1, applicants for public benefits must provide at least one state or federally issued "secure and verifiable" document.

Sharpton said his main interest is protecting citizens who can be profiled because they might look like illegal immigrants. "They'll start with Latinos, say they look like illegal Mexicans," said Sharpton. "Then it'll be blacks, saying they look like illegal Caribbean." Al Sharpton joined members of a Washington D.C. based labor union in a rally Saturday, but he needs to take his but back to New York where Black buy into his bullshit.

A February 12, 2010 article in "The Geyfalcon" gives a perspective on how most Blacks feel:

During the 2007-2008 presidential primaries, Barrack Obama said that he didn’t buy into the notion that illegal immigrants were hurting black employment. That was when he was trying to receive the favor of those who supported amnesty, and wanted to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. All those new potential Democratic voters were enticing . But now, black writers, many of who backed Obama’s position on racial grounds, are saying that “potential Democratic voters” are taking jobs away from the blacks.

The features an article by Cord Jefferson “How Illegal Immigration is Hurting Black America”, which laments the impact illegal aliens have on the black community. Jefferson, cited Brooking institute senior fellow Audrey Singer, who agrees this situation is clearly hurting blacks. She also says that illegal immigration disadvantages “people at the lower end of the pay spectrum.”

Singer accepts that this is detremental to low-income families as well as black people. So why were Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter made out to be villains when they called for a stronger border?

Also, Hispanic Americans were disproportionately the victims of abductions and murders at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals. But the conflict was always framed as older intolerant white Americans against poor Hispanics who just wanted to work.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says that employers find Hispanic illegal immigrants easier to deal with and less demanding than black workers. He even claims that management doesn’t want to deal with “the young black male”.

So would Obama’s Amnesty policy going to lead to continued displacement of the voting block that gave him 95% of their support? Of course it would. That is why it was so important for his supporters to make the Tea Party and town hall movement out to be “ethnically motivated” as Matthews put it. This masks the reality that Obama’s agenda actually harms the lower skilled workers more than it hurts “fat-cat” CEO’s.

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