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Most prison inmates in America don’t need to be radicalized by Muslims

By Sinclere Lee

Washington DC (BNW) — While Congress is getting ready to hold a second round of hearings on radicalization of Muslim-American in U.S. prisons next week, the big fear of this threat is that most people in prison don’t need to be radicalized by Muslims, because the criminal justice system has treated them so badly that most are more radical that the Muslims themselves.

American prisons are a hotbed of hatred for this country, and the way most prison inmates are treated in and out of prison, it's hard to believe that there isn’t more domestic terror in our communities and inter cities today.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Peter King announced last week that hearings would be held. King’s first hearing on American Muslims in March provoked international condemnation, and attracted huge attention by the news media. King — a Republican from New York — said next weeks’ hearing will focus on what he called “the threat of Muslim-American radicalization in U.S. prisons.”

With the unfair mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, and the unfair sentencing of Black men for crack cocaine, America has already radicalized most inmates in prison, and should know by now that most inmates don't need Muslims to instill hatred for America. … America has done a pretty good job on its own. Now, America is running scared, thinking inmates in prisons around the country are out for payback.

“At this hearing, we will look specifically at the extent of the dangerous problem of radicalization in U.S. prisons,” King said in a statement Thursday. “We have seen cases in which inmates have been radicalized at the hands of already locked-up terrorists or by extremist imam chaplains.

“We will focus on a number of the serious cases in which radicalized current and former inmates have planned and launched attacks or attempted to join overseas Islamic terrorist organizations,” King’s statement said.

In the March hearings, King was condemned by many Muslims and civil rights groups, which alleged the congressman was unfairly targeting one religion and they urged him to look at the issue of domestic terrorism more broadly, suggesting that homegrown terrorism is far more a greater threat to the homeland than the threat from Muslim, could ever be.

However, King and other Muslim haters believe a rise in domestic terrorism at the hands of Islamic radicals necessitated the hearings, but King did not release a list of witnesses for the hearing but said it would include U.S. and international experts. Moreover, the threat is real; the Fort Hood shooter, the underware bomber, and the Times Square bomber all were trying to do America in, but they got caught.

“This radicalization hearing, like the one in March, will be a deliberate and thoughtful examination of an issue that is too important for our security to ignore,” King’s statement said.

Some Christians in this county are just as radicalized as any Muslim could ever be, so while King is singling out Muslims for scrutiny, he should be looking at dissatisfied white men who have lost everything in the past few years, and hate this country more than Muslims.

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