15 ways to know if you’re a Slave Nigger or African American

1. If you’re in America and don’t have a country of origin, you’re a Slave Nigger,

2. If your Momma don’t know who her father is, you’re a Slave Nigger,

3. If you think Ebonics is a real language, you’re a Slave Nigger,

4. If you think getting a high school diploma is considered higher education, you’re a Slave Nigger,

5. If you think rapping and playing sports is a real job of the future, you’re a slave Nigger,

6. If you’re caught driving DUI fifty times, and you still  don’t  get behind the wheel until you’re drunk, you’re a Slave Nigger,

7. If you got 8 babies by 8 different women and don’t pay child support for none, you’re a Slave Nigger,

8. If you think playing the lottery will provide good retirement if you win, you’re a Slave Nigger,

9. If you think all blacks in America are descendents of slavery, you’re a dumb and stupid Slave Nigger,

10. If you think the Democratic Party care more about Blacks than illegal aliens, you’re A Slave Nigger,

11. If you go to a parent/teacher meeting to pick a fight with the teacher, then you’re a slave Nigger,

12. If you think the a white man will give justice to a Black man in court, then you’re a fool,

13. If your son got killed because of Black-on-Black violence, and your family has sell fish to have a funeral, then you’re a slave Nigger,

14. Go and sell you’re food stamps for crack while your children are hungry, then you’re a rotten ass slave Nigger,

15. If you think that Obama was good for Blacks, you’re a sucker.



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