Denial of the Black plight in our inner cities ain't just river in Egypt — It's Uppity Niggers defending our misery!

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Denial of the Black plight in our inner cities ain't just river in Egypt — It's Uppity Niggers defending our misery!


We done killed a bunch of innocent Niggers in America, and now we're working on the crazies!


Black Man Fatally Shot by Police Pulled Vape Device From Pocket, Not Weapon: Officials


Black Man Shot and Killed by Police in California, Sparking Protests: Again!


Here's Why Some Black Leaders Are Fighting the NAACP Over Charter Schools


5 shootings, 5 cities: The Black-white financial divide


Do most white teachers hate to teach Black children?


Raised by his white grand parents, Obama doesn't share the Black experience


What did Black voters make of US presidential debate?


Minister Farrakhan to Obama: ‘You Didn’t Do Anything for Black People’


How two police shootings of black men sent Tulsa and Charlotte in different directions


Clinton team hopes ‘birther’ flap will motivate Black voters — it won't work


We had to beat some sense into this crazy Nigger


What is the electromagnetic spectrum?


And who owns the airwaves?


Again, the hands that picked cotton will pick the next president when young Black men in our inner cities are dying



Black man begs cops not to shoot him in the face, so his family can have an open casket at my funeral


Charlotte officials say it's raining, but it smells like someone has pissed on US


Police officer charged with fabricating story that Black man shot her


Breaking: Guccifer 2.0 Releases More DNC Docs, Exposing More Corruption


Black teen fatally shot by Columbus, Ohio, police to be mourned Saturday


Stagger Lee & Red Tape Do MLK Day


Charlotte, North Carolina Riots Continue Wednesday Night


'He did everything you're supposed to do!'


The Black Vote: History Demands a Strategy for Change


National African-American museum: too little too late for Blacks to appreciate!


Video Shows Deadly Encounter Between Police, Black Man



Pain, Anger And Violence Fill Streets Of Charlotte, N.C.


Poll: Nearly 60% of Voters Oppose Obamacare for Illegal Immigrants


Downtown Charlotte looks worse than when Sherman came through


Donald Trump says black communities 'in worst shape ever': Obama said things ain't that bad we still got food stamps!


U.S. Erroneously Grants Citizenship To More Than 850 Immigrants, and you're worried about a terrorist getting the country!!


Protest erupts after police kill Black man in North Carolina — these Niggers running for their lives — but they can't run that fast!


Trump, in town named after man whose family owned slaves, says blacks in 'worst shape' ever


Wage gap between Blacks and whites is worst in nearly 40 years


Unlike Their Parents, Black Millennials Aren’t A Lock For Clinton


Clinton hasn't won over millennials. And no Obama, sexism isn't to blame; you are!


Black man fatally shot by Tulsa police during roadside investigation of his stalled car


8 Years Late, McClatchy Finally Reports Investigating Blumenthal-Inspired Obama 'Birther' Rumors in Kenya


Hopelessness and 'quiet desperation' driving young Black men to violence


America's First Kenyan Born President Nears The End Of A History-Making Run: And Good Riddance


Where are they now? The Whispers!


Police shootout hits hard for Fort Worth officer severely wounded by gunman in March


Teen sent home for wearing Colin Kaepernick shirt to grocery gig on jersey day raises free speech questions


Hillary's Nigger talk to a bunch stupid Black politicians


Shoot to kill Black men and boys is the modius operandi of most Cops


Hillary Clinton Is Getting Surprisingly Little Extra Lift From Blacks and Hispanics


‘Rex Non Potest Pecarre’: The King (or Queen) Can Do No Wrong


Black children take a knee in protest, and are being called n----rs and threatened with lynching 


For Black America, Absolute Love of Country Is Impossible


More Black American footballers join inequality protest


The Black Body Count Rises as Chicago Police Step Back


Leaked court documents from ‘John Doe investigation’ in Wisconsin lay bare pervasive influence of corpora


Police: Death of Black Teen Run Down in Oregon Was Hate Crime


Kansas City Chiefs’ Marcus Peters Raises Black-Gloved Fist During National Anthem

Black Voters Are So Loyal And Stupid That Their Issues Get Ignored


Put the fried chicken and watermelon down or I will shoot!


Almost all of them jumped alone, although eyewitnesses talked of a couple who held hands as they fell.

Desperation forced a horrific decision

911conspiracy — 9/11 Plane Engine [Mis]Identified: FBI/NTSB Failed.


Who was the woman that told the workers in the South Tower to go back into that death trap?


Black caucus pledges to halt Maryland medical marijuana licensing


Unable to defend their own dismal record at bettering Black lives, liberals lash out at Trump the GOP candidate. They ain't no Barbara Jordan!!


Tensions flare between the CIA and the Senate in the fight to release the report on torture


Reconsidering the Black Panthers Through Photos


Why are Black studies struggling at state universities under current fiscal climate? Because you can't find a job with that mess!


Black Teachers Matter


He Denied Blacks Citizenship. Now a City Is Deciding His Statue’s Fate.


This is our country, this is our air port — you stupid ass bitch


Black media Lapdogs try to undermine Trump to keep their power over dumb Blacks


Black Boys in Crisis: Solutions to the School-to-Prison PipelineObama Just Did THIS, Illegal


Lead poisoning in Black America: 'A silent epidemic for US'


From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer


Diddy: Black people got shortchanged by Obama



P. Diddy said Blacks 'Shortchanged' by Obama — Did you not know?


Donald Trump Meets With Black Leaders Ahead of Detroit Church Visit


Mark Burns, Trump’s Favorite Black Pastor: Hillary Wants ‘Genocide’ for Blacks


Trump Visit to Black Church Will Feature Protests But No Speech


Some Blacks agree with Trump on Democrats — but can’t stand the rest of his message


Donald Trump to Address Black Detroit Church Saturday


Black Chicago teen's death fueled Cicero march during 1966 protests — they been killing Niggers in Chicago for years


Man; she's 'bout the most sorry no-good witch we can think of — she hates America — because we let a Niggers beat her at the polls!


Black Americans Crushed Under the Obama Presidency


For The Black Middle Class, Housing Crisis And History Collude To Dash Dreams


As Kaepernick's racial injustice protest hits the road, a country begins to talk


From a life sentence to clemency from Obama


Colin Kaepernick can protest against racism even if he has white parents


What Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Looks Like to a Black 49ers Fan


Colin Kaepernick shouldn't stand up if he doesn't want to


Free Yourselves From The Lie Of AntiSemitism


Black Lives Matter rips Democrats for leaked memo on how to pacify activists


Oregon white supremacist uses his Jeep to chase down, maul and kill Black teen


The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street

What’s it like being a Black man in Milwaukee?

Government officials have to lie to cover-up these fucked outcomes

Billy Holiday's strange fruit, blood on the leaves and the root

These Nigger haters just left Church, and the children; who taught them to hate?

The Real Reason So Many Americans Oppose Immigration

Democrat Victory Plan is to Flood the US with Mexicans to vote

U.S. owes Black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel

Troubles in the Black Community, and a child shall lead the way!

How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats

Why hasn't Trump made the point that there is a difference between the behavior the public expects from businessmen and behavior the public expects from politicians? One has the public trust! It's like comparing apples to oranges.

Trump versus Clinton: It's gonna be a slugfest for the keys to the empire!

They say cooperate with the cops, but when we do they kill US anyway — it's dead if you don't and dead if you do!

You can run but if you got bad feet just stay and take the bullet in the back of the head — please don't shoot me in the back — the precher said you'll go to Hell if a white cop shoots you in the back!

Tulsa police tells Black protesters : Either believe 'US' or your lying eyes

She Choked: Tulsa Police Officer Will Face Manslaughter Charge In Unarmed Man's Death

Alabama town mirrors US class divide on immigration: these illegals need to go back home..

If not to insure the death of Black shooting victims, why is 'First Aid' never given to save their lives?

Hopefully these Black political octogenarians won't have heart attacks marching to DOJ to protest shootings

Why are cops OK with killing Black people? Because American history teaches that we aren’t fully human

Black Men May Have Cause To Run From Police, Massachusetts High Court Says

Officers warned Black man to drop gun before shooting — that's trite — you say that all the time

Being nonviolent in the face of brutal violence is counter-intuitive

Reaching the tipping point; the Black community is reaching the tipping point with these cop killings

It appears, Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby wants to get in on the open killing season of Black men too

Farrakhan: Obama Chose Gay People, Israel Over Black Americans

Why you scared Nigger? I saw y'all shot that Nigger in the head down the street!! That's why I scared boss!

Black Princeton Professor Glaude: Obama's Black Caucus Speech "Condescending," "Really Annoyed Me"

Eddie Glaude, the chairman of African-American studies at Princeton

Another Black man shot by cops; yeah that was a 'Rightous Kill' that's one less Nigger we got to jail

Video shows US police shoot and kill unarmed black man

He spent 8-years chastising the poor Black man in America for problems we didn't create.

Poll: Black voters fueling rise in Trump support

Democrats Are Losing Control of Black Americans for doing nothing

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me — if he can fool you again — now niggers you need to go back to Africa to find some sense!

Will Black voters turn out for Clinton like they did for Obama?

2 Clinton supporters in ’08 reportedly shared Obama ‘birther’ story

Black voters turning from Clinton to Trump in new poll

Hillary's email friend Blumenthal accused of spreading birther smear in 2008

New York City shaken by 'intentional' explosion, 29 injured

Bill de Blasio said bombing intentional but not linked to terror: What a funking dumb thing for a mayor to say. If it was intentional, it was terror, dummy!

Black America needs self-determination not rotten Nigger impersonation

The 'Crooked Black Caucus': They have sold their children into slavery and prostitution, and they stole a penny off their dead mother's eyes.

Atlanta teacher Patrice Brown called 'sexiest teacher alive'

Patrice “Tricey” Brown “the sexiest teacher alive” Baby got Back

The Latest: 9 dead in early morning Memphis house fire

Backstabbing, Moogs and the funky worm: how gangsta rap was born

Resilience and dignity are the rich, bluesy music of 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

Who Killed Bessie Smith And Why?

The Days Of Our Lives: We have on an average of 25,000 days to live if we're lucky

Did you know, if you lived to be 70-years old, you only have had twenty-five thousand days of life. That seems like a short time for a life-time. That being said, if life is worth living, we better preserve, protect and cherish every moment.

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

Why they killed Otis Redding

What in the world happened to Otis Redding?

45 years later, questions still remain over Otis Redding's plane crash

If he's smart, Trump should show empathy for Hillary's health problems: Try a little tenderness!

Driving while Black: Black Columbians, public safety officials at odds over profiling

The falling man has finally been identified as Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old who worked in a restaurant at the top of the north tower

The Story Behind the Haunting 9/11 Photo of a Man Falling From the Twin Towers

The Great Barbara Jordan was against illegal immigration

Remembering Barbara Jordan and Her Immigration Legacy

Was it a conspiracy to kill Mort Lloyd a Chattanooga legion?

Mort Lloyd a news anchorman with WDEF-TV 12 News in Chattanooga Tennessee had won the 1974 Democratic Primary to oppose two term incumbent Republican Congressman LaMar Baker. After winning the primary Mort LLoyd was killed in an airplane crash on his way to celebrate his victory.

Immigrants Now Getting More Aid Than VETERANS

Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats

He who gets his information from the barber's shop; will make the wrong decision every time!!

That's not a reliable source for information; you Niggers would be better off sending smoke signals...

In this 'Information Age,' who in their right mind would rely on information coming from some dumb ass Niggers in a barber's shop? And, never believe what you hear in the 'Crack House' next door.

No Criminal Charges For White S.C Deputy Who Flipped Desk, Tossed Black Student

Can Clinton turn Georgia from red to blue? It's a matter of Black and white

Donald Trump to Black churchgoers: 'I'm here today to learn'

Meet the mastermind behind Clinton’s massive email coverup: Another go-to 'Black Crony!'

Cheryl Mills obstructed efforts by investigators to obtain Clinton's emails

In the end Saint Teresa lost faith in God

I am told God loves me ... and yet the reality of darkness & coldness & emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul.

Why does God let good people suffer while the wicked prosper? Either It can stop suffering and won't or It want to stop suffering but can't!

Trump: First white politician to speak to the concerns of Blacks, but some still reject him

A prophet is not without honor save in his own country definition. Words spoken by Jesus to the people of Nazareth, the town where he grew up. They refused to believe in his teaching because they considered him one of themselves and therefore without authority to preach to them.

What White Catholics Owe Black Americans

Clinton tells FBI she could not recall all briefings on preserving documents

Emanuel to hire ‘hundreds’ of police officers, Council ally says

Here are some key points: The FBI on Friday released its records of the, including transcripts of an interview with Clinton herself.

The Clinton's: Self-Serving or Public Service

Dear Hillary Clinton Fans, Ambition Isn’t ‘Sacrifice’ — It’s not Even ‘Service’

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