‘They was killing Black people' In Tulsa! So why should we unite with whites when they murder US? That's like a chicken uniting with a fox! You know what happened next to the chicken! It's dead!!

As Survivors Dwindle, Tulsa Confronts Past of Racial Hatred That's so Common in America Today

‘They was killing Black people' In Tulsa! So why should we unite with whites when they murder US? That's like a chicken uniting with a fox! You know what happened next!

Mayor charged for driving police car with lights flashing

A White Woman Sent Her New Black Nanny A Racist Text And Then Fired Her

'March for Black Women' rally in DC calls for new social contract in fight for change

Black girl denied urgent care when workers don’t believe her mother is white

USA Today adds ‘pedophilia’ angle to Kavanaugh saga, sparks outrage

Black faculty, staff group at USC raises concerns about inclusion in leadership

FSU scores high in equity among Black students who are on campus

American shame: US has nothing to teach the world about justice or politics after Kavanaugh farce

Brett Kavanaugh faces Senate committee vote

Nashville PD officer charged in Daniel Hambrick homicide joins growing list of cops charged in shootings

Springfield agrees to pay $885,000 to four Black men who alleged they were beaten by off-duty officers

Decline Of The Black Church? It's Draining the Black Community Dry

We're at the end of white Christian America. What will that mean? The final countdown!!

The final countdown and the end of an era — rotten America, your days are numbered for the murder of Blacks in America!

The way the Democrats have walked on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is sad. Ergo, if and when he gets to the High Court, you can stick a fork in 'Roe v Wade' because it's done!

What Bill Cosby has in common with the Black wayward youth he once criticized

Brett Kavanaugh - Third accuser comes forward alleging Supreme Court nominee was present for 'gang rape'

If as a young man, you haven't taken a drink, smoked some weed or tried to get some pussy, you cast the first vote no!

‘Get on the ground.’ Police probe video of Washington officer kicking teen at fair

America's DAD get 3-10 in the joint — good riddance! Sorry Bill!

Bill Cosby is a 'sexually violent predator', judge rules, jail time is next

Trump at 36 percent approval among Blacks new poll finds

Donald Trump has Black cheerleaders. But what he really needs are tough lessons on race. The Blacks he knows are moronic buffoons from a by-gone era

Unarmed Black man shot by Phoenix police officer claims police brutality

That crazy Cablinasian finally won one, and whites love him because he hates his race!

Woods apologizes for DUI arrest, blames medication

White Man Accused of Pulling Gun on Black Florida College Students Surrenders to Police

The Great Migration spread Blacks to every corner of America

Trump again offers an oversimplified assessment of Black America

The Great Migration: leaving the dirty South

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout (VIDEO)

Black women exposed to toxic chemicals in hairproducts, study shows

Tom Steyer invests $1 million to increase black youth turnout in 2018 — just a million — Charles Barkley gave more than that!

Tom Steyer: The Fresh Air of Politics without Begging for Money

Alabama native, UA grad faces racial abuse over Trump internship from ‘tolerant left’

Jalen Drummond; call me a Uncle Tom, call me the white man's Nigger, call me a traitor to my race, scumbag, stinking snitcher and you can also call me a Nigger looking for a job.

It takes a special Nigger to fit in at a racist university like Alabama

In Georgia governor's race can a Black woman make history? Can a bear tap-dance on a dime?

FBI Won't Investigate Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Kavanaugh

With sex letter allegations in hand, Feinstein tries Hail-Mary to stop Kavanaugh's nomination to the court

Hurricane Florence creates a looters' holiday. Looters need love too!

Looters raid Family Dollar in Wilmington, NC after Florence

The Return of Civil Disobedience

Disobedience Day is celebrated on July 3rd of each year.

Police killings, brutality damaging mental health of Black community

Chicago Officer Chooses Jury Trial for Shooting Death of Black Teen in 2014

Yeah, these some Nigger hating crackers: Dallas police face ire over portrayal of man shot by officer

Wes Montgomery In Paris - that guitar smokin' up the Champs-Élysées

The great Wes Montgomery; it's Windy out wes

Wes Montgomery Live in Belgium 1965

Black unemployment falls to second-lowest on record. What does it means? Blacks working under Trump!

Black female Democrats urge party to rethink future; in other words, Democrats need to form again

A new day for women, Democrats across the nation after Tuesday elections

Botham Jean: Black Man Shot by Intruding Officer 'Smeared' by Dallas Police With Drugs Search

Black America & Our Political Leaders: Is it time for them to go?

2020 Democratic hopefuls wage invisible primary for Black voters, that's well and good, but where is the money?

Serena Williams and the trope of the 'angry Black woman'

The end of Black politics, revisited, and good riddance

Serena Williams, Jalen Hurts and the burden Black athletes have to carry — boohoo, boohoo for Black millionaire athletes

Naomi Osaka admits she was 'a little bit sad' as US Open win ended in boos

Serena Williams unleashes furious rant at umpire as she loses US Open 2018 final to Naomi Osaka

Lawyer says Dallas cop who Botham Shem Jean at home should be charged, but she was in fear (sic)of her life!

Amber Guyger, police officer named in Dallas fatal shooting, shot a suspect in 2017: report

Big Money Will Dominate the 2018 Midterm Elections, Perhaps As Much As $4 Billion. How Much Going To The Black Voters? None!

For Black women at church, it's more than the Aretha eulogy

To vote or not to vote: That's the question for Black Americans


Chicago officer avoids jail for media interviews

Why a Black police group issued a stirring defense of Colin Kaepernick

Nike's Colin Kaepernick ads strike chord with Detroiters

President Trump claims he has '100 pictures' of Robert Mueller 'kissing and hugging' James Comey. In the mouth?

Video shows Cincinnati officer who tased girl comment about "Black community"

A look at recent police shootings involving Black men

Abortion is not 'self-care,' Black women should be fighting for their children

Jason Van Dyke murdered 17-year-old Laquan McDonald; now your ass has had it

Ayanna Pressley: African-American woman wins Massachusetts primary

Ayanna Pressley and the Rise of Black Progressives

Ayanna Pressley Will Become the First Black Woman to Represent Massachusetts in Congress

Two Jackals appear before Congress

Congress to question Facebook, Twitter executives about Russia and censorship this week

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MAGA hat wearing Kanye West booed by SNL audience after pro-Trump speech off-air


Jury: Jehovah's Witnesses must pay $35M to abuse survivor


Dip in Black poverty draws skepticism


Midterms: Mike Espy out to prove a black Democrat can win in deep-red Mississippi


Black Lives Matter rally at UNF focuses on police brutality


‘Look At Me’: Women Confront Flake Over His Kavanaugh Support


Looking Back on ‘Black on Campus’


Mia Love tells Fox News that Democrats target her because ‘I am a Black female Republican’ and they want to control everything


Affordable housing dominates ‘Black in Cobb’ discussion


What Real Radicals Think About the FBI Hunting 'Black Identity Extremists'


Nonpartisan groups register 87,000 in effort to engage black Missourians in midterms — now where is the money for our votes


Black men more religious than whites, research shows, but you Niggers still going to Hell


What's so funny? Trump touts his own achievements, and the U.N. laughs


Show you right — just says it — these American witches fuck-up everything!


Murder suspect told police Black people are 'inferior' and should be 'exterminated'


Black rapper's ‘hang white people’ video triggers meltdown in France


Black Teen Expelled After Sitting for Allegiance Pledge; Blacks Shouldn't Have to Stand-up for that Bullshit


A Black student refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance — challenging Texas law requiring it


After a history of chastising Black men for not making it in his American society, Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison for sexual assault, deemed a 'sexually violent predator'


Black community leader: Legalizing weed should come with reparations to people of color; they owe fucking more than that!


Black Female Lawmaker in Vermont Resigns After Racial Harassment


Report: Georgia public colleges get mixed grades for Black student enrollment, grad rates


White man who harassed black Florida A&M students surrenders to police


The Hippocratic oath don't mean shit when racist white doctors in America care more about their dog than Black patients. Black Americans are often left out of crucial life saving drugs and medications. Hippocrates said first, do no harm you stupid motherfuckers!!


Six months after Stephon Clark's death, Black Lives Matter protesters climb into makeshift coffins outside police conference


We only kill Nigger a white cop said, so white people you have nothing to worry about


Ted Cruz Attacks Beto O’Rourke for Denouncing Police Murder in a Black Church


African Americans and the War


In sadness and anger, female pastors open up about sexual harassment in Black churches


94% of Black voters elected New Jersey Gov. Murphy. Now we'd like to see him keep his promises.


Yeah, all you Niggers look alike, and if you're real, real Black and like rice, you scare the white man and other Niggers too!


‘This one will never heal properly’: Police called on black UMass Amherst employee walking to his office while Black


School superintendent on Texans star: ‘You can’t count on a Black QB’


Georgia’s Black women key to Stacey Abrams’ bid for governor


When a Slave Becomes Free


The whiter the neighborhood, the greater the penalty Black renters pay, study shows


‘Abortion is self-care’: Texas billboard’s message to Black women sparks outrage because abortion is 'Infanticide'


Political blue wave may be overtaken by Black wave


At Walden, Thoreau Wasn’t Really Alone With Nature


Black Walden: Slavery and Its Aftermath in Concord, Massachusett


Black unemployment falls to second-lowest on record. What does it means? Blacks working under Trump!


Asians pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women.


Jackson County gets state grant to battle black market pot


Liberals love to lampoon the Prophet Muhammad, but hands off Serena Williams


Putin says poisoning your enemy is not a crime in Russia — that's how we roll!


Millions of Americans still trapped in debt-logged homes ten years after crisis


For Black crime victims with criminal records, state help is hard to come by


White man pulls gun in confrontation with Black Florida A&M students


Decatur Schools parents want action on equity disparities with Black students


Police Killings Of 3 Black Men Left A Mark On Detroit’s History More Than 50 Years Ago


TV personality and local entrepreneur plans to bring billions back to Black communities


Over Rated John Legend Becomes First Black Man to Win an EGOT!


With Voting Rights Act weakened, Black church networks seek more voters


Exclusive: Black executives' PAC backs 14 candidates in quest to boost economic might


Black men, where were you when Jasper Williams insulted Black women and Aretha Franklin?


Police name white officer who fatally shot black neighbour after she mistook his apartment for her own — this shit don't meet the smell test!


Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. contender for U.S. House Speaker, campaigning in Kansas


Newark charter school faces firestorm after kicking out students for dress code violations


BlueCross of Tennessee will stop covering OxyContin in 2019


Republicans threaten Cory Booker over Kavanaugh document release. ‘Bring it,’ he responds


Getting Paid: JPMorgan Will Pay $24 Million to End Lawsuit From Black Advisers


Black Teen Driving With White Grandmother Handcuffed by Police Because Bystander Said He Was Robbing Her


Tennessee officials mull hate crime sentencing enhancement after inmate confesses to burning black man alive in letter to White Supremacist group


The quest for equality: exhibition explores black citizenship in the age of Jim Crow


In ‘gOD-Talk’ discussions, Black millennials explore spirituality


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel not running for third term — good fucking riddance!

Can “Law & Order: Hate Crimes” work in the era of Trump and Black Lives Matter?


Kavanaugh emphasizes judicial independence — Family up out!


That Halfrican, Barack Obama to hit campaign trail for Democrats in Ohio and California


Malik Obama Seemingly Reveals Barack’s Actual Birth Certificate In Shocking Tweet


How I survive: American teachers and their second jobs – a photo essay


Black student activists face penalty in college admissions


OPINION: Asian, Black and Latino solidarity should come first


8 Features That Center On Black Lives at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival


Two-thirds of Black and Hispanic students behind in school, test scores intractable