If Obama act on immigration reform by end of September, it could be the end of Black support for Democrats



What appears to be incompetence is just another political appointment.


How dumb can you get?

Oh Lord, it's a Nigger baby — what's the world coming to!


Hunter kills 525lb black bear with his bare hands


US Supreme Court ain't worth a bucket of warm spit


And wake-up this ugly ass gorilla; God damn his soul!


Netanyahu UN speech 'blatant manipulation of facts': PLO


"You will never be able to build a web site just knowing 'hypertext markup language'(HTML)." You got to know more than HTML, says Dr. E.


Ex-Brown Walter Beach Recalls Black Athletes’ Support of Ali


Arizona Man Trades $160K Diamond for $20 Weed, Cops Say

Something gone get you l'il Walter — this Nigger ain't got an ounce of sense

If Obama act on immigration reform by end of September, it could be the end of Black support for Democrats


This the Nigger that did it, Brain Howard, who shut your shit down


Is he crazy or what? Done caused the airlines tens of millions — y'all better leave these Niggers alone they snapping everyday.

The Source of Black Poverty Isn't Black Culture, It's American Culture


The fatal flaw in Obama's plan to let unauthorized immigrants into the military


Ebola speeds up, world stands still


'Diaper Sniper' got the whole east cost shutdown


Black Genocide And The Black Leaders Who Support It


After you see this; how can you get the public to support these stupid ass cop?

If you are Black in America today, you better stay away from these white, racists devil cops because you may get killed trying to show them your driver's licenses!


Who's afraid of the big bad Lone Wolf?

Will this Black man help defend the homeland?


Cuomo Says Terror Threat Spurs Higher Security Presence for N.Y. Region


Fuck you, I quit — you asshole dipshit!!

Nigger, you'll never work in this town, again!


Islamic State tells followers to attack U.S., French citizens


Coppers, catch me if you, but you cannot!


ISIS Terrorists Infiltrating America While Border Patrol Bakes Birthday Cakes: Sheriff ISIS is coming for your ass


These rotten devil cops in America kill Black babies too!


Blacks in Ferguson; go to the airport and lie down on the runway and don't let no planes land — that's how you protest!


Sessions Forces Five Democratic Senators, GOP Caucus To Vote Against Obama Amnesty


Stanford's Jennifer Eberhardt wins MacArthur 'genius' grant


What you gonna do when ISIS come for you? Run like hell!


People of Scotland, how would William Wallace vote? Freedom


Black man goes off on white female judge


Vladimir Putin allegedly threatened World War 3 during talks about Ukraine


NY Dems distance themselves from illegal immigrant legislation and they're right to do so


Remembering Aaliyah!


8 questions about Scottish independence you were too embarrassed to ask


When ISIS hit the homeland the people who own America will run faster than a Jew in Berlin in 1932


Obama’s Crazy Immigration Plan Should Scare Liberals, Too


Black women group complain about not being included in female group to clean up NFL's image, but these stupid Black women are afraid to give their names


You ain't the boss of me!!

The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. Proposed to assuage the fears of Anti Federalist who had opposed Constitutional ratification, these amendments guarantee a number of personal freedoms, limit the government's power in judicial and other proceedings, and reserve some powers to the states and the public.


Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy


'Voices' Draws Attention to Black Poets

When Consumer Debts Go Unpaid, Paychecks Can Take A Big Hit


Poll show the American people wants these illeals out


Male, female, little Black kids too: we gonna beat some sense into you Niggers


Jihadist Serial Killer! Are there more out there?


Texas set to execute Lisa Coleman (Black American) for gruesome murder of child


Obama’s fiddling over illegal immigration will stop Blacks from voting in November, and it should!


White House reportedly assures Hill lawmakers about executive action this year on immigration reform


WILLIE & GEORGE MUSE – The Men From Mars



Black caucus stumps where Obama can't

Does this white man, Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, control the Black Caucus?


Immigration reform just went from extremely unlikely to impossible, and that's a good thing


High School Girl Taunted, Beaten At Bus Stop For Acting ‘Too Much Like A White Person’


Who was the fool that told the people to go back into the World Trade Center?


Philly seeks to decriminalize marijuana is a good thing


Some American cops are worse than ISIS when it come to killing Black men: these American devil cops make ISIS look boy scout!


It can happen; he ain't the frist Nigger to shoot himself while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car — Niggers do that all the time!

Even Hollywood can't make this shit up!


If these two lovers can get married, there's hope for us all


Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95,


Mad as fucking Hell; this outrage against a Black woman and her innocent children make you mad as fucking Hell!


Super rich are getting super richer, so let 'em take their money and defend the homeland from attack!



ISIS at the Mexican border: US attack imminent?


Doubts cast on witness's account of Black man killed by police in Walmart


Did the horrors he witnessed as a boy turn a Polish hairdresser into Jack the Ripper?

Get back, Jack


Immigration Activist Warns Dems Will Face Voter Backlash After Obama's Amnesty Flip-Flop


Another racist Jew who owns a basketball team hating on Blacks


Respiratory virus suspected in Midwest children’s hospitalizations could be the result of illegals bringing diseases to the homeland


Unemployment rate 6.1 percent nationally, but 12.0 for Black Americans. That being said, why would Obama want to give 5-million green cards to illegal aliens?


Islamic State’s execution videos are sly propaganda written in blood


Thousands of fast-food workers strike; arrests made


UN ‘leaders’ as corrupt as US/UK/Israel: We the People must demand arrests or suffer endless war


Scary, open secret --- parents of black sons believe troubles seek their boys


Ferguson police to be investigated after shooting of Michael Brown


There appears to be enough Black men in prison for crimes they didn't do, you can make one-hundred Tarzan movies!


Angola Three inmate in longest solitary confinement seeking damages in court


Colorado's missing marijuana taxes



Minivan Cop Shooting Mom 'Thought About Trayvon Martin' When Officers Fired


Judge declares state's constitutional ban to be legal in first federal ruling against gay marriage since Doma struck down


Missouri man serving life in prison for pot while some states have legalized it


More on How a Fox News Lawsuit Might Impact the Future of News


Expelled Black students' parents sue Ohio district: It's that damn Rap music again


Althea Gibson: The 'she-ro' who inspired tennis to change


“I Didn’t Know Anything About Voting,” Fannie Lou Hamer



Fannie Lou Hamer: Woman of Courage


Time to boycott MSNBC's Al Sharpton


‘FBI Snitch’ Al Sharpton Gets Heckled: ‘Are You Here to Snitch on the Rioters?’


How can you be narcissistic with a face only a mother could love? That ugly mug will break a mirror


Obama Invents ‘Immigration Rights’ For Foreigners

Hispanic numbers are rigged; 30 million legal, but 20 million illegal

Send the illegals back home and the true picture is 30 million Hispanics not 50 million — numbers matter, and the Hispanic community keeps fudging their numbers! So, they are not the largest growing minority — they're just big liars


Unarmed black granddad killed by cop, in shades of Ferguson


Hong Kong on fire; the people are sick of these damn bosses all over the world


I don't need sex because my government fucks me everyday


Is there a link between the Enterovirus 68 and the placing of all these illegal alien children across the country?



The government will never tell the truth. How did the virus spread across the country over night? You can play the fool if you want to as you watch your children die!


All the hate got to stop; right, so when will these racist cops stop hating Blacks?


Obama's Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Will Force the Hand of Black Americans

Never confuse legal immigration with these illegal aliens — you feel me?


The next American revolution will not be televised


Los Zetas Beheadings: The Awful Reality of What Awaits European America When the Mexican Invasion is Complete WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Watch at your our risk!

The great Eric Holder to resign: we love you, man!


Breaking News from ISIS: They say they gonna cut-off heads, impale us on a stick, drag us through the streets, hang us from a tree, shoot us in a ditch, pen us to the wall, and that’s the good news.


Copycat beheads woman in Oklahoma workplace

Alton Nolen, a pure fool

Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace


Immigrant families fail to report to agents

These illegals are making a mockery of American generosity


Illegal Immigrants get free education, housing and healthcare for crossing border; Americans get $5,000 fine

What kind of shit is this? Caring more about illegals than Americans — that's nuts!


Rothschilds & Rockefellers -
Trillionaires Of The World


The men who would be kings: Warren Buffett, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Bill Gates


Super Plane: F-22 Raptors Launched Airstrikes in Syria

ISIS, do you surrender, now? They say this plane travel faster than the speed of light!


Who you gonna call when ISIS comma calling?

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


Jewish control over America's media means a Pox on both houses of Congress



Blacks don't trust the Jewish control media — everybody knows that!


American criminal justice for Blacks gives Hitler's kangaroo courts a good name!

Hitler said quit comparing me to them devils in America


Understanding black America and the spanking debate

Our slave culture of (ass beatings everyday) is behind much of our aberrant behavior — the actions of the wicked slave master still haunting us today


Rotten Bill Cosby, the great gatekeeper in Hollywood

Old Uncle Bill trying to make a come back — Nigger sit your old ass down!


Terrence Howard says Bill Cosby blacklisted him in the 80s


Nick Cannon Wore $2 Million Shoes During America's Got Talent Finale

Is this Nigger a fool or what? Fool, go sale the shoes and buy a chicken processing plant with the $1 million you'll have left after the shoes depreciate!


Lloyd Austin, top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East



Americans on the wrong side of history every time; and the right side no time


Federal prosecutors say U.S. terror suspect recruited for ISIS

Mufid Elfgeeh


Retaking back territory already won is brilliant military strategy

It's a master stroke of military genius, and the government deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for stupidity!


We killed this Nigger because of his race is completely unfounded


Darren Hunt, murdered by cops because of his race; what's worse — getting your head cut-off by ISIS or getting your head shot-off by American cops? Either way you lose your head!


Police terrorize 7 year old child arrested Run Kevin

Kill that little Nigger — these mother fuckers are crazy — you can't make this shit up!

'Dying Out Here': U.S. Job Gains Leave Black Women Behind

You think things are bad now for Black women, just wait until Obama legalize 5-million illegal aliens.


ISIS Plans To Invade United States Through Mexico, But Drug Cartels Could Fight Back

If you think Blacks would fight for the homeland, you must be a damn fool!


The Black community must bow out of the fight with ISIS since we are business fighting these Devil cops in our homeland

Forget about getting Blacks to help fight ISIS if they hit the homeland— this is America's fight and we got to keep our heads.


Are African Americans Being Recruited by ISIS? Does Bear Shit in the Woods?

America don't want Blacks, but they don't want ISIS to have US — so we say screw you Uncle Sam and fight your own battles!


Dick 'The Penguin' Cheney is back makin' whoopee


This piece of shit needs to be flushed down the toilet


Obama's problem with ISIS is his lack of imagination


I just can't figure this shit out! I just couldn't immagine ISIS not being a JV squad


Mostly White Forces in Mostly Black Towns: Police Struggle for Racial Diversity

Will somebody please tell these stupid Niggers about the Voter's Rights Act


Illegal aliens hurt the Black community most of all

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

These people are in such bad, diseased health, they give any reasonal person the heebie-jeebies!

They're bringing diseases while looking for a handout — that ain't right!


Amnesty for illegal aliens will do red state Democrates in

Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more — no more!


Republicans Gain With Amnesty Claim in Close Senate Races

How dumb can you get; to say you'll wait until after the election to give amnesty to 5-million illegal aliens — you should have kept the mouth shut — Obama!


How slavery haunts today's America

White Americans demand apology and reparation for 3-hundred years of slavery


Newly discovered asteroid will narrowly miss Earth on Sunday

These crooked politicians will never tell the truth about how this world will soon end


Is the wealth gap behind all the turmoil we see in the world today?



Tearful judge gives man 17 years for Michigan porch shooting

We know you're sorry, now, but you didn't have to kill that girl


Mentally impaired duo freed after 30 years in US prison

Henry McCollum (L) and his brother, Leon Brown, are shown in these booking photos provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety in Raleigh, North Carolina, September 2, 2014.


Texting woman impaled in buttocks

A cautionary tale: The asses have it!


Obama Tells Sharpton Group to Get Out the Vote This Year


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