The Only Fear That Black Americans Have To Fear Is The Fear Of Racism, Itself!

Judge halts Pa.'s tough new voter ID requirement

Jay-Z Addresses Criticism Over Minority Stake In Brooklyn Nets

'Black News' Got The Left Flank Covered!

Educating The Masses With Mass Communication

Black History

The roots of Black Nationalism in America

Does this ad by Black GOP deserve to be shown?

The life and times of the 'Great Dr. E.'

We Got The Best Government Money Can Buy

‘Gay community, stop hijacking civil rights movement’

Rising Income Gap now may be bigger than in slavery

Rev. Sharpton, support gay marriage will send you to hell

Pending Doom Mankind In The Digital Age

Obama offers everything to Gringos but the kitchen sink

Obama Ain't What He Seems To be to me

Could the Black vote cost Obama the election?

Has Racism Changed Over The Years?

Why Muhammad Ali Betrayed Malcolm X who knows

Has Obama moved away from his Black base

Seven Reasons Israel Might Like a War with Iran

Will Israel force US into another Middle East war?

Chicago teachers strike to drag into a third day

AIDS cure is next goal but will it help Blacks

Terry Jones Posts Film Depicting Mohammad As Gay

"Effective Evil" or Progressives’ Best Hope?

Illegal Aliens a Drain on U.S. Taxpayers, Report Says

Immigrants in the United States are bankrupting America

Supreme Court should revisit Plyler vs. Doe

Black church leaders attempt to inspire congregants to vote

The Great Woody Guthrie-This Land Is Your Land

Black Entertainment

Jay-Z owns 1/15 of 1% of New Jersey Nets: Big Deal!

Netanyahu: The sky is falling, it hit me on the head!

A nut sent thousands of innocent people to prison

Doing alcohol enemas 'that's crazy man!'

Citizens United supreme court ruling overturned

Iran's President, he got more sense than you think he got

Crazy ending Monday night to football game

Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration

Romney 'Dying Face Brown' for Hispanic Voters

Mom attacks bully in school bus brawl

Lindsay Lohan arrested again: This bitch is nuts!

You can stick a fork in Romney: He’s Done!

Man dies with $200 in bank, has more gold than Midas

A Sad End For The Man Who Betrayed Malcolm

Black pastor uses lynching to get out the vote

Is it an Israel conspiracy behind filmmaker Sam Bacile

Terry Jones Burns Koran to Protest Iranian

Libyan officials: US ambassador killed in attack

Romney should triple-down on Libya: Rally for Rev. Jones!

Israel behind 'Son of Hamas' Movie that made hell

Serena Williams owns women's tennis

US health care system wastes $750B a year

Michael Strahan joins Kelly Ripa on 'Live!'

First Black President Can’t Help Blacks

We post the news that others' rags refuse

Who was Chester Arthur Burnett, a/k/a Howlin' Wolf


Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years

Black Crime

Black voters for Obama but against gay marriage

Can Obama still count on Black voters?

After 15 years on death row, freedom

Ann Coulter said Civil Rights are for Blacks only!

Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Distrust of corrupt media at all time high

Massachusetts mishandling drug cases will free Blacks

Ohio woman unknowingly married father

Cop shoots wheelchair-bound amputee in head

Romney's statements about 47 are elitist and racist!

Truth About US Attitude Towards Palestinians

Obama doesn't have (sic) lock on Black vote!

Full Secret Video of Private Romney Fundraiser

Prosecutors team up with 'Debt Collectors'

Why is Israel pushing US to war with Iran?

Film 'Innocence of Muslims' that Led to Violence

FAMU blames victim for hazing death

UBS whistleblower nets $104 million reward

I'd killed that bitch too if she gave me HIV

The Deep South, stigmas and the AIDS epidemic

Don't blame the cop if a nigger run into his bullet

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

US blacks fear lingering racism if Obama loses

Will Obama's Support For Gay Marriage Do Him In?

Black Caucus told to be wary of new voter ID laws

1911: Laura and Lawrence Nelson lynched

100-years ago, photograph of lynching still resonates

Lynching of Laura and Lawrence Nelson

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