Self Esteem Questionnaire: From middle school to adults

Here is a Self Esteem Questionnaire that you can answer for yourself to give you an idea, and act as a guide as to when your self esteems is at high or low. Just answer True or False to the 20 questions.  If you answer negative to more than half questions below the Threshold of 10, you have low Self Esteem. A low percentile means low self esteems. if you score negative on half the 20 questions below, you may have low self esteems. 
1. I desperately want to change the way that I act and live
 Yes or No
 2.  I find it difficult to accept who I am in America because of racism
yes or No
 3. I find it hard to believe in God in America because of racism
Yes or No
4.  I have REALLY  high standards for myself and others , but  I feel uncomfortable around successful and educated people
Yes or No
 5. I am anxious and fearful a lot of the times when asked about my criminal pass
Yes or No
6. I never try new things – because I might make a mistake
Yes or No
7. I focus on all of my mistakes – and minimise what I achieve (I feel like a failure)
Yes or No
8. I feel down all the time when people cricize me
Yes or No
9. I frequently think negative thoughts about myself and others
Yes or No
10. I feel worthless when I can’t’ I get things right
Yes or No
11. Do you think the Black church and politicians work in the interest of the community?
Yes or No
12. Do you like the way things are in your life going right now?
Yes or No
13. Do you think you’re a good person?
Yes or No
14. Do you think gangs are the only cause of Black crime in your community?
Yes or No
15. Do you think you’re someone deserving of love, dignity and respect?
Yes or No
14. Do you and members deserve happiness in America?
Yes or No
15. Do I really feel, both in your mind and in my gut, that I am an OK person?
Yes or No
16. Do you think Obama is a better Black American than Michael Jordon? 
Yes or No
17. Do you believe in God?
Yes or No
18. Do you believe you’re going to heaven when you die?
Yes or No
19. I would rather watch sports than local news?
Yes or No
20. If things change on race, America could offer hope for Blacks
Yes or No
21. Do you think your’re the best at what you do?
Yes or No





Factors that can influence self-esteem include:
1. Your thoughts and perceptions.
2. How other people react to you.
3. Experiences at home, school, work and in the community.

Scoring a Yes/No survey is the easy part. You simply need to tally the Yes and No responses for each question for all the participants and divide it by the total number of participants to get the percentages of Yes and No for each questions.

Likert scale and yes/no calculation of one scores - Cross Validation is where the mest is.

Step 1. Recognize That Self-esteem is Self-imposed

Step 2. Write Your Life Script

Step 3. Examine Your Self-Labels

Step 4. Start Reducing Your Self-labeling

Step 5. Create Daily Affirmations-

Step 6. Be Courteous in Your Self-talk

Step 7. Accept Compliments and Stop Apologizing

Step 8. Hold Your Head Up

Step 9. Make Eye Contact and Smile-

Step 10. Say "Hello"

Step 11. Don't Evaluate Yourself Based on Others-

Step 12. Focus on Other People-

Step 13. Be Direct

Step 14. Internalize Positive Responses-

Step 15. Accept Failure

Step 16. Visualize Success-

Step 17. Mentally Rehearse

Step 18. Act with Confidence

Step 19. Redefine Rejection

Step 20. Re-write Your Life Script

The effecacy of response in survey is best done by phone outside a classroom contexts to measure Self Esteem. First. give te survey to parents and then compare the childrens response.

A construct by Black News and free to use to measure Self Esteem


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