Gays need to stop comparing their perverted life style to the Black Civil Rights Movement

By Noble Johns

(Black News) — If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Black Americans should be proud when other groups in this country compare their struggle to our noble Civil Rights Movement.  The gay community has no shame comparing their perverted life style to the struggle for Black civil rights in America.  Ergo, they have not gone through 300-years of forced slavery, nor segregation which included a hundred-years of lynching — plus they can never appreciate how America’s treatment of Blacks have left us in the miserable condition we find ourselves in today.

Again, it’s unreal for gays to attach their movement to the struggle of Blacks. The Civil Rights Movement is not similar to the Gay Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement was based on forced slavery by a system of suppression that would not allow Blacks and other minorities to vote and hold certain positions in office, plus much more. It was a much more profound movement that will affect millions of Blacks in this country for generations to come. The Gay Rights Movement has an impact, you would think, but nowhere near to the extent of the Civil Rights Movement.

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives. In 2014, Steve Warren, an attorney and GLAAD Board of Directors blasted Justice Anthony Scalia, for comments he made about gays; comparing laws against homosexuality to laws against murder, and places bestiality on par with homosexual conduct." While some agree with Scalia, I wouldn’t go that far.

Last year at the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards, Kerry Washington called out the hypocrisy of Black Americans who are against gay-marriage. While she doesn’t in anyway speak for Blacks, her celebrity gives her dumb comments credibility.

 "So when black people today tell me that they don't believe in gay marriage… the first thing that I say is please don't let anybody try to get you to vote against your own best interests by feeding you messages of hate. And then I say, you know people used to say stuff like that about you and your love. And if we let the government start to legislate love in our lifetime, who do you think is next?" she said as the audience leapt to their feet with thunderous applause. "We can't say that we believe in each other’s fundamental humanity and then turn a blind eye to the reality of each others existence and the truth of each other’s hearts. We must be allies. And we must be allies in this business because to be represented is to be humanized. And as long as anyone, anywhere is being made to feel less human, our very definition of humanity is at stake and we are all vulnerable."

In an argument against same-sex marriage, James W. Skillen gives a compelling case against those gays.

“Those who now argue that same-sex couples should be included, as a matter of civil right, within the legal definition of marriage are appealing to the constitutional principles of equal protection and equal treatment. But this is entirely inappropriate for making the case for same-sex ‘marriage.’ To argue that the Constitution guarantees equal treatment to all citizens, both men and women, does not say anything about what constitutes marriage, or a family, or a business enterprise, or a university, or a friendship. An appeal for equal treatment would certainly not lead a court to require that a small business enterprise be called a marriage just because two business partners prefer to think of their business that way. Nor would equal treatment of citizens before the law require a court to conclude that those of us who pray before the start of auto races should be allowed to redefine our auto clubs as churches.

The Supreme Court will rule sometime in June on same-sex marriage.  With the prevailing view that eventually, same-sex marriage will be the rule of law in the US, because there is no viable reason why two people, regardless of sex, should not be allowed to marry. The main arguments are religion and procreation; however, these are not a condition for long-term love. This issue should not be prejudiced by religion since those views are not universal to everyone. Many marriages are not resulting in offspring and yet they are legal.

While gay-marriage is an issue for some, it’s a misnomer to compare it to what Blacks have gone through in this country. The Supreme Court is deeply divided over the civil rights issues of same-sex marriage. But, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, whose vote is probably crucial, gave gay rights advocates reasons for optimism based on the tone and substance of his questions. Be that as it may, you gays should speak of the Black community less because we ain’t in this mess. Finally, those who continue to compare gay rights to civil rights need to stop, and those of us who know it's wrong need to stop letting them get away with that lie.



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