Judge Don Poole’s perverted justice in Chattanooga

Editor’s note: Sometime when you’re dealing with a corrupt judge like Don Poole, you have to use hardcore satire to expose a lowdown rotten, public official.  Don Poole has been the most racist, rotten judge in the history of any judiciary.  This devil has walked on the Black community for over twenty-years with no consequences.  His deeds are so hideous may the Gods have mercy on his wicked soul because the decent citizens in Chattanooga will have none.

By Noble Johns

This day starts out like many other days in the corrupt courtroom of Don Poole.  He’s on the phone talking to another corrupt lawyer about the investigation the University of Tennessee’s law school is doing about corruption in the department with crooked degrees awarded under the late Dean Rogers.  It was reported that Judge Poole’s transcript was flagged because it was revealed that he graduated from the Business School in 1964, and received his law degree in 1965 — how can that be — when it takes a year to sit for the LSAT.  Ergo, he must have cheated to get his law degree because it takes at lease four-years to get a law degree from the University Of Tennessee.

“Ring, Ring”: Poole picked up the, phone

 “Hey Don, what have you been up to cheating the citizens in Chattanooga?  Just kidding, I called to tell you the university is investigating improprieties in the way law degrees was granted under old Dean Rogers.  They’re looking a your matriculation in 1967,  and are questioning how you could have gotten your degree so quickly,” Poole’s crooked friend was warning him.

“I don’t give a fuck about that, that’s been over fifty-years ago, and most people who knew about it are dead, plus the statue of limitation has expired.  I know that much about the law,” Poole shouted with a grim look on his face — this is the same look he gives to citizens in Chattanooga before he announces his ‘Perverted Justice.’

“But Don, the accreditation people are threatening to deny the law schools upcoming accreditation,” the voice on the other end of the phone said.

“I said I don’t give a fuck about them losing their accreditation…” At that point, there was knock on the outside of the judge’s chamber.  It was the court’s bailiff reminding Poole that court will start in 10 minutes.

“Hey, I got to let you go now because I got to get in court to put some of these stinking criminals behind bars whether they’re guilty are not.  I got two Niggers who I know are innocent, but the Black leaders in Chattanooga want these Niggers locked up over some kind of a grudge… call me tonight and we’ll talk some more,” Poole said and hung up the phone.

There was another knock on the door of the judge’s chamber — it was the bailiff again ready to escort Judge Poole into the courtroom. “Are you ready your honor?”

“No!  Not right now,” Poole answered the bailiff — “what I need you to do now is take this envelope of money I got form rigging the Ooltewah High School case and put it in a safe place.  I know they all are guilty has hell, but that $5000 looks damn good in my bank account.”

“Right judge!”

“Oh Henry, by the way go get the Silvers brothers and bring them back to my chambers.”

“Again judge?” The bailiff asked.

“Yes, again!” Poole replied with that grim look on his face.

The bailiff wasted no time taking the bribe money and putting it away for Poole, and next he  went to the holding cell where it was packed with about thirty inmates in a cell made to hold about ten inmates.

“The Silvers brothers step forwards,” the bailiff called out.  The bailiff was an old Black man with a humpback and he walked with limp — he looked older than his forty-five years — much older.

“Y’all comon because the judge want to talk to y’all.”  The bailiff put the two brothers in cuffs and escorted them into the judge’s chamber.  Y’all sit down… the judge will be here in a few minutes.

The bailiff left as Judge Poole walked in.  The bailiff had already uncuffed the brothers and Poole greeted them like old friends.

“I see you boys are at it again… Why did y’all rob that old lady and threw her in the street?” Poole asked the brothers while looking closely at the older brother’s crouch.  I see that big dick rising — come over here and let me touch it,” this lowdown freak asked.

The older brother nickname was ‘Longdong Slivers’ because he had fourteen-inch dick. The younger brother was called ‘Shortdong Slivers’ because he only had a ten-inch dick.

The two brothers were on judge Poole like ‘white on rice.’  Then Poole pulled up his black robe and the brothers saw that he was buck naked with his white pale ass sagging like the breast of a worn out whore.  Longdong pushed Poole over the desk in the judge’s chamber and hit his white, pale sagging ass.

“Ohhhhh,” Poole yelled as Longdong went to work.  The people in the courtroom… everyone looked shocked the hear Poole scream in pleasure.  At that point, Shortdong went around the front of the desk and put dick in Poole’s mouth.  What was going on in the judge’s chamber is too nasty and vulgar to put in words.  The two brothers were doubling Poole, and this went on for about twenty-minutes until there was another knock on the door.

It was the bailiff again because the people in the courtroom were getting restless while this freak action was under way.

When the bailiff entered the chambers again, judge Poole was back in the restroom putting his clothes back on, and the two brothers were sitting with big grins on their faces.

“Y’all comon and lets get back into the cell,” the bailiff said.

When the court came into session, Poole was looking crazy and dazed sitting to one side of his ass.  The court reporter sitting next him noticed something white on the side of his mouth and said, “Judge Poole you got something on the side of your mouth.”

It was semen from Shortdong, but instead of him wiping the cum from his mouth, he took his tongue and licked the semen back into your mouth — what a nasty thing to do!  Next, he called the name of the first inmate.  The guy was charged with simple possession of marijuana, but he faced no mercy from Poole.

“You’re charge with simple possession of marijuana — how do you plead?” Poole asked the man.

“Guilty, your honor, the inmate said.”

“I’m sick and tire of this smoking marijuana, and to set an example, I sentence you to 2-years in the state penitentiary.”

“It was only a joint, your honor!”

“It’s a joint today and maybe something else tomorrow — bailiff take this criminal out of my sight.”

The next so-called criminal was driving without license a second time. “Boy this is your second time before me with the same thing; driving without license,” Poole said with that grim look on his face.

“But your honor, I was just going to the store to get milk for my children,” the poor man replied.  I don’t have license because I was late paying child support and you took my license.”

“That’s just too bad — I’m giving this Nigger a year and a day in the state penitentiary — get this Nigger outta here.”

The next criminals were the two Slivers brothers. “You boys are charged with strong armed robbery — you robbed an old lady for her purse and when she resisted, y’all threw her in the street — how do y’all plead?”

“Guilty the two brothers said in unison, but we are going to school to get our GED so we can be better people.”

“It that right?”

“Yes your honor…”

“Well, if that’s true, I’ll suspend your sentences and now you’re free to go, back to school” Poole said delivering his perverted justice.”

Thanks your honor the Slivers brothers said, laughing their way out of the courtroom.

Once outside, the two brothers saw an old woman coming out of the bank — damn our luck is good today, and they sneaked up behind the old lady and snatched her purse and threw her out on the street like they did before.

So that’s what they call justice in Chattanooga Tennessee in Don Poole’s courtroom!!!


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