Tennessee Legislators Urged Not to Address Neo-Confederate Conference 
Email and Phone Campaign Initiated
NASHVILLE — Two of Tennessee's elected officials, Sen. Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains, District 8) and Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma, District 47), are scheduled to keynote the convention of the Southern National Congress (SNC) at pristine Fall Creek Falls State Park next week, November 1-3.

Niceley and Matheny will address tactics they can use in office to further the neo-Confederate, white supremacist goals of the Southern National Congress. The SNC is the political wing of the openly militant League of the South, an overtly militant white supremacist group that recently organized rallies in Tennessee. 

David O. Jones, SNC chairman, is also chair of Tennessee's League of the South affiliate. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of the South is a neo-Confederate group that advocates for a second Southern secession and a society dominated by who they refer to as “European Americans.” The league believes the nation it wants to form should be run by a white elite that would establish a Christian theocratic state and politically dominate blacks and other minorities. Michael Hill, president of the League of the South has tweeted “To us, Southerners are of European descent. They [non-whites] can either go along with it, fight against it, or get out.” (http://bit.ly/HjISzJ)

The all-volunteer Tennessee Anti-Racist Network has called for a phone and email campaign urging Nicely and Matheny to withdraw their endorsement of this racist organization.)

"Tennessee's elected officials have a responsibility to work for all of their constituents equally. Endorsing a white pride conference and working together with those who would advocate for secession goes against the oaths they took when they were sworn into office and borders on treason," said Drost Kokoye, recent Middle Tennessee State University graduate. 

The Tennessee Anti-Racist Network urges Tennesseans who disagree with their elected officials speaking at a racist convention to contact Sen. Nicely and Rep. Matheny to voice their concerns about how speaking at the event of white-power organizers is a misuse of time and resources that does not best represent the diverse population of Tennessee.

"Maybe Rep. Matheny and Sen. Niceley are simply unaware of the Southern National Congress' openly racist goals, in which case they should cancel their appearances. If they do in fact support separation of the races in Tennessee, let them go on the record saying so," said Callie Garner, of Murfreesboro, Tenn. "This isn't a partisan issue. This is a racist issue, and we believe Tennessee can be inclusive of everyone."

Contact Information for Niceley and Matheny:

Rep. Judd Matheny, District 47, R - Tullahoma, Coffee County and part of Warren County

The Tennessee Anti-Racist Network, a coalition of community members, students, and civic organizations committed to keeping these hate groups out of Tennessee, is coordinating the email and phone campaign. The Network previously organized a rally in response to the League of the South's rally in Murfreesboro, where anti-racist protesters greatly outnumbered the League of the South, and a conference in response to the white nationalist group American Renaissance when they visited Tennessee earlier in the year. For information, please contact the TN Anti-Racist Network at NotInOurState@gmail.com or visit the website http://tn-anti-racist.wix.com/tnarn 


FACT SHEET: Tennessee State Legislators and the Southern National Congress (SNC)

SNC convention to be held Friday, November 1, through Sunday, November 3, 2013,

Fall Creek Falls State Park.

What is the Southern National Congress?

  • The Southern National Congress (SNC) is a neo confederate, white nationalist organization who works to reignite and legitimize the Southern Secession Movement and whose goal is a Christian society dominated by whites.

  • From the SNC websiteOur identity, culture, liberty, and well-being are threatened as never since 1865. These threats are subtle and insidious, yet potentially more destructive than the outright invasion, military force, and occupation used against us in the Second War of Independence.”

Associations with Extremist Hate Group

  •  The SNC emphasizes that it is not trying to replace any of “the fine Southern organizations engaged in defense of our heritage” such as recognized extremist hate group League of the South (LOS).

  • The SNC leadership are officers or board members of the League of the South, a recognized white supremacist extremist hate group.

  • Current SNC Chairman, David O. Jones, who is also President of the TN Chapter of LOS, believes the US Government has declared war on the South (The Empire’s Senate declared war on the South on Thursday, 27 May 2013). The SNC Covenant pledges “To support every measure which restores the sovereignty of our State and local governments, and the sovereignty of the Southern people.”

  • The Southern National Congress is the political wing of the extremist white supremacist hate group League of the South, with considerable overlaps in high-level leadership:

David O. Jones, SNC Chairman and Tennessee LOS President

Mark Thomey, SNC Vice-Chairman and LOS Board Member.

Wade Rabun, SNC Treasurer and Calvert County, Maryland LOS.

Mike Crane, SNC Board of Governors and LOS Board Member.

Robert Mills, SNC Board of Governors and Missouri LOS Chairman.

Michael Munday, SNC Board of Governors and Kentucky LOS.

Stever Walker, SNC Board of Governors and Florida LOS.

Pete Wigginton, SNC Board of Governors and Maryland LOS Heritage Officer.

What is the League of the South?

  •  In 2000 the Southern Poverty Law Center began listing the League as an extremist hate group. They are white nationalists and supremacists.
  • The League advocates withholding loyalty from the federal government and pledging allegiance to the Southern National Congress.

  • Michael Hill, League of the South President, was asked last week by a follower “Do you consider n****** “Southerners”? If so, how are you going to get them to go along with secession?” Hill's response: “To us, Southerners are of European descent. They (African Americans) can either go along with it, fight against it, or get out.” (http://bit.ly/HjISzJ)

Tennessee State Legislators Set To Speak at Southern National Congress Convention. The SNC and LOS are trying to legitimize and mainstream their organizations by cloaking their racist agenda with legislators who may not know the close relationship between the SNC and extremist hate group League of the South.

  • Guest speaker Tennessee State Senator Frank S. Nicely (R) Dist-8 “will provide several proposals for legislation which Delegates can take back to their respective State legislatures. One of Senator Nicely’s proposals is to have the State legislature nominate US Senatorial candidates. This would change the electoral dynamics of the US Senate as the Senators would have to be more responsive to the States rather than that nebulous concept of “the people.” (Tennessee State Senator, Proposes Partial End To Direct Election Of U.S. Senators http://huff.to/1imFP5J)

  • Guest speaker Tennessee State Representative Judd Matheny (R) Dist-47, sponsored the “Tennessee Balance of Powers Act.” This bill is an attempt to end the settlement of 'foreigners' in Tennessee by framing immigration as a 'state's rights' issue. See the bill here: http://1.usa.gov/1dezCZb.

Why TN Anti-Racist Network is Taking Action: We do not accept any form or appearance of racism in public service. Elected officials should demonstrate a deep and meaningful commitment to equality, and at the least should not openly endorse white supremacy and minority inferiority. These legislators' choice to speak at this gathering gives the appearance that they, and their constituents, support the SNC's ideas of white superiority and secession from the United States. They should not support the growth of hate groups in Tennessee through speaking engagements that falsely legitimize racist ideas and action. Racism is a community issue, and anti-racism is a community responsibility. 

Compiled by TN Anti-Racist Network volunteers, October 2013.