Protest with a purpose; get them in their pocketbooks

By Sinclere Lee

(Black News) Since money is what is driving the hatred of whites in this country against Blacks, non-violent protest with the purpose to bring financial ruin to Baltimore and around America will bring these greedy capitalists to their knees.  I say if you’re going to be non-violent in protesting the death Freddie Gray, be non-violent where it will hurt them the most — in their pocketbooks.

The lesson of the Montgomery Bus Boycott is a case in point. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a watershed moment in the Civil Rights Movement, which lasted from December 1, 1955 to December 20, 1956.  It was not resolved because of goodwill among the white racist in Alabama; it was resolved because it was bringing financial ruin to the city.

In Baltimore, 'the powers that be' are already feeling the financial pressure, and losing money everyday. The Baltimore Orioles postponed a second straight game against the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday due to the riots.  Canceling an Orioles' baseball game will cost the city millions.

“The decision was reached after consultation with local officials," baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said. "We feel like we made the decision that will provide us the greatest possible security in terms of protecting the fans, the players, the umpires, everybody involved in the game.”

Having to bring in reinforcements to Baltimore with the state police and National Guard is costing the city and the state Maryland millions everyday.  Consider this; how long can these politicians sustain this financial burden before the holler uncle. Not long!

Tom Noonan, president and CEO of Visit Baltimore confirmed that the Door and Hardware Institute has cancelled its convention, scheduled to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center April 29-May 1.  The group had booked 2,500 hotel nights in the city for its more than 2,000 attendees. That is costing the city millions. “At the end of the day, they felt that the current situation left them no alternative,” said Noonan.

In addition, the American Heart Association has cancelled its meeting scheduled at the Hilton Baltimore from April 29-May 1, said Noonan.  These are among the 29 conventions booked this year that were expected to draw an estimated 206,000 people to Charm City, generating an economic impact of $138 million.

It’s too early to know the economic toll the unrest will have on the city’s growing tourism industry, but some have suggested it could be in the millions — even billions.

Over the last 20 years, city officials successfully lured in visitors to the Baltimore Convention Center and other attractions such as Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards, M&T Bank Stadium, Power Plant Live, and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History.

Now that Blacks are in the streets protesting, many of those hotel rooms are now empty. The Baltimore Aquarium remained closed and all events there have been canceled or rescheduled.

Next, go down to the Port Of Baltimore and shut the port down. During 2012, 36.7, million tons in foreign commerce (imports and exports), valued at $53.9 billion were handled by the port. This was a 2.5% decrease in tonnage from 2011, but it’s still big money. The Port of Baltimore ranked 11th of 36 USA ports in handling of foreign tonnage and 9th in dollar value of the cargo handled during 2012.

A force of 2,000 soldiers from the Maryland National Guard has been activated to assist State Police efforts to prevent a repeat of Monday night's violence in Baltimore. This is costing millions along with the overtime pay of the crooked cops in and around Baltimore.

While Martin Luther King said that rioting to the voice of the unheard, the protester can give themselves a voice by taking money from the city and state.  I say if the Black community in Baltimore is living in poverty, bringing the city and state to a financial crisis will be a good thing for all involved. Keep the protesting going and in a few months, Baltimore won't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out!  No justice! No money!

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