Black News. Tennessee GOP is willing to reject millions in funding, if it avoids complying with federal strings

They're back on the streets in America!

One prison guard, 96 abuse charges: women say ‘serial rapist’ targeted them over a decade

Black people are beating the odds by turning 100 — and they’re celebrating on TikTok

Is Selling Medicare Lucrative? That's why all the fucking ADs

They been waiting for years on US! 40 years after Beirut’s deadly Marines bombing, US troops again deploying east of the Mediterranean

Author Deesha Philyaw has a 7-figure deal for her next two books

Tragic Things About Louis Armstrong

Tracy Morgan is playing Louis Armstrong in a self-financed biopic

Higher han electric bill! Water rates poised for largest-ever increase

The Speaker of the House’s Constitutional Role

A Detroit synagogue president Samantha Wollwas fatally stabbed outside her home. Police don’t have a motive

The Bible And Black People: A Torrid Love Affair

We are seeing urgent signs of more mutual mass atrocities to come in Israel and Gaza

Number of people on terrorist watchlist stopped at Biden's open southern. This fool will get US all killed!

As 2023 unfolds, will you support us? Support the Guardian

Latino, Black enrollment in advanced math shot up after states made this change. Should it be a model?

Be careful of what you wish for! Kevin McCarthy is out as speaker of the House. What happens next?

EPB Will Use $32.3 million federal grant To bolster electrical system. You got that big check so where are the jobs for Black men?

Anti-Israel statement were plastered on mobile billboards and online sites and all over!

Who are the Nonagenarians? They're Dying everyday!

What do you call a person in their 40's, 50's, 60's, etc.? — Learner's Everywhere

Georgia deputy kills Allen Cure Black man who spent 16 years in prison on a wrongful conviction

FDA proposes ban on hair relaxers with formaldehyde

Windsor set to highlight its Black Patriots John Brister, men of color who fought in the Revolutionary War

Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi wins the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting women’s oppression

Americans overwhelmingly support Israel in war with Hamas: Jews' lying poll

Malcolm X First Appearance on The Barry Gray Show (March 10,

US university professor shoved to ground by rightwing youth activists

Calorie Restriction and Aging in Humans. You too fat and eat too much!

Doctors group withdraws paper on 'excited delirium,' a term used to justify excessive force

'Sharecropper's Son': Louisiana Musician Finds Success Decades After Trying

Finley - "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely"

Robert Finley - "Sneakin' Around"

Antoinette Frank was convicted in the 1995 death of Officer Ronald Williams II during a robbery at the Kim Anh Restaurant, where both officers sometimes moonlighted as security guards.

Remember this! New Orleans ex-police officer awaiting execution loses chance at clemency

I may disagree with everything you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it! Thwarting free speech on college campuses.

Colorado officer who confronted Elijah McClain found guilty of criminally negligent homicide

Rudolph Isly, one of the founding members of the R&B group The Isley Brothers, has died, his family announced. He was 84.

Tennessee G.O.P. Again Silences Democratic Lawmaker Justin Jones Over Again And Again!

Black Private School Grads Discuss Thriving In Their Careers

Message To The Grass Roots - Malcolm X

Maybe another Jews' land grab! Israel orders hundreds of thousands of civilians in Gaza City to evacuate ahead of possible ground assault

Black Caucus urges Calif. Gavin Newsom to appoint Rep. Barbara Lee to Feinstein's seat. So, let the Dems' revolving door turn. It's a Zero Sum Game!

He did it for US Jews to ensure Jewish money in 2024 to buy off the Black vote. What a paradox!

Why did Biden bow to Israel before the world?

I am coming home! Some Israelis abroad desperately try to head home — to join reserve military units!

Never seen! Malcolm X Debates Bayard Rustin (1960)

California creates nation's first 'Ebony Alert' to find missing Black children

Supreme Court skeptical of South Carolina racial gerrymandering claim

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to announce Monday that he is dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary and will run as an independent.

How to Develop an App in 9 Easy Steps (2023 Guide)

Mississippi Democrat Brandon Presley aims to rally Mississippi’s 40% Black population in governor’s race

AI was asked to create images of Black African docs treating white kids. How'd it go? Fucked up!

Taking sides! One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter! Washington rallies behind Israel, but a lasting consensus may prove elusive


Punch cards (or "punched cards"), also known as Hollerith cards or IBM cards, were paper cards where holes may be punched by hand or machine to represent computer data and instructions.

Fuck BOZO and Prime! Thursday Night Football Bears vs. Commanders: Chicago legend Dick Butkus dies at 80, live updates, injury report, predictions, odds

How to Become a Licensed Contractor in Tennessee?

Every Charles Dickens Novel and Novella, Listed

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

5 shot at Morgan State University campus in Baltimore

He was just a man of his times! Walt Disney grandniece: Meryl Streep was right, he was racist

Walt Disney's racism problem | I Got A Story to tell of his racism

Israel vows ‘mighty vengeance’! When you seek revenge, first dig two graves!

Human tracks may be earliest evidence of people in North America

Oklahoma declines to discuss a settlement of Tulsa Race Massacre survivors' lawsuit. We don't owe them Niggers nothing!

Artist loses bid to remove panels covering anti-slavery murals at Vermont school

Rep. Jim Jordan loses first round of balloting on speaker vote. No Speaker

National Cathedral replaces windows honoring Confederacy with stained-glass homage to racial justice

McCarthy becomes the first speaker ever to be ousted from the job in a House vote

Who is Laphonza Butler, the newest senator from California? A Dyke!

First, Stop the Arrest Overkill, Stupid! Tennessee Courts Struggling To Find Court-Appointed Attorneys. Probono; Who Wants To Work For Free?

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. The same Jews fighting Hamas are same Theves selling them weapons to fight them back.

No, Trump Did Not Hold the Bible Upside Down at Lafayette Square

Takeaways from Day One of the $250 million Trump fraud trial

Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me. Because you're the greatest dancer of all times!


9 Things you never knew About Real-Life American witches. You don't have to look like a witch to be a witch!

Yes, Witches Are Real. I Know Because I Am One. Be aware of a witch in your life!

Judge refuses to immediately block grant program for Black women entrepreneurs

Stay in your lane! Most 2024 GOP presidential candidates urge stop the chaos after McCarthy

A history of American lynchings is US history like it or not!

LeBron James gives health update on son Bronny, 18, who had surgery after collapsing from cardiac arrest during basketball practice at USC

"I'm not hating on anybody, I'm just saying there's a big difference between a songwriter and a songwriter who co-writes"

A right angle is an angle that is exactly equal to 90 degrees (or π/2) in measure.

Jerry Summers: Homegrown Homeless Or Migrants?

Largest US health care strike in history could be next

Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is an academic and legal framework that denotes that systemic racism is part of American society — from education and housing to employment and healthcare.

Las Vegas police arrest man in connection with Tupac Shakur murder investigation

2Pac - Death Around the Corner

True story behind George Floyd murder you didn't know about

Like a child's food fight; Trump returns to court, judge in his fraud trial clarifies comments ex-president took as a win

McCarthy appeals for bipartisan support on stopgap measure. You can stick a fork in him, he's done!

Ukraine aid left out of government funding package, raising questions about future US support

Last Month Sept

California governor signs law barring schoolbook bans based on racial and LGBTQ teachings

Tennessee GOP is willing to reject millions in funding, if it avoids complying with federal strings

EXPLAINER: No evidence ‘3/5 compromise’ aimed to end slavery. Not considered a human. That's why white Americans have no problems shooting US down like dogs, and you love this place!

Article one, section two of the Constitution of the United States declared that any person who was not free would be counted as three-fifths of a free individual for the purposes of determining congressional representation.

No freedom expression against Jews! U.S. students are clashing over the Israel-Hamas war. What can colleges do? Jews own US!

A federal judge says Georgia's political maps must be redrawn for the 2024 election

Medicare shoppers often face a barrage of unsolicited calls and aggressive ads. They need to lock these crooks

Low-income seniors report deceptive Medicare marketing: ARRP got one old ass Nigger tap dancing for money!

New US House speaker tried to help overturn the 2020 election, raising concerns about the next one

‘Wake-up call’ for EU as report reveals spike in anti-Black racism. Hatred against US Black is palpable!

Who Is Mike Johnson? One of the House’s Staunchest GOP. A Racist By Another Name! Most GOP Racist!

Mike Johnson elected House speaker with unanimous GOP support, ending weeks of chaos

Private Medicare Plans Misled Customers Into Signing Up, Senate Report Says

Trump's Mark Johnson Ahead Of House Speaker. This is Trump's World! We All Have To Live In.

At least 16 dead in Maine mass killing and police hunt for the shooter as residents take shelter

Fearing airstrikes and crowded shelters, Palestinians in north Gaza defy Israeli evacuation orders

Fearing airstrikes and crowded shelters, Palestinians in north Gaza defy Israeli evacuation

The 50th Anniversary of the August 7th Marin County Courthouse Rebellion

In search of the Manchild, Jonathan Peter Jackson 17-year the Hostage Judge Was Slain When Gunmen Met Roadblock. Black History!

At age 17, Jackson stormed the Marin County Courthouse with automatic weapons, kidnapping Superior Court Judge Harold Haley, prosecutor Gary W.

George Jackson: Dragon Philosopher and Revolutionary Abolitionist

George Jackson: Dragon Philosopher and Revolutionary Abolitionist

Love letters from prison: A look at the fatal affair of Angela Davis and George Lester Jackson

Queen Rania of Jordan has accused Western leaders of a “glaring double standard” Jews rule

Queen Rania: There's a 'glaring double standard' in how world treats Palestinians

How can we sit back and condone this! At least someone has humanity in US. Obama criticizes Israel’s decision to cut off food and water to Gaza

Obama: Israeli operation in Gaza may "backfire" if civilians aren't protected. Worst than Nazis!

The Role Nikki Haley's 2015 Decision to Remove the Confederate Flag Could Play in Her Presidential Run. She can beat stupidBiden

Enslaved labor and the construction of the U.S. Capitol. Yeah, slaves build the White House too for racist US.

Forget our reparation money. These white supremacists and Jews getting ready to lose everything they stold! Misinformation will do US in!

Pollard defends spying on US for Israel in rare interview

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House. Jews spying on everybody!

Jonathan Pollard Was One of the Most Damaging Spies in US History

Israel Won't Stop Spying on the U.S. because we're fools

Israel’s Spy Agency Snubbed the U.S. Can Trust Be Restored? You Can't be trusted. you rotten Jews

US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking.’ With friends like that, Hamas is not the enemy

How Many Innocent People Must Die Before Revenge Is Served? Lloyd Austin a Goto Nigger. You a Disgrace To Our Race; Biden's Mad Dog

Looks like a false flag, the kind Nazis used to invade Poland! Israel shows footage of Hamas killings ‘to counter denial of atrocities’

How much do insurance agents make from Selling Medicare plans?

Getting paid; According to the PDP, the nationwide maximum broker compensation for original sales in 2022 is $87 and $44 for renewals. 

More than half of Americans (55%) have favorable views of Israel, while 41% say they have unfavorable views of the country.

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters march in London as Israel-Hamas war roils the world!

Jailed Iranian Narges Mohammadiwomen's rights activist wins 2023 Nobel Peace Prize!

Black News Podcast. Is US slaves to satanic Jews. Israel is not a Democracy. It's a demonic Theocracy! Jews hate US

You're not a fool until you look like a fool! Jews got US looking like fools!

Inside Hezbollah’s American Sleeper Cells: Waiting for Iran’s Signal to Strike U.S. and Israeli Targets

Hezbollah fighters rise their group flags and shout slogans, as they attend the funeral procession of two comrades killed by Israeli shelling, in Kherbet Selem village, south Lebanon. They ain't to be fucked with. With 100,000 fighters in US!

Democrats keep getting new warning signs about Black voter support. Your vote is for racist Jews!

Americans’ faith in institutions has been sliding for years. The chaos in Congress isn’t helping

The United States ranks 118th in the world for racial inclusion according to annual tally. Right below Iran, Yemen, China and Stinking Israel

What Would It Take to Close America's Black-White Wealth Gap? Paid Slave Reparations! How Fucking Hard Is That To Understand?

The median Black household in America has around $24,000 in savings, The median White household: around $189,000, a disparity that has worsened in recent decades.

In the third quarter of 2022, the nation’s white households had $124.5 trillion in assets as measured by the Federal Reserve. In comparison, all Black households had under $8 trillion in total assets, Hispanic households had $5.5 trillion, and all other racial groups combined had roughly $15.7 trillion.

We got stand against these rotten Jews who will call on you! Pro-Palestinian views face suppression in US amid Israel-Hamas war

U.S. Says Israel Didn’t Cause Hospital Blast, as Biden Promises Aid to Gaza. US such a pathological liar, you don't believe 'em if they're telling the truth

War between Israel and Hamas raises fears about rising hostility in the US that's happening in real time!

War between Israel and Hamas raises fears about rising US hostility. These US Jews are an anathema!

The History Of American Imperialism that has ruined the world, from bloody conquest to bird shit

Fury grows in Turkey against Israel, fresh protests staged. This war could be a Israel false flag operation.

Black Americans Don’t Vote on Foreign Policy, but They Are Paying Attention

Some Black men lose faith in Biden, Democrats in 2024. Black men in 24 don't be tricked and dicked!

Left at airport! Summit with Arab leaders in Jordan called off as Biden go to Israel where the tail is wagging the dog! US has Arab blood on its hands

Fake News about the Israel-Hamas war is flooding on social media. The first casualty of war is the truth!

Like with US Blacks there's no empathy for suffering! Netanyahu promises limited aid for Gaza via Egypt; US vetoes UN resolution on humanitarian pause. A shame on US

How do we know when Jews are lying; when they first open their mouths! Here's the available evidence of what happened at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza

Several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq issued statements condemning Israel and accusing its military of bombing the hospital.

The Gaza Holocaust! Gaza and West Bank death toll reaches 2,383 Palestinians - ministry. Jews' revenge!

Israel, 'we're here to do the devil's work'! Water runs out at UN shelters in Gaza. Medics fear for patients as Israeli ground offensive looms with genocidal results for the people of Gazs

Going to leash his mad dog, Biden to visit Tel Aviv on Wednesday; 100,000 people remain in Gaza City.

Israel-Hamas war live: hundreds feared dead in Gaza hospital blast; Biden cancels Jordan visit because of US murder

Wicked Jews and US can do no harm! Water and safety ahead of expected Israeli ground offensive

Lying Jews; After blast kills hundreds at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads

Dying by a thousand cuts. You dead if you don't or dead if you do! Palestinian medics in Gaza struggle to save lives under Israeli siege and bombardment

Israel’s policy of settling its civilians in occupied Palestinian territory and displacing the local population contravenes fundamental rules of international humanitarian law.

Remember Custer's Last Stand. In Hamas, Israel faces a formidable, and technologically sophisticated, foe

‘I hope it can endure’: examples of Jewish-Arab solidarity offer hope in Israel. Keep (sic) hope alive! There is no hope

Fake News about the Israel-Hamas war is flooding on social media. The first casualty of war is the truth! Jews lie!

Experts say Hamas and Israel are committing war crimes in their fight. Israel the worst!

“You cannot kill all the terrorists without creating more terrorists.” Hamas fight is generational!

They were ringing in the new year at their apartment when the gunfire started. Then this 11-year-old fell to the ground

Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity. Worst than Nazies

Israel cimes against humanity! Palestinians in Gaza face impossible choice: Stay home under airstrikes, or flee under airstrikes?

Don’t avoid discussing Hamas-Israel conflict with children. They know more than you do!

How One Alabama County Declared War on Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs

Punishment or prevention; An Alabama woman was imprisoned for ‘endangering’ her fetus. She gave birth in a jail shower

Ashley Starlene Caswell, 38, of Glencoe, is charged with chemical endangerment of exposing a child to an environment in which controlled substances are ingested, produced or distributed, which is a felony, Investigator Brandi Fuller said. 

Palestinians rush to buy food and struggle under strikes as Israel readies possible ground operation

Fight has been brewing for over 50-years! What are the roots of the Israel-Palestine conflict?

Is zionism a form of racism? Does bear shit in the woods? The Zionist fallacy of ‘Jewish supremacy’

A tear in the tent: The US Jews who are protesting Israel following Hamas massacres. What! Some Jews on the side of right

Will Blacks be forced to fight for Jews in Israel? The US is moving quickly to boost Israel’s military.

US campuses in uproar as Israel-Palestine conflict exposes divide all over US

US opinion divided amid battle for narrative over Hamas attack on Israel

End Times! If, in a Crisis, Israel Might Use Its Nuclear Weapons

The world is watching! Israel mad dog response! What to know on the fifth day of the war. What will happen in Judgement day? The End

US is one sided! Evil Jews can do no harm! Israel-Gaza violence: The conflict explained

The Military Industrial Complex Is More Powerful Than Ever

As Blacks, ‘We Know Occupation’: The Long History of Blacks’ Solidarity with Palestinian people!


U.S. Marines Tested Israel's Iron Dome. Here's What They Really Proved. It Sucks and cost too much.

The Iron Dome Didn't Work This Time. The Hamas attack on Israel

More than a century on: The Balfour Declaration explained, that allowed Jews to create a rogue state!

Will Israel be forced to use nuclear weapon? What is Hezbollah? And do they have cells in US!

In northern Israel a brief exchange of strikes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group raised fears of a broader conflict.

Hamas fighters today basked in triumph after taking complete control in Gaza as the west scrambled

11 powerful images of the wave of surprise attacks on Israel by Palestinian militants including burning tanks and rocket barrages

Israel retaliation kills nearly 200 innocent Palestinians after Hamas operation

The Palestinian armed group has struggled to govern Gaza. Yet, it remains committed to resisting Israel and unlikely to reconcile with Palestinian leadership in the West Bank.

We on the wrong side of history to support a pariah state like Israel! Americans Still Pro-Israel, Though Palestinians Gain Support. Mamas Will Die For Their Land

Worst than South Africa and Nazi! Israel’s continuing oppressive and discriminatory system of governing Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) constituted a system of apartheid, and Israeli officials committed the crime of apartheid under international law.

Build that wall! Why Biden claims he has no choice but to build more of Trump's border wall

What language do these illegal immigrants speak? They don't speak English or Spanish. They speak some kind of Mayan dialect. You need to have two interpreters for everyone of them! Even Hernán Cortés couldn't understand them. Nobody knows what they are saying. Their children have turned our schools into a wreak!

Woman learns her ancestors were enslaved by congressman Brett Guthrie of Kentucky ancestors

Angela Davis 'can't believe' ancestry revelations going back to the 1600s before America!

Homicide Investigators Make Multiple Arrests In Maryland Street Murder

Chattanooga's Crime Problem Is NOT "Gun Violence" - And Response

Beloved father Christopher Wright of-three, is shot dead at point blank range by career criminal known as 'Too Tall': Mayor Kelly speaks out.

D.W. Griffith ‘The Birth of a Nation’: The most racist movie ever made. The first blockbuster!

The Jews masterpiece, Blacks misery! The Worst Thing About “Birth of a Nation” Is How Good It Is. Good for whom?

Birth Of A Nation: Jewish Racism And Cinematic Bigotry. Still today.

20/20 Vision: How racism undermines the technical achievement of ‘The Jazz Singer’ Al Jolson. That shit ain't funny!

Blackface 'Jazz Singer' still influencing modern cinema 90 years after release

Stay in your lane! Most 2024 GOP presidential candidates urge stop the chaos after McCarthy. Trump gone win anyway so why dowe need you losers

Birth of a Quotation: Woodrow Wilson and “Like Writing History with Lightning”

Made them do right! Alabama gets a court-ordered congressional map with a second Black district. Them crackers hot enough to fuck! You still Niggers

The Birth of a Nation - Full Movie - (1915) HD - The Masterpiece of Racist Cinema.

Jews are not our friends! Never has been.

McCarthy won't get help from House Dems like Hakeem Jeffries! Heads we win tails you lose.

Be aware of enomies bearing gifts! Like a knife in the back; months of bad blood between McCarthy and Democrats help sink his speakership. From the Bighouse to the shithouse!

Gaetz says he will seek to oust McCarthy as speaker this week. ‘Bring it on,’ McCarthy says bring it on!

Trump could be homeless! The New York buildings that he owns he could lose. They ain't got no homeless shelters in New York!

Rep. Gaetz concedes McCarthy 'probably' can survive a first vote to oust him

House votes against stopgap bill in blow to McCarthy as shutdown highly likely. Saved 'til another day!



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20/20 Vision: How racism undermines the