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Crooks And Liars: The Corruption Of John Boehner!

Nov. 2, 2010: Post 11-2-10, 4:50 pmET

Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Gets Worst Reviews We’ve Seen In Years

Perry's writing skills aren't sharp enough for such a poignant drama.

Black History


Latinos divided over illegal immigrants

Is The Black Church Going Broke?

Will Blacks Vote In High Enough Numbers To Save Democrats?

Is Barack Obama embarrassingly 'pimping' the black vote?

Juan Williams slams former employer, NPR

Eight States with Pending Legislation or Ballot Measures to Legalize Medical Marijuana

'Hang Them All': Uganda Paper Publishes Photos Of Gays

Two people have been charged in the killing of a local pastor (sic) but may go free

Obama must re-energize black voters

Who gone hire a Nigger with a electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle for a felony conviction

James Clyburn: Congressional Black Caucus doors open for black Republicans

George Jackson: Black Revolutionary

Bill Maher mocks Bishop Eddie Long

Power Concedes Nothing Without A Struggle!

Black Entertainment

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Critics Rip Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Saying It's The Worse Movie In Hisory

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick loses bid to overturn prison sentence

The Gay Agenda Forces School Board Member To Resign Over Anti-gay Post

Is Would Be Speaker, John Boehner Just Another Snake Oil Salesman?

Newspaper Circulation Falls Nearly 9%

Report: 53% of Black males unemployed

11 bodies, one house of horrors: Why Cleveland women were 'invisible'

Louis Farrakhan renews call for self-determination among Nation of Islam followers

Is China Kicking America's Butts In Africa?

Chattanooga one of the most violent cities in America

Has GOP given up on Black vote?

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

House GOP Calls for Investigation of Black Farmer Settlement

Rapper 50 Cent encourages gay men to commit suicide

Maryland governor's race could hinge on black voter turnout

Antonio Henry

Rev. David Strong pastor at St. Paul AME Church in happy days with young boys.

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