You gotta stand up to them! With $1 billion profit in the third quarter for big railroads, House Dems uses strong-arm tactics to impose their on unions.


Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy-Involved Shooting Update - 11/20/2022 -Nigger cover-up

US awaits ‘serious response’ from Russia over Brittney Griner release proposal. We bet that dyke won't be sneaking drugs in Russia again!

Will Smith Understands If People Don’t Want To See His New Film After Oscars Slap: “I Would Absolutely Respect That” It's Not The Movie, People Don't Want To See Your Faggot Ass!

‘Catfished’ teen get family killed. The victims have been identified as Mark Winek, 69, his wife Sharie Winek, 65, and their daughter Brooke Winek, 38.

Racist white doctors refuse to treat Blacks for sleep disorder

Sleep and its Relationship to Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease

FDA approves $3.5 Mil Hemgenix is a gene therapy million treatment for hemophilia, now the most expensive drug in the world

Dump Trump! US midterms goes bad for Orange man: We tired of him! He had a bad night — No 24!

A broader view of a psychopath; They're Everywhere! One could be near you now! A family member!

How Does Text Messaging Work? Do you really want to know?

Bartees Strange’s surreal journey from FCC staffer to indie-rock stardom

Is Zero worth its salt? The mind-bendy weirdness of the number zero, explained.

Dividing by Zero; How Can that Be?

Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Official Video)

GOP weigh Trump at Jewish high-profile gathering. Jews bet on both sides. Heads we win tails you lose!

Fetterman adviser tells reporters he has problems with 'yelling questions' as senator-elect. Even with that, he's better than Dr. Oz!

Country Music All White Day and Night! With All Eyes On Country Music, Will Black Nashville Get The Reckoning It Deserves?

She said that at one point, Bing told her to get out from under the table. But when he saw who she was, he told her, “Jessie, go home.” He spared Jessica Wilczewski

House GOP vow revenge to investigate Biden and his family’s business dealings. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Who is DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith? Right now, he's at The Hague in the Netherlands investigating and prosecuting war crimes.

Black Friday surprise: Jeff Bezos tells people NOT to buy cars, refrigerators and other big-ticket items. Critics call him out.

'I am very thankful': Young girl delivers mom's 'miracle' baby at home with help of dispatcher

Sammy Turner - Lavender Blue (Dilly, Dilly) - 1959

Is The God We Pray To Just The Four Forces of Nature? Gravitational force, Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetic force and Strong Nuclear force.

Black dads are doing their best in US with distress

Is that Black Enough for You?!?’ Elvis Mitchell’s History of Black Cinema Is a Tour de Force

Flu Raging in South! Flu Season Is Coming. Here’s How to Prepare. First get a flu shot!

With All These Crooks Trying To Cheat, How Secure Are U.S. Electronic Voting Systems?

They always linking Blacks with these fags! Senate clears step 1 on bill to protect Same-sex marriage and interracial marriage. Same-sex marriage is debauchery, but not interracial marriage!

Black New Yorkers Are Twice as Likely to Be Stopped by the Police; that's with a Black mayor!

Dog gone, man shot dead by pet dog 'jumping on his gun'

Worst than Kristallnacht, these US Jews out to smash all things Black! Kanye West’s Donda Academy makes shocking basketball announcement

A staggering amount of money has been spent on top Senate races in 2022 Who spending the money. Sorry, We can't tell you because of

'Citizens United VS US' We Lose!

The black market strangled California's legal weed industry. Now it's coming for New York.

GOP, Eyeing Majority, Float Changes to SS and Medicare Did Them In! Don't fuck with the third rail

Ouch! Amazon Becomes World’s First Public Company to Lose $1 Trillion in Market Value

The best government money can buy! See how campaign money is being spent ahead of midterms

What we know about the suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich in the Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub shooting

CBP head Chris Magnus falls on the sword over mass illegal immigration

Mark Kelly holds on to Arizona seat in critical win for Democrats

Exchanging 'Earth, Wind & Fire' For Rap. Not a Fair Exchange. A Fair Exchange Is No Robbery

Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants

Ultraprocessed foods linked to premature deaths, so put that hotdog down

10 Reasons to Switch to HTML5 Today!

Recreational marijuana legalization is on the ballot in these states this November. Money in that green!

How Tennessee Disenfranchised 21% of Its Black Citizens. Is that all?

Pass it on! Severe depression eased by single dose of synthetic ‘magic mushroom’

Thomas was ‘key’ to a plan to delay certification of 2020 election, Trump lawyers said in emails

With Affirmative Action Gone, May Be Black Educators Will Be More Concerned About Learning Than Stealing Money From Students: Supreme Court Hears Affirmative Action Cases. The Jig Is Up!

Chicago families mourn after 7-year-old, 15-year-old killed in separate shootings

Too little too late — Biden to deliver major speech on democracy in election’s closing days

‘Planet killer’ asteroid spotted hiding in the sun’s glare

Did morality police rape Mahsa Amini? Could be their way to cover it up!

What Are the Consequences of Lying to The FBI? If You Tell a Lie To the FBI, Your Ass Going Straight to Jail

‘These are conditions ripe for political violence’: how close is the US to civil war? The first one not settled

If they didn't do, who did? New York city and state to pay $36m to men cleared of murder of Malcolm X. Don't let them two rotten Niggers off the hook!

US deployment of nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Australia’s north likely to fuel China tensions

Patriots’ Kraft, school statements denounce antisemitism. These Jews been hating Black forever. Remember 'Birth of a Nation' — pure Jewish hate against Blacks — talk about that!

‘Somebody’s going to die’: Democrats warn of political violence after Paul Pelosi attack

Over 150 killed in Seoul Halloween crowd surge

Du Bois, Still Relevant in the 21st Century

4 dead following domestic dispute in Aurora, Colorado home, police say

Here and Now: The impactful work of The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation

History and data reveals in every election, Black voters have increasing power in Democratic primaries.

2022 polling: The bad, the ugly and the really ugly

In Pennsylvania Senate race, Fetterman, Oz make last-minute push for Black voters

Reparations still waiting the money: The US town paying its black residents

Jalin Hyatt sets single-season Tennessee record with 14 touchdown catches

The big picture: Pierre Fatumbi Verger shows another side of 1930s black America

A fight over how to enforce immigration laws reaches the Supreme Court. Can we send 11 million illegals back home? We sent a man to the Moon!

GOP weigh Trump at Jewish high-profile gathering. Jews bet on both sides. Heads we win tails you lose!

A White mob unleashed the worst Election Day violence in U.S. history in Florida a century ago

You gotta stand up to them! With $1 billion profit in the third quarter for big railroads, House Dems uses strong-arm tactics to impose their will on unions.

He's not one of US, a Nigger with green eyes; Hakeem Jeffries’ likely elevation set to please US pro-Israel groups. He can't be Black — he's bought and paid for by racist Jews.

Who is Hakeem Jeffries? A Nigger with green eyes — he belongs in a freak show! Next to the Elephant man.

Protests continue in major cities across the country. If you want freedom from Xi Jinping, go stop a bullet!

Anti-lockdown protests spread in China as anger rises over zero-Covid strategy

The Rise of ‘Soft’ Holocaust Denial. Jews will not replace US!

Black teacher who refused to call Holocaust ‘factual, historical event’ is fired

Don't throw bricks if you live in a glasshouse. Nick Fuentes not the white supremacists — it's the Jews

Nearly a quarter of young Americans believe the Holocaust didn’t happen or has been exaggerated

Fritz Haber: Jewish chemist whose work led to Zyklon B that killed Jews. So, Jews were behind their holocaust. How could they do that to their own people and blamed Hitler for it!

Trump hosted Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago during visit with YE, a week after announcing 2024 run. Jews got Blacks walking on eggshells

China’s Xi faces threat from public anger over ‘zero COVID.’ Fight back. they can't kill you all

Shanquella Robinson Died From "Direct Aggression" And A Female Friend Has Been Identified As A Suspect. What's the bitch name? Khalil! Then, last week, a video surfaced that appeared to show Robinson being beaten in a hotel room. The person filming the video can be heard saying,

"Can you at least fight back?"

Tyler Perry: creator of a racial stereotype or the greatest indie film-maker ever? Is there a Black woman like ‘Madea?’ This stupid fool has made millions insulting Black women and most Black women don't fucking care! Racist Jeff Bezos of Amozon keeps the shit going because he hate Black women

While half the world starve, EPA encourages Americans to Aavoid food waste over the holidays

These crazies snapping all around US! 31-year-old Andre Bing 6 killed in Virginia Walmart shooting

6 people and the gunman are dead in a shooting at a Walmart in Virginia

Brands such as the Home Depot and Boeing donated to candidates who falsely claimed that Trump won.

Jean Piaget Profile; The Great Man

What Every Parent and Teacher should know. Piaget's Four Stages of Cognitive Development

6 people were killed in a shooting at a Walmart in Virginia, officials say. The shooter is also dead


Pakistani American Amna Nawaz Named Co-Anchor of PBS NewsHour Along With Geoff Bennett

Amna Nawaz and Geoff Bennett have been named co-anchors

Ll'l Kim Made Rodman the U.S. Ambassador. That’s The Best Reason Yet to Rengage On The Deal!

North Korea long-range missile had potential to reach US mainland, Japan says. We need to send Dennis Rodman An Ambassador without portfolio to talk some sense into Li'l Kim!

How did North Korea get nuclear weapons in the first place? What you need to know.

China’s Xi Jinping thinks he rule the west! Lectures Trudeau over alleged leaks. Bitch I own you!

Trump v DeSantis: Republicans split over 2024 run and predict ‘blood on the floor’ Whose blood?

As Election Day approaches, Trump-DeSantis 2024 rivalry seeps into the public. Wow to you Trumpty Dumpty!

Suspect in custody after 3 football players shot dead and 2 wounded at the University of Virginia

Suspect accused of killing 3 University of Virginia football players is denied bond as new revelations emerge about the killings

NBC Suspends Reporter Miguel Almaguer Over Paul Pelosi Story, Per The Daily Beast

NBC SUSPENDS correspondent after network was forced to retract exclusive report on how Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul, 82, calmly opened door to cops - and then walked TOWARDS 'hammer intruder' who bludgeoned him

Dave Chappelle talks Kanye, antisemitism and Trump in ‘SNL’ monologue. Jews mad at that!

Dave Chappelle talks Kanye, antisemitism and Trump in ‘SNL’ monologue

“I denounce antisemitism in all its forms and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And that’s, Kanye, how you buy yourself some time,” Chapelle said to a laughing audience.  He mocked the Jews and their flunkey Niggers!

Fake News! Tyler Perry Shares Stories of Jewish Allyship to Black Community Amid Kanye West’s Antisemitism. Jewish Allyship to Blacks ( = White Supremacy and Black Servitude)

Computer chip ban signals new era as Biden and Red Chaina's Xi meet. You got to stand up to him!

"Low-road capitalism" in New York Times/1619 Project. US crimes against humanity!

In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation. US wealth based on bones of dead slaves! Y'all living large!

It's codified in the U.S. Constitution, Article 1. Section 2. You're "Three-Fifths Clause" of a human!

What are crimes against humanity? Crimes against humanity refer to specific crimes committed in the context of a large-scale attack targeting civilians, regardless of their nationality. These crimes include murder, torture, sexual violence, enslavement, persecution, enforced disappearance, etc.

Who Were the Harlem Hellfighters? One White General said, 'Them Niggers Come Out Fighting

The Harlem Hellfighters were an African-American infantry unit in WWI who spent more time in combat than any other American unit

Why Is Country Music so white? | between the lines? You can't make US like these Niggers!

Donald Trump is 'livid and screaming at everybody' this morning after lackluster midterms Republicans say it's 'time to move on' and throw their weight behind Ron DeSantis for 2024

Will high food prices bring a revenge vote against Dem? Does a bear shit the woods? Revenge!

From the wretched of the Earth, to salt of the Earth; Black man your time has come! In Final Push for Votes, Both Parties Court Black Men!

Dems count on huge Black turnout, but has the party delivered in return?

The best government money can buy! See how campaign money is being spent ahead of midterms

Kyrie 'The Great' Irving cites 'responsibility,' stops short of apology. Have you ever seen him play? You can't touch that!

Nets suspend Kyrie Irving indefinitely after antisemitic movie post. Go see it, find it and buy it!

Kyrie Irving returns to the court after refusing to be vaccinated. Y'all can't make him do nothing!

What policing lessons can be learned from the Crown Heights riots?

Uncle Drew (2018 Movie) Official Trailer – Kyrie Irving, Shaq, Lil Rel, Tiffany Haddish. What's so bad about Uncle Drew?

Is abortion affecting midterm elections? No, it's the economy stupid!

On this day: Madison introduces the Bill of Rights. Thank Madieson for the rights we take for granted!

Trump owns Court! Chief Justice John Roberts puts temporary hold on release of Trump’s tax returns to Congress

It’s true, Martin Luther King Jr. paid the hospital bill when actress Julia Roberts was born. Really!

‘The Birth of a Nation’: The most racist Jewish movie ever made against Blacks. Nobody says one thing about that hate the Jew D. W. Griffith against. Haters of YE, let's talk about that hate!

Birth Of A Nation: Jewish Racism And Cinematic Bigotry Is Still With US. US Jews hate all Blacks

Remembering the man who 'laid the groundwork for the modern civil rights movement' Harry T. Moore

PBS - Freedom Never Dies: The Story of Harry T. Moore - PBS



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