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Happy Thanksgiving From Black News To You

Native Americans Have Little to Celebrate on Thanksgiving

Teens charged in Kyle Yorlets' shooting told to leave courtroom after laughing and talking

‘Dangerous’ teens sought after escaping Juvenile Detention Center in downtown Nashville. They may have to kill them

Suspect in Kyle Yorlets shooting death had loaded gun in police car

Mothers build Black, brown coalition in fight to restore funding for early learning centers

Four teens escaped from juvenile detention in Tennessee. Two of them are murder suspects, police say

‘I know Joe’s heart’: Why Black voters are backing Joe Biden? Who knows and give a fuck.

Michigan, Illinois set to usher in recreational pot sales

Rethinking the Infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, and the Authority Phenomenon of Whites Control Over Blacks

He's A Bitter Man: Bill Cosby Could Profit From Lucrative TV Streaming Deals Despite Vowing No Remorse for Sexual Assault

Kid Rock Directs Sexual Slurs at Oprah, Insists He’s Not Racist, Is Helped Off Stage

The Net Worth Of Every 2020 Presidential Candidate

It's uncanny that these Black politicians support the controversial 1994 crime law that Joe Biden helped write that locked-up half the Niggers in America

Biden wins endorsement of top Florida Democrat. If he wins this ugly dog face ass bitch thinks she gone get a big job!

Biden wins endorsement of top Florida Democrat. If he wins this ugly ass bitch thinks she gone a job

Black men with early-stage prostate cancer can do active surveillance

ICE arrests 90 more foreign students at fake university created by DHS in Michigan

Some fourteen year old kids brought big bad Beijing and communist party to their fucking knees

Abortion and Black women killing children at the highest rate of all. Where is the Black church?

A woman who aborts her unborn child should be charged with premeditated Murder

State Laws on Fetal Homicide and Penalty-enhancement for Crimes Against Pregnant Women

Profile Of A Sociopath: They're All Around US. Even In Your Family

Local Historian Jerry Summers makes Audie Murphy's Connection to Chattanooga Clear

Audie Murphy - Movies, Wife & Death - Biography

Almost 70% of digital ad spending going to Google, Facebook, Amazon, says analyst firm

Crooked Google under antitrust investigation by 50 attorneys general and District of Columbia

Google hit with €1.5 billion antitrust fine by EU and it's violating the Sherman Act in US. They must be stopped

The EU Hits Google With a Third Billion-Dollar Fine. So What?

How Google's search algorithm spreads false information with a rightwing bias. What will Trump do?

Former Boston College Student Charged Over Boyfriend's Suicide Pleads Not Guilty. Bitch, Cop Low And Go!

Terrell Owens claims Max Kellerman 'seems Blacker than' Stephen A. Smith for Colin Kaepernick. Anybody Blacker than that tomming ass Nigger.

Stay in Your Fucking Lane Chinks : China Demands President Trump Veto Hong Kong Human Rights Bill

Watch Kamala Harris Criticize Politicians for Taking Black Women for Granted while in office

Harris rips Biden after he claims support of ‘only’ Black female senator: ‘The other one is here’

Hunter Biden's baby momma 'never wavered' and 'never doubted the results.' she's very private.'

Lunden Roberts: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Embattled Hunter Biden privately admitted he IS the father of one-year-old baby of 28-year-old Arkansas woman

Indiana officer fired after telling Black men he had the right 'to do anything I want.' Including killing your ass Nigger!

Former Baltimore mayor pleads guilty to charge in book sales fraud 'she copped low and now she's ready to go' to prison. She pleaded guilty before charged.

Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh faces fraud, tax charges. Lock this bitch-up but beat her with an ugly stick first

Ex-Baltimore mayor charged with fraud and tax evasion in children's book scheme

Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh indicted on fraud charges in children's books probe

Al 'Wolfman' Green says it's his 'mission' to have President Trump removed from office

Wolfman compares Trump to Andrew Johnson following failed impeachment bid

Democrat Rep. Al Green Moves To Impeach Trump for his Attacks on 'The Squad'

Sondland ready to snitch on Trump and Giuliani

In run-up to crucial impeachment hearings, president hits a rough patch in house

China hot enough to fuck: Senate passes legislation supporting Hong Kong protesters

Big waterhead Kim Foxx admits failures in Jussie Smollett case: ‘I didn’t handle it well. I own that’

Michelle Obama Link To Jussie Smollett Case Comes Under Scrutiny

Only crooked Niggers would vote for this crooked ass bitch

How is Satan the father of lies (John 8:44)?

These are the American Jews;  You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Do Black votes matter more than Black lives? Bloomberg seems to think so

Bloomberg stands as much a chance of getting the Black vote as a Nigger stood not getting stop-and-frisked when he was mayor of New York

Michael Bloomberg Finally Says Sorry for All Those Years of Stop-and-Frisk. He Was Still Defending It in January.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I believe Black Americans face a genocide. Here's why I choose that word

Ben Crump, Trayvon Martin's family attorney, is representing girlfriend in Stand Your Ground case

Black Turnout Could Make or Break Democrats in 2020. No Money No Vote!

But the turnout rate among African-American citizens tumbled sharply, the survey shows. Only 59 percent of Black citizens voted in 2016, down from 66 percent in 2012 and 65 percent in 2008.

Louisiana Gubernatorial race stays close ahead of runoff. Dems don't count on Black vote if no money!!

9-yr-old genius Laurent Simons to graduate with Engineering degree

She was born in New Jersey: Hoda Muthana Father of IS bride sues US to allow her return

Judge rules ‘ISIS bride’ Hoda Muthana is not a US citizen. She may be a stupid ass bitch but she is a US citizen

You can't bring that crazy looking baby back. Former ISIS bride who left US for Syria says she 'interpreted everything very wrong'

Priscilla Renea Refuses To Be Quiet About Racism In Country Music

‘Country Music’: From Johnny Cash to Racism, Ken Burns’ New Docuseries Rubs Between Fact and Lore

Jennifer Nettles calls out country music: All white day and night. Even whiter than rice!!

Suspect arrested for killing man over Popeyes chicken sandwich

Nigger Caught With Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich In hand

How 'Playola' Is Infiltrating Streaming Services: Pay For Play Is 'Definitely Happening' in Hiphop

What’s the story on the radio payola scandal of the 1950s? How you think dump ass rap became a hit?

Ex-Ola Driver Reveals How He Cheated System To Earn Big Money

Ukrainian energy company tied to Hunter Biden supported American think tank, paid for trips

Racism kills Black newborns, and does a number on Black adults, too. What about the hippocratic oath. First do no harm!

Iran discovers new oil field with over 50 billion barrels

Why the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze Quickly Morphed into Black Shaming. Niggers Love Chicken But Don't Own One Chicken Processing Plaint

Stop-and-Frisk During the Bloomberg Administration 2002-2013 (2014) — I Say To You Niggers — Show You Right!

U.S. seen as 'exporter of white supremacist ideology,' says counterterrorism official. American Jews are white supremacist. They think they're smartest whites

Dorie Miller: The Hero of Pearl Harbor

Land of the Free Dorie Miller, a naval hero — Home of the Brave. It wouldn't be the land of the free if it wasn't for the home of the brave

Dorie Miller 12 October 1919 - 24 November 1943

A former GOP congressman’s fight to finally get a Black World War II hero the Medal of Honor

Armed and dangerous' suspect, 30, is caught and charged with kidnapping UFC fighter's 19-year-old stepdaughter Aniah Blanchard

Suspect arrested in kidnapping of UFC fighter's stepdaughter. Nigger, will you talk now?

'You're not a serial killer, right?' victim text-messaged man before she died. Another Nigger serial fool

Lesbian flings, prostitution & abuse lies: Oprah’s ‘hidden’ life

How this American witch gets away with deception

Oprah Shares Why She’s Always On The Cover of Her Own Magazine

She’s Back At It: Stacey Dash Drags Oprah Winfrey Again, But This Time Its Even Worse

Top 10 Oprah Controversies

Big fat funky Oprah got the whole world fooled: Seal Walks Back Comments on Oprah, Fires Shots at Stacey Dash Instead

Harris picks up endorsement from Black women's organization

As Blacks, we must support this sister. Video

Former Obama officials rally behind Biden as he trails top rivals in money race. Some more woodworks rats coming out

Broke ass Nigger hustling the civil right game on Facebook's Zuckerberg. Sir, can you spare a dime?

Al Sharpton's backdoor attemp to hustle Zuckerberg for some money. It's dinner today and begging tomorrow.

4 Black Women Talk About Harriet And Her Lessons For Black WomenToday

Is the Black vote for sale? Fucking A

Trump to launch new Black voter initiative from downtown Atlanta

Kentucky elects first Black attorney general, first Republican to serve in role in more than 70 years

Anchor says Buckingham Palace pressure killed ABC's story on Epstein. If you fire Amy, it's your end!

‘We had Clinton, we had everything’: ABC’s ‘Epstein coverup’ exposed by ‘p***ed’ news anchor in Project Veritas leak

Early release Oklahoma approves largest single-day commutation in U.S. history

Hundreds of Oklahoma inmates to be released in largest commutation in the nation

Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, who has made reducing the state's prison population a priority, backed the panel's decision. 527 people serving low-level drug and nonviolent offenses will go free in what Oklahoma lawmakers are calling the largest single-day commutation in both state and U.S. history.

‘Lynch him!’ A century after a white mob hung a Black man from a tree, soil from the site is being preserved

A White Woman Searches for Her Black Family

The Bible states 'A child shall lead the way.' Greta Thunberg call to fight global warming cheers rally

Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you – you have stolen my dreams and my childhood' — what more video

Barack Obama has done zero for Black people, but Black love him because he has given them nothing

Barack and Michelle Obama are buying a $15M estate in Martha’s Vineyard

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Search engine manipulation effect by Google

U.S. Abortion Statistics

Soon-to-be NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea meets with Al Sharpton, civil rights leaders over transparency and racial profiling

The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment. When You Give These White Cops Authority Over Black Communities They Abuse It.

Read more about it

Ohio bill orders doctors to ‘reimplant ectopic pregnancy’ or face 'abortion murder' charges

Jerry Summers talks of The Cotton Ball (1933-) but failed to mention how racist and elitist that shit was.

Trump news – live: Impeachment poll reveals soaring public support for president’s removal during TV hearings, as damning Ukraine scandal details emerge

Authorities confirm human remains belong to UFC fighter Walt Harris' abducted stepdaughter

AOC Raised More for Reelection Campaign Last Quarter Than All Other House Dems, Including Pelosi. She Got Presidential Potential She Might Could Be One

Here go these Niggers fighting over his seat. Daughters of late Rep. Elijah Cummings endorse father's aide, not widow, in race to fill his seat

Gillum sets sights on denying Trump victory in Florida in 2020

Alabama cop who chased, beat and shot Black man after stop-and-frisk guilty of manslaughter

Here go these Niggers fighting over his seat. Daughters of late Rep. Elijah Cummings endorse father's aide, not widow, in race to fill his seat

Epstein Suicide: Guards Say They're Scapegoats for a Broken System. This ain't the first Niggers done got caught sleeping on the job, and it won't be the last.

Can Black Progressives Stop Biden? Dumb stupid Black voters should!

Democrats In A Key Swing State Already Don’t Trust Mike Bloomberg

'Black News' remembers 'Miami Times' publisher Garth Reeves Sr., ‘conscience of the Black community,’ dies at 100

Very Enlightening: Black Woman Explains How Dems Force Abortion on Women of Color

Hong Kong elections: Carrie Lam promises 'open mind' after election rout. What's next for China?

Three Baltimore men exonerated after 36 years in prison. Maryland should pay them a Million of each year

Black Alabama sheriff fatally shot in head by white boy over loud music; suspect is son of a deputy

Don’t assume all Southern Black women are anti-Trump

Goo Hara is second young K-pop star to die since October

Myles Garrett says he was assured Mason Rudolph called him Nigger

Obama Tells Democrats to ‘Chill Out’ and Focus on Trump. Birther Ass Nigger Stay in Your Lane.

University campus siege nears end as Hong Kong gears up for elections

Ex-Houston officers face federal charges in deadly drug raid. Killed them innocent people for nothing.

Impeachment is Certain If Trump Waffles On Hong Kong Democracy Bill And Convicted in Senate.

Can a professor say Nigger under academic freedom? Controversial article has teacher of the year in hot water. Is 'Black News' covered?

Please Run This Bitch Outta Town: Elizabeth Warren Needs Black Women To Vote For Her. Here's Her Plan to Win Their Support

How jihadists struck gold in Africa’s Sahel

Cory Booker Is Tapping a Potent Vein in Black Democratic Politics. Will It Help Him Win?

Rotten Obama gives leading white Democrats advice on how to court Black votes but some find trouble

The most famous last words ever spoken.

Ray Charles: Country music wouldn't be the same without him. Don't forget, he was Black!

Analyzing Black Support for President Trump

'No one is here to quiet you': Ayanna Pressley steps in to help Elizabeth Warren placate mostly Black protesters. Fuck that stupid bitch!

Julian Assange rape charge dropped in Sweden

Police: White teen girl aimed to attack Black Georgia church

Song of the South: the difficult legacy of Disney's most shocking movie

"Black cyclist gets pulled over for stop-and-search" They stopping Niggers everywhere

What happened in the Democratic debate: Candidates squabble over black voters, draw contrasts with Trump

In testy exchanges on race, Cory Booker says black Democrats are tired of being taken for granted

Chinese soldiers help clean up Hong Kong streets, but violence flares again because people of Hong Kong ready to cross the Rubicon. Alea iacta est...

‘Slave for sale.’ Craigslist ad of Black student gets teen arrested, Illinois cops say

In Criminal Justice Speech, Trump Belittles Obama’s Efforts for Black People

Trump in Atlanta Friday to woo Black voters, tout accomplishments. President received only 8 percent of Black vote in 2016

Obama aides deny they left behind nasty notes when they departed White House — in 2017

Transgender thing not working for woman forced to remove makeup for driver's license photo: 'I was sobbing'

Transgender woman says she was humiliated when a DMV worker told her to take off her makeup so her driver's license photo would match the gender listed on her ID

Transgender Day of Remembrance: At least 22 trans people killed in 2019

New maps were supposed to give Virginia’s Black voters more power. Tuesday suggests it worked.

“Literally Zero Support Among Black People in South Carolina”: The Giant Problem With Mayor Pete’s Momentum

Stephen A. Smith on backlash over his Kaepernick comments: 'I'm a Black man, you idiots'

Meet the Swing Voters Who Might Decide the 2020 Election

China's brutal detention regime revealed in leaked documents

Black South Carolina Leaders Distance Themselves from Buttigieg Campaign’s ‘Douglass Plan’ No Money No Support — You Can't Get That.

The Legacy of a Radical Black Newspaperman

Malcolm X: If You Vote Democrat You Are A Traitor To Your Race!

Promise them Niggers everything, but give them nothing: Buttigieg speaks at Black College in push to boost support

Suit seeks to block prosecutor from excluding Black jurors

Trump impeachment hearings: Here's how the process works

Buttigieg campaign accused of improperly using names of Black leaders in support letter amid struggles to attract Black voters. It would be easier to come up with some money for Black community.

Buttigieg surges ahead of Democratic rivals in Iowa: poll

Funeral held for murdered CAU student Alexis Crawford

Louisiana Black voters deliver Trump a lose. He didn't come up no money, so he crashed and burn.

Couple Diagnosed With Contagious pneumonic plague'Black Death' Stokes Fear in Beijing

Burlington police disproportionately used force on Black residents, new report shows

Mayor Pete’s Big Announcement About Black Support Cited People Who Aren’t Black and Don’t Support Him. You Must Be Giving Them Money

Black people in N.J. are still arrested for weed more often than whites, ACLU says. They're doing it 'cause they hate you Niggers

How Black people helped to shape France, but hated in their own land.

Black N.J. leaders want to explore reparations over slavery in the state

Texas lawmaker accused of dropping envelope of cola at airport

Texas teen beaten by substitute teacher on video says she's afraid to return to school

Pete Buttigieg makes big South Carolina ad buy as campaign seeks elusive Black support. Take some of that money and invest in the Black community and them Niggers may show you some love

Breakfast Club employee fired after using racial slur in 'joke' on Black co-worker in Phoenix

POLL-Reuters/Ipsos poll: 3% support Bloomberg for Democratic nomination

An all-Black Women's Army Corps unit from WWII is still fighting for recognition

Mom of slain journalist James Foley wants ISIS bride ‘brought to justice’

How Ray Charles Shaped Country Music

New normal: Fatal shooting of Black man by Colorado police was justified, grand jury finds

Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign in first day

Brad Paisley's 'Accidental Racist' Sparks At Least One Dialogue About Stupid LL Cool J'

LL Cool J Cover-up 'Accidental Racist' And Authenticity

Royce Da 5'9" Places Value On Black Life With "Black Savage" Feat. T.I. CyHi The Prynce, T.I., Sy Ari Da Kid, And White Gold

Black student loan borrowers are defaulting at nearly twice the rate of whites: Graduation rate less than that

Why Do All Free Objects Fall At The Same Rate?

This one good lying bitch — Mina Chang: Senior Trump official 'faked Time magazine cover and inflated claims in CV'

This is what happens when you go crazy: Clinton says she is being urged by ‘many, many, many people’ to run in 2020

He pretended to be a Black woman online and became famous – then his life unraveled

Alan Freed and the Radio Payola Scandal

From Aretha Franklin to Beyoncé: How Harlem's Iconic Apollo Theater Gave Rise to Black Stars for 85 Years

Reverse Playola: Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Was a Country Hit. Then Country Changed Its Mind

Why Ayanna Pressley’s endorsement matters for Warren, who’s fighting to win Black women’s votes

National anthem of the United States of America (lyrics) 'Black News' love our country but hate these Motherfuckers who run it

Father of Atatiana Jefferson, Black Woman Shot in Her Home by White Cop, Dies One Month on From Tragedy. Died of a broken heart

Popeyes Employee Arrested For Body-Slamming Woman Outside Restaurant. Niggers Love Chicken

Rats Take Up Residence At Downtown Chattanooga, and won't leave.

Chattanooga Dead Rat In Home. Rats Need Love Too.

Buffalo Wild Wings asked a group to move because a customer didn’t ‘want Black people sitting near him.’ The staff has been fired.

Black voter outreach intensifies in Louisiana governor race. They need Black votes but Blacks need money. No money no votes! 'Who Dat' got the money?

Former US Envoy Says She Was Warned She Was Being Targeted

CDC makes 'breakthrough' on vaping crisis, names vitamin E oil as potential culprit

Black History: War memorial to Black servicemen unveiled

Man stabbed to death after argument over Popeyes chicken sandwich. You know it was a Nigger!

Black Voices for Trump Kick-Off Live Stream: How To Watch President's Atlanta Re-Election Campaign Event

White Liberals and Jews Not Good For Blacks:Malcolm

'Oprah's' Seven Most Shocking Tales

Michael Bloomberg reportedly preparing for presidential run.  Can he get the Black vote?

Sessions enters a crowded field seeking the Republican nomination to face Democratic Senator Doug Jones in the November 2020 election in a Southern state considered reliably Republican.

Oprah Winfrey Schools T.I. on Women and Politics: ‘Hush Your Mouth!’ (Video)

Oprah Winfrey: From spendin' fool to billionaire everywoman

Proportion of Maryland Black prison population is
more than double the national average of 32%

Democrat Sanders vows to halt immigration raids, deportations if elected president. Sit your old ass down before your ticker is deported

Funding for Maryland’s historically Black colleges remains held up in Senate

These lawyers battle corporate America – and keep its secrets

Prince Andrew and Clinton need to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser – video

Journey to power: The history of Black Vote, 1976 to 2020 And Black Fools For Democrats

Cleveland’s homicide victims are skewing younger, and higher percentage are Black, statistics show

Democrats claim victory over Trump-backed Kentucky governor, seize Virginia legislature

How crooked judges added to the grim toll of opioids

Air Force Academy names airfield for Black military pioneer, Tuskegee Airmen commander. All this late shit means nothing late.

'It's okay to be white' signs placed on East Tennessee State University's campus

Valence launches a social network for Black professionals

Black team asked to move to appease racist patron

Is Harvard Leading On Black Applicants?

For many Black millennials, student debt is biggest hurdle in homeownership

Teacher put on leave for wearing blackface to imitate the Common on Halloween.

Chile's 'women in black' demand justice following protest deaths

Black Louisiana students show big reading and math gains: 'That is pretty amazing' if true!

Black kids go missing at a higher rate than white kids. Here's why we don't hear about them

Black Cultural Centers Continue to Bridge Gaps Across Generations

President Xi goes to Iowa? Trump floats farm state to seal trade deal. Keep that chink out because he might want to stay.

The bones of a former slave and Black leader were missing - until a historian asked in the right place

African-Americans Didn't Do Well Under Obama But He Did Well

Op-ed: To be one city, Indianapolis needs a Black agenda

Another activist Judge blocks Trump rule requiring prospective immigrants have health insurance

Beto O'Rourke drops out of 2020 race for president

Warren holds slim lead over Sanders in Iowa, Biden in fourth: poll

Anti-immigrant rhetoric may put health of U.S. Latinos at risk

No arrests after California Halloween shooting kills 5

How Black and Jewish Communities Are Trying to Recapture A Historic Relationship. Yeah, They Shit On US And We Take It

Downtown Hong Kong becomes battleground as night falls

Tear gas fired as Hong Kong protesters gather in downtown Hong Kong on Halloween night

These Black crazies need love too


Democrats have fallen behind Trump in digital campaigning, Obama aide warns

Democrats' decision to televise Trump impeachment hearings could prove politically perilous