You're unarmed, running for your life; the cop shoots you in the back because he's in fear of his life — it just doesn't make sense!!

Black News


The 'Federalist Papers' were a series of eighty-five essays urging the citizens of New York to ratify the new United States Constitution.


How Hillary Clinton lost: she got hacked by the Black vote


White man killed black teen, then said he removed ‘piece of trash’ from streets, police say

Police allege that 62-year-old William Pulliam killed 15-year-old James Means


Trump, Trump; The Magnanimous!


The real reason Black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton — and how to fix it


Black America and the Passing of Fidel Castro


The chances of Trump becoming president: Hollywood couldn't make this shit up!!


"Black News" effort to lower Black voter turnout in key states led to demise of Democratic Party — E. said it worked!


Chattanooga crash: Investigators search for answers


Obama and The Clintons head Kleptocrats in a scheme to rule America


Why should anybody listen to the stupid ass Nigger who lost BET?


The Democrats continued support of illegal immigration in America is like reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic — but where we gone sit? At the botton of the Atlantic.


In America's corrupt, political primary system, the parties select and the voters elect — the voters don't need corrupt middle men selecting their family and friends — so we need to select and elect!


America's political nomination process is worse that a Hobson's Choice: It's more like: 'heads I win, tails you lose — you sucker!


The Democratic Party is top heavy with too many old, stupid political hacks


Mexico Now Expected to Aid Migrants Abroad, Central America, and Border Control — What a Change in Behavior


Baltimore Teacher Caught on Video Using N-Word on Black Middle School Students


These sanctuary cities will take your driver's license for back child support, but will give these illegal aliens free driver's license and they don't have to pay child support — that ain't right!


Hey dog; get your Viagra and Cialis out because these white, women Trump haters are hot enough to fuck


The American voters to the corrupt establishment: Do you hear me Now!


Two Cholesterol Drugs May Work Better Together Than Apart


You just got robbed leaving a crack house, got shot by a crazy neighbor after you got bit by his dog, you fought with your brother over money, even your house got hit in a drive-by shooting, and now you're afraid of Trump — a man you don't even know — give me a break!


Warning: Pokemon GO is a Death Sentence if you are a Black Man.


Black motorists in Md. are pulled over, searched at higher rates


If you're an American and can't accept the will of the people, leave the country or deal with it.


How Trump Replaced America's Globalist Consensus With A Nationalist Sensibility


Black Deaths Matter


The rise of the Great Donald Trump


2 arrested in Oregon shooting during anti-Trump protests as election tensions grow


Hear Common, Gucci Mane, Pusha T Unite on 'Black America Again' Remix


Donald Trump's immigration plans: start by deporting 3m 'criminals'


FBI speeds up its investigation into possible Clinton-related emails after criticism


Clinton: I don't know what to call these Niggers!


Their support for illegal immigration is the issue that has destroyed the Democrats, but they just don't get it!


Quit facking this shit; ain't nobody doing nothing to you crazy ass Niggers


15 Ways to Leave the Country if Donald Trump Gets Elected


Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter


Trump Did Better With Blacks, Hispanics Than Romney in '12: Exit Polls


Notes from an angry Black voter


Black Voter Turnout So Far Is Not Good For Hillary Clinton


Obama & Clinton say they gone win this election the 'Old Fashioned' way: We gone steal it!


Police encounters resulting in Black deaths span US


Obama on "Joyner Morning Show," begging for the Black vote; It won't work because you're preaching to the choir — you got them stupid Niggers anyway!


Building “Political Power” for Black Americans Where Voter Suppression Is Highest


Black turnout could be issue for Democrats because Black voters are mad as Hell, and we ain't gonna take it any more!


Black Leader Endorses Donald Trump: Democrats ‘Ask Us For Everything, Give Nothing Back’


What happens when the bottom fall out? Then, you go and find a job!


Trump Did Better With Blacks, Hispanics Than Romney in '12


Amnesty for Illegals Would Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $3,600,000,000,000 Over 75 Years


In The Black Lives Matter Era, An Effort To Elect More Diverse Prosecutors


Man, we're sorry you got your ass kicked and bit by a dog, but all you Niggers look alike


My Favorite Things - John Coltrane - Catch the Train.


Net worth of white households in D.C. region is 81 times that of black households, yet Blacks have progressed under Obama — Right!


Here's Why Black Millennials Are Corporate America's Future


Hillary got more scandals than the Black Caucus got flies


Utah, Arizona and Black Turnout — All in Question


Millennials and the Obama Legacy


The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks, sources say


Nigger, we ain't gone kiss your ass and vote for that bitch too!


Chattanooga Mayoral Candidate Grohn Says Violence Spreading, Berke Crime Plan Has Failed


The Balfour Declaration 99 years ago marked the beginning of the end for world peace!


Obama admits Black turnout for Clinton is lagging because they ain't done shit for US!


How To Win The Presidency With 23 Percent Of The Popular Vote


It's Black And White: The Social Justice Case For Legalizing Marijuana


Why Is Black Voter Turnout Lagging in North Carolina? Because some Black got sense

Clinton’s Coalition: Hispanic Support Appears To Be Up, Black Turnout Down: That's a good thing!


Clinton could lose Florida after new FBI email investigation announced


D​on’t get distracted, don’t get diverted': Y'all need to get these Niggers to the polls


Trump's call for policing urban polls stirs defiant reaction among Black voters

Another white cop cleared for murdering an unarmed Black man. When will it end?

You're unarmed, running for your life; the cop shoots you in the back because he's in fear of his life — what

Michael T. Slager you murdered Walter Scott — You fucking coward — if you're that damn scared of Blacks, you shouldn't have put the fucking badge on in the first place...

The Trump-Effect: Trump team reaches deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in US

‘And I voted for Trump! So there!’: Woman accuses Black Michaels employees of discrimination

The voters who said they would never vote for Trump; voted for Trump on the Down-low!

Clinton Concedes: Donald Trump Becomes 45th U.S. President; Is that right?

Those Who Vowed To Leave US If Trump Won; get gone

Stephen Colbert couldn’t hold it together on live TV because of Trump win

Hey Jill; you got the money; you got your 15-minutes of fame; now take your crazy ass back to that crazy house you broke out!

Did 'Ambulance Chasers' in Chattanooga filed suit before the first child is buried?

NYPD Stops Arresting People for Minor Crimes: That's right — Leave Your Citizens Alone, You Dipshits assholes!

5 students killed in Chattanooga school bus crash

This Nigger was a bus crash waiting to happen

There Were Warning Signs About The School Bus Driver Who Caused Wreck That Killed 5 Children, Left 6 Critical

The mother of three children who were in the wreck in Brainerd, including one who died, said her children told her that just before the wreck, Walker asked the children if they were "ready to die," according to KTLA TV.

Is there a curse on Chattanooga because of this stupid Nigger shit?

Uncle Moses: You sucked your way to the top, now, your sins will find you out

The Saddest Of Scenes In Chattanooga's History

Corrupt Black political leadership behind Woodmore bus tragedy

Above are two of the most rotten politicians (Gregory Beck and Warren Mackey) in the history of the world. These Niggers have been in office for decades, and have left the Black community in ruins. Ergo, they give the people nothing and the people love them for it. So, for the stupid people in Chattanooga who are going through this misery: You get what you deserve and what you vote for.

Danny Davis: U.S. Representative’s Teen Grandson, 15, Shot To Death Over Gym Shoes

To Rep. Danny Davis 'chickens always come home to roost'

The crime and violence you have allowed in Chicago's south side have come home to you!

What happened to the Democratic Party? They got slayed by 'Black News': The giant killer! We hunt witches too!

Problem with Democrats is they can't remove the albatross of illegal immigration from around their necks

When you do the samething over and over again , but you keep losing elections — yet, you keep doing it — that's the mark of a fool and you're crazy!

It doesn't have to be death sentence everytime a Black man is stopped by the cops

You crazy ass Niggers; all y'all look alike Running from behind

Sending cops to prison for killing black people isn’t ‘justice’

They should have charged this murderer 'Jeronimo Yanez' long ago

The coward cop, Jeronimo Yanez shot the 32-year-old during a July 6 traffic stop in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights — You let that man die and you're going down

The election is over, so deal with a new era in US

This Webcast is special to 'Black News'

In Loving Memorial from Black News: Gwen Ifill dead at 61: She was one of the good ones!

Anti-Trump protesters are only privileged 'white women' who are used to getting their ways

Above are members of Hillary Clinton's witch corp.

Trump transition team begins minority outreach with "new deal for Black America"

Unlike Obama, Trump is a 'True Proven' Nationalist and Patriot

Should Hillary go to jail? Revenge is a dish best served cold!

The real reason Blacks didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton — and how to fix it

Free At Last, Free At Last; Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last

It's a wrap: Trump Stuns the World in a World turned up-side-down

Hillary Clinton failed to win over Black, Hispanic and female voters - the charts that show why she lost the presidential election

Both Clinton and Trump fail to impress Black voters

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most dishonest, self-serving, lying, cheating, corrupt, political hack of all times, and these are her good qualities!

This Webcast is special to'Black News'

This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List

Niggers who sell their votes for a J-Z concert ticket needs their votes suppressed

Black early voting down in North Carolina. Why is that?

Keep it real Dog: Blacks don't love Obama and we hate Clinton

'Black News' Final appeal for Blacks to support and vote for Trump

Pastors tell Black women to be passive and wait for love. I don’t believe in that.

The Clinton E-mails Are Critical to the Clinton Foundation Investigation

US elections bring out the 'Good, Bad And the Ugly' In US as Americans

Police Killings of Blacks: Is There Light at the End of This Tunnel? Yeah, But the Light Maybe Attached to a Train!

The Founders of Black Lives Matter: "We Gave Tongue To Something That We All Knew Was Happening"

From left: Patrisse Cullors Alicia Garz and Opal Tometi

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