'How can Wilson, who is 5’9, shoot Brown who is 6’4 in the top of his head if Brown wasn’t on his knees?



Is it ever right to shout fire in a crowded theater?


Walmart workers versus capitalism: the rise of 'Black November'


'Black News' thinks Ben Carson would be a better president for Blacks than Obama — for one thing — he's one of US!


He’s got presidential  potential; he might could be one!

Dyson and racist Giuliani Argue Over Violence in Black Communities


Democrats support for amnesty for illegal aliens will doom the party because voters think you're giving the country away


One man’s protests push police to the limit


These Niggers killing each other so quickly, we don't time to post all this shit!


O How The Mighty Have Fallen


The 5 Dumbest Lies in Obama’s Amnesty Speech


The Shocking Story of Approved Killing in Mississippi


A Better Solution to America’s Immigration Problem

End birthright citizenship.


The Impeachment of Obama on Immigration May Be Legal — But It’s Wrong


The Great Immigration Betrayal


Who needs these broke and hungry illegal aliens in the first place, while the Hispanics and Democrats pump up their numbers


Can Ferguson's Black leaders gain power next April?


Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity'


All 12 Black Republicans who ran for office in Alabama this election cycle lost


32% Think Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Obamacare


What the hell; half of you dumb ass Niggers can't speak Ebonic correctly


Possible Voter Fraud Lights Up Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's District



'Selfish' for America to Deny Illegals Amnesty, Work Permits —is that right when Black unemployment is 20%


Stupid ass bitch, you're on your way to jail!


If you believe this fool, we got some oceanfront property for sell in Tennessee — because if you dumb Niggers in Ohio elected this fool to office, you will buy anything!


Like gutting a cat fish, Obama has fried the Democratic party


All the women Bill Cosby raped can agree on one thing: is that when he rape you it hurts because he got an elephant dick and it's really big!



No justice, no peace — Israel is on the wrong side of history


To All You Dumb Ass Niggers With Money: The Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility Makes Us All Equal



Joshua Chamberlain's Defense of Little Round Top

He said 'fix bayonets' and outflanked the 15th and 47th Alabama and put them crackers on the run


US to offer refugee status to some undocumented child migrants


That rotten ass Bill Cosby is a piece of shit, y'all — he ain't the only one — Obama is the same thing. When they want to impress the white man, they go and jump on the Black man

Your sins will find you out — you low-down dirty ass Nigger


SHOCK VIDEO: Darren Wilson Violates 1st Amendment “I’ll Lock Your Ass Up”- Arrests Man for Filming


Darren Wilson; what a rotten, dirty liar


Immigration reform: Decisions carry cost and responsibility — whose gonna pay!


Ask Another Sister: Lauren Taylor


The Influenza Pandemic of 1918; could it happen again?



Where was the church when Michael Brown got his head blown off? The church is just full of bullshit!


America's dad is a serial rapist, and a gatekeeper for Black men


What It's Like to Be Black or Female in Silicon Valley


How Ferguson, Missouri, became a global conversation


Hillary Clinton's machiavellian approach to voters shows she's not fit to be president


The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul


If Obama can give amnesty to illegal aliens, he should pardon none violent drug offenders in the federal prisons — he got the power to do that without Congress


Wingnut Ben Stein rants about “beaten-down, pathetic, self-defeating black underclass”


This stinking Jew gives Zionism a bad name


Do we have to go with vigilante justice to stop these crazy ass Niggers?

Yes, and now!


Democrats didn't only get a shellacking; they got the shit beat out of them


Report: Valerie Jarrett Keeps White House 'Enemies List'



All these half-white Niggers you never knew were Black


The New South -- Black and Conservative


Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver Hits And Kills 3-Year-Old Waiting For Ice Cream


Gay marriages on hold in Kansas after order by Justice Sonia Sotomayor


Bill Cosby gets rid of website meme generator after horrible results because he's a rapist


NAACP fails to mention victory by Republicans Mia Love, Tim Scott in statemen


Yeah, the immigration system is broken, but who in the fuck broke it? These illegal aliens — if you give them amnesty, expect another 10 million to come.


After the Republicans' historic sweep of Congress, Obama and Democrats still playing the fool


Rauner tells African-American, Hispanic voters he's for all Illinois


Mayor Takes Photo With Black Volunteer, Local News And Police Somehow See A 'Gang Sign'

Show you right, girl


Democrats blame voters for election loses: blame Obama for supporting wrong agenda


Loretta Lynch To Be Nominated As Next U.S. Attorney General



What's in a name? Every thing; coon, Nigger, boy; it does not matter for an exslave in America.


Appeals court upholds bans on same-sex marriage for first time


Obama’s illegals bring disease to America’s children


With Your Wings, about a black pilot returning from the second world war, was written for an Orson Welles radio broadcast in 1944 but then disappeared


Liberals explode with racial hate after Tim Scott wins Senate race in S.C.


ISIS: a Frankenstein monster created by the US and Israel



They got the stupid ass for abducting that girl in Philly


In Defense of Black Voters


‘Dear White People’ or ‘Dear Bougie Black People’?


These are the people who believe a Republican Congress will impeach President Obama


Chris Wallace Predicts ‘Calls For Impeachment’ Over Obama Executive Amnesty


Email Shows White House DID Give The ‘Go-Ahead’ To Force Shirley Sherrod To Resign



My college degree is worthless


Fox News host makes shockingly racist comment live on the air


A racist dog "Tucker Carlson" by any name is still a racist dog


Gutierrez wasting no time in push for WH action on immigration to get Obama Impeached

Diversity doesn't mean hiring a bunch of Niggers who think like whites


Diversity of opinion has a higher calling than diversity of ethnicity


You can always count on whites to do the right thing for Blacks — after they've tried everything else.

Marissa Alexander, flanked by attorneys — these crackers scared that po child to death — bitch i'll give you 60-years for spitting on the street!


Iran's Supreme Leader Says Ferguson Shows What's Wrong With America


How can Wilson, who is 5’9, shoot Brown who is 6’4 in the top of his head if Brown wasn’t on his knees?


Now, you Niggers go home, y'all

Why police are rarely indicted for misconduct


Bassem Masri the great freedom fighter speaks out for victims of violence

The man who should be King — all due respect, but Michael Brown's father sound like he's retarded


The only thing worse than a man pretending to be a woman is a woman who looks like a man



A runaway grand jury too cowardly to take a stand

The deliberation should only five minutes; Michael Brown shot in the head lying in the street dead — white officer Wilson holding smoking gun — the verdict is simple, guilty!


Malcolm X - The House Negro and the Field Negro

Is Uncle Tom Joyner a house Negro?

On the Tom Joyner Show; they let this dumb stupid nut (Marcia Fudge) convince Blacks that our community will benefit from illegal immigration


Now listen to what this fool is saying and ask yourself — how is what she's saying will help the Black community?


Akai Gurley, 28, Murdered by New York cop walking while Black

A Black man's life in America ain't worth a rat's turd


Obama's amnesty gives no consideration to Blacks

This rapid response webcast is special to 'Black News'


Bill Cosby and the rape accusers: stop looking away and start believing women

Say it ain't so, uncle Bill


ICE is now releasing more illegal aliens than it is arresting

The president has gone rouge


Obama's immigration plan throws Black unemployed under a moving train

Some stupid Blacks think Obama is more important than the Black community


As Sharpton Rose, So Did His Unpaid Taxes

If there were a debtor's prison, the fool would have a life sentence

He's always hustling backwards — again, would you buy a used car from this man — would you take the chance?


Missouri governor declares martial law, suspends habeas corpus and orders guard to shoot Niggers on sight

He got them background Niggers working overtime


Beyond Ferguson: Ending Racial Profiling In America: Nigger can you stand a search?


Clyburn on Immigration: "Lincoln Used The Executive Order To Do The Emancipation Proclamation

You dumb ass Niggers in South Carolina let this bubblehead fool compare emancipation to illegal immigration


One in 30 US children are homeless as rates rise in 31 states, report finds

Yet, Obama wants to legalize illegal aliens which will make matters worse


Whatever you do, don't give these broke hustling women money — because they won't do anything to help the Black community

They just another bunch of crooks trying to let the NFL off the hook


Obama's amnesty a betrayal to Black voters

This webcast is special to 'Black News': Got milk!


Only a fool would give illegal aliens driver's license when they can't speak English

Something is wrong with that picture


America's racism and hatred towards Black men force them into a life of crime


FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance

This the way they do black men


Mahalia Jackson, and King’s Improvisation “Tell them about the dream, Martin!”

Mahalia Jackson didn't take no shit


How can a pervert like Bill O'Reilly talk about the Black community when he paid $10 million for some pussy he didn't get


Bill O’Reilly and his former employee Andrea Mackris: this sucker is a bigger trick than Al Sharpton— suck a dick you trick!

This trick drove up the price of pussy for all tricks, and now he wants to analyze the Black community — get a life, you faggot trick!


Michael Brown's parents to testify before UN about Ferguson police violence


Just like Saint Malcolm said; bring these devils to the attention of the world


Last Week's Defeat At The Polls Showed A Chink In The Armor Of Black Democrats

This webcast is special to 'Black News'


One Very Important Thing Is Missing From the New Cosby Biography: A Timeline of the Abuse Charges


Take personal responsibility for your funked up behavior, you stinking rapist


Blacks should be looking for an alternative party; Our own Black party


Still at loggerheads over amnesty for illegal aliens

We will exchange milk for disease — got Milk?


Congressman warns of 'civil war' among Democrats unless Obama acts on immigration

Let the civil war begin you stupid rat


Toddler caught up in Israeli crackdown

These Zionist Devils are worse than ISIS


Obama's give away policies leaves Democrats dead in the water


He's the biggest loser for taking the Black for granted


Thousands Break Ebola Quarantine to Find Food



Michelle Obama to blacks: Vote, then eat fried chicken. Is that racist?


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