The Excommunication of Clarence Thomas: The Supreme Tom!

Editors’ Notes:

There comes a time when to protect the dignity of a race some members of that race must be kicked-out for crimes against that race. No more mister nice guy for “Black News” because there are millions of Black Americans in our race who have sold their souls to this racist country — after all America has done to US as a race — just to get ahead in life and keep their jobs in this racist society. All these Niggers should be Excommunicated from our great race and culture, and as a result, we at “Black News” will started with Clarence “The Supreme Tom” Thomas, and continue each month excommunicating Uncle Tom Blacks in this country.

The following malediction will be delivered by the honorable:

Sinclere Lee

The writers, editors, webmasters and publishers of hereby make known and affirm the Excommunication of Clarence Thomas because we are already assured of his evil opinions and deeds against his own people. We all have tried in a sundry of ways and by various promises and pleas to turn him from his evil ways. But, we have not even been able to talk to him to bring him around to a better way of thinking. On the contrary, to this very day many have seen his horrible heresies in the United States Supreme Court in trying to turn back the clock of progress for Black Americans in this country. His heresies have been entertained by many who have come before the high court and also certified by the high court itself in Thomas’ own opinions and writings that he has turned against his own race.

The heresies and the insolence with which these heresies are promulgated and spread in this country and abroad have been witnessed to by many persons of good standing who were in the company of said Clarence Thomas, and as a result, he stands convicted of said heresies. After a complete and fair review of these abovementioned heresies, the chiefs of “Black News” hereby anathematize the said Clarence Thomas, and to cut him off from Black America, and from this present hour place him in Anathema with the following malediction:

With the judgment of the Civil Rights Martyrs and the sentence in the name of Saint Malcolm X, we anathematize, execrate, curse and cast out of the Black race in America Clarence Thomas by the whole of the readership of “Black News,” and the truth found inside the sacred Web-pages of the site by the faithful readers who will surely agree that the following malediction be written in the pages of

So, let Clarence Thomas be accused by day and cursed by night; let him be accused in his lying down, and let him be cursed in his rising up; accused going out and cursed coming in. May the Gods never pardon or make knowledge of him or his kind; may the wrath and displeasure of the Gods burn forever against this man, and load him with all the curse of “Black News.” May the Gods blot out his name from under the sky, so Black Americans can never see or hear from him again.

This is what will happen to any Black American who sells out his race and culture for selfish gains in this evil land, and may all who are obedient to the truth be saved by this day and said Excommunication. Hereby then, we implore that all Black Americans to admonish him and that none hole a conversation with Clarence Thomas by word of mouth, none hole communication with him by writing, phone or e-mail; that no Black American do any service for him, that no one abide under the same roof with him, that no one approach within four yards of him, and no one read any documents dictated by him or written by his hands. Clarence Thomas has betrayed his race and culture like none other before him, and we Excommunicate him from the whole of the Black race in America for now and for evermore! May the Gods bless our great Race forever.

Black news

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