To Whom It May Concern:

I read with interest your article referring to allegations, from anonymous sources, that Judge O. Michael Carter uses racial epithets from the bench or while off the bench.

I have appeared weekly, in Judge Carter's court, since his initial appointment and subsequent election to the Hamilton County, Tennessee General Sessions Court. I have known Judge Carter since he was in private practice. I have also been in litigious situations with him in which I opposed his position. I sat on several political action group (A Multi-Racial Law Enforcement Action group) candidate endorsement committees in which it was decided the group would endorse Judge Carter after hearing from him personally regarding his political positions.

With that being said, I find that your article is baseless, blatantly false, inflammatory and so far removed from the truth it should not even qualify for the lowest of yellow journalism..

Of all the Judges I have ever been before, Judge Carter is the fairest and most compassionate. All who appear before him, or come in contact with him, are treated as equals in both his eyes and in the eyes of his Court. Maybe that is your problem with him is.

I would hope that if Judge Carter is aware of the libelous nature of your article, he takes civil action against you, your reporter and his obviously lying sources for that article.

Your sources have taken the cowardly route and refused to be named. He or she, if the truth was in them, should be willing to stand up and back up their words. Evidently they refuse to say what they mean and mean what they say demonstrating to me they have no confidence in what they have alleged. Since they obviously are not telling the truth, they are hiding behind the veil of confidentiality.

Unlike your sources, I am attaching my name to my accusation that your paper is obviously racist, incredible and a publisher of false information.

I regularly read your publication and have found that this type of malicious and racist journalism is the rule rather than the exception.

You are therefore a disservice to those you purport to serve and inform and an affront to real journalism everywhere.

I would urge that you get your facts straight and when you don't, as in this case, publish a retraction and an apology.... not only to those you have maliciously libelled and to all of your readers for lying to them.


Mark Kimsey
1713 Longview Street
Hixson, TN 37343

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