Atlanta courthouse killings suspect has disgraced Blacks, but the “criminal justice system” is not without blame

By Sinclere Lee

ATLANTA, Georgia (BNW) — Brian Nichols crime spree that took the lives of four law enforcement officials has the nation in shock and in dismay. Most Americans I know, particularly Blacks, loathe his actions, behavior and inhumanity.

However, we must never forget that while it’s easy to blame Nichols, the man who committed these dirty deeds, we must never forget that our criminal justice system in this country is one of the most racist, corrupt, evil, unjust, unfair, hypocritical, disrespectful and rigged systems known to mankind.

What appears to have started out as some kind of boyfriend, girlfriend mess, ended up with the death of four innocent people and maybe the death penalty for Nichols. Consider this; the woman who accused Nichols of rapping her was his girlfriend for over six-years, so sex with Nichols was not a new situation with her.

So, they break-up, and she finds another man. He acts like a sucker who can't hold his woman and snaps over a bitch, because she finds her another man. Nichols can't take; who knows what this sucker had given her in the six-years they were together in the way of gifts, money and his time.

As a result of being kicked to the curb by his woman of six-years, this fool can't accept the fact that she didn't want him anymore, and he is accused of going-off and rapping her for three days, but Nichols insists it was consensual sex with a former girlfriend. Whatever the case, does his actions with a former girlfriend of six-years rise to the level of life in prison for a stupid mistake over his girlfriend? Life in prison, is what he was facing with the second trial, if convicted. I don't think so!

It was also reported to the press that he never had a criminal record or been in trouble, which should tell something about his character. His family said that he's a good boy! Someone once said that good people can do very, very bad things.

At the time of the killings, Nichols was being retried on rape, false imprisonment and other charges brought against him by his former girlfriend. After his first trial last week ended in a hung jury with 8-4 voting for his accquital, the prosecutors insisted on retrying him a week later, taking him to the brink over what some may consider as what started out as a lovers quarrel. Since the first jury voted 8-4 to set Nichols free of the charges, the prosecutor should have reconsidered his decisions to retry him in the first place; he put Nichols in a no win situation and he snapped.

Fortunately, Nichols was caught a day after he went off in the fatal shootings of four people, and he will face both federal and state charges, officials said Saturday afternoon, hours after he was captured in an Atlanta suburb.

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said his office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had filed a federal criminal complaint against Nichols, charging him with possession of a firearm by a person under indictment.

"This is essentially a holding charge that will ensure Mr. Nichols' detention while we sort out additional federal and state charges to be brought against him and where he should be held," Nahmias said.

Nichols, 33, was captured after an extensive manhunt just before noon Saturday at an apartment in Duluth, and gave up "without a struggle," said Maj. Skip Platt of the Fulton County Sheriff's Department.

"He literally waved a white flag, or a T-shirt, and came out and surrendered to our folks," Gwinnett County police Chief Charles Walters said. "He saw the police presence and thought it was obviously in his best interest."

Nichols was fingerprinted and booked at an FBI field office before he was taken to a detention facility in midtown Atlanta. He was transferred late Saturday afternoon to a federal building in downtown Atlanta just blocks from where Friday's courthouse shootings occurred.

Sources told the press that Nichols would be held in maximum security at the federal penitentiary in Atlanta.

Other law enforcement sources said Saturday night that a state search warrant was being executed at the apartment where Nichols surrendered, with local, state and federal agents involved in the search. A drug-sniffing dog was accompanying the team, the sources added.

Police believe Nichols fatally shot Fulton County Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes, court reporter Julie Ann Brandau and sheriff's deputy Sgt. Hoyt Teasley after he overpowered deputy Cynthia Ann Hall and stole her pistol while Hall was taking him from a detention area into Barnes' courtroom.

I don't know what was going on in Nichols' mind when he started this murdering spree, but I do know that in some of these courthouses and county jails in the South, Black men are treated less that human and continually are over-charged with crimes by racists cops and disrespected by these racist southern district attorneys and judges.

While nothing or no treatment of Black men in this country by the criminal justice system should drive them to extreme violence and senseless murder like what Nichols did, some of these good-old-boy, white southern judges are so racist and corrupt that there should be a federal investigation by the Justice Department into their treatment of Black men who are forced to go before these racists judges in the South because it apears they are apart of the problem too.

Case in point; there is a Sessions Court judge in Chattanooga, Judge O. Michael Carter - Division III, who has been accused by many Blacks of using the word Nigger from his bench in Chattanooga. Judge Carter has a saying that “I hope I don't have a bad Nigger day.” Which means that if he has trouble or problems with one Black defendant that comes before him, he will take it out on every other Black defendant who comes before him. That's what Carter calls a "Bad Nigger Day."

“It is obvious that Judge Carter is a low-life racist judge who hates Blacks people in Chattanooga because all Blacks who go before him are afraid of him mistreating them, he got that reputation in the Black community,” a Hamilton County inmate was quoted as saying, on the conditions of anonymity and fear of retaliation from Carter. “Carter always makes it hard on Blacks and let whites just walk free, everybody knows that.”

While Judge Carter is just one extreme case of racism on the bench in Tennessee, there are many judges around the country who are fair and can judge Blacks without racism or bias playing apart in their decisions on the bench. Yet, there are judges in the old South like Carter who don’t have the temperament to even deal with Black people.

How can somebody like Judge Carter have control over others, particularly Blacks, when he doesn’t have control over himself? In fact, judge Carter seems to be a racist sociopath who is psychologically unfit to ware the Black rob.

After his murderous rampage in the courthouse in Atlanta, Nichols is also a suspect in the shooting death Saturday of David Wilhelm, assistant special agent in charge for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI said.

Wilhelm's truck was found at the site of Nichols' surrender, the Bridgewater Apartments in Duluth. Authorities also recovered Wilhelm's badge and a gun thought to be his, and were checking its serial number, an ICE spokesman said.

Police said Nichols, 33, had approached a woman he did not know as she returned to her apartment early Saturday and forced his way in.

"He told her, 'If you do what I say, I won't kill you,' " said Vernon Keenan, director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The woman established a relationship with Nichols "to survive," he said.

Nichols apparently released the woman at some point and asked her to follow him in her car so he could dispose of the pickup truck, law enforcement sources told the press. She did so, and drove him back to the apartment.

She called 911 about 9:50 a.m. to report that he was there.

After the woman called authorities, a SWAT team was dispatched, Keenan said, and Nichols surrendered quietly after seeing police.

Suspect escaped on mass transit

For most of the day of the courthouse shootings, authorities in Georgia and surrounding states searched for a 1997 green Honda Accord that police say Nichols stole from an Atlanta newspaper reporter in a downtown parking garage.

The car was found late Friday night in the same garage, a few levels below where police say Nichols took it after hitting the reporter over the head with a pistol.

Security camera images taken Friday morning inside a stairwell in the parking deck showed a shirtless Nichols putting on a jacket, allegedly taken from the reporter, as he went to a lower level and disappeared.

Security camera images so far have not yielded clues as to how Nichols left the parking garage.

The deck is about a five-minute walk from two subway stations.

Atlanta police Chief Richard Pennington said Nichols took a train north and that about 10:40 p.m., he tried to mug two tourists near a subway station in northern Atlanta's popular Buckhead neighborhood.

Nichols struck one of the tourists in the face and fled, Pennington said.

Police said Nichols went to Wilhelm's home, not far south of the train station, and fatally shot the federal agent.

Wilhelm was working alone on his home, which was under construction, at the time of his slaying, said Kenneth Smith, special agent in charge of the ICE office.

Authorities said they were still interviewing Nichols and they had not determined whether Nichols knew Wilhelm was an ICE agent.

Nichols could be charged with a federal crime only if authorities believe he knew Wilhelm was a federal agent before Wilhelm was killed, law enforcement sources said.

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