America’s atrocity against Blacks worst in history

By Sinclere Lee

As we celebrate Black History month and the contributions Blacks have made toward the greatness of America, we must never forget that out of all the atrocities and man’s inhumanity against man that has been carried out on the planet called Earth, when you search the annals of history, nothing comes close to the holocaust of American slavery. For example, American slavery of Blacks for over two hundred years makes the Nazi holocaust against the Jews look like a Sunday picnic.

As a noted historian who has researched all the great atrocities on Earth; from antiquity to those of modernity, I challenge anybody to question my postulate! I will even put my credentials on the line on this issue.

The untold suffering of tens of millions of souls who were victims of this "Peculiar Institution" — their horror stories will never be told. Alas we must all agree, that the great crime of this atrocity is that it was carried-out for such a long time with over 50 million victims; for over two hundred years. My God, it's hard to imagine the suffering of the American slaves.

What made American slavery this "Peculiar Institution" so evil was that unlike slaveries of antiquity when slavery was the result of some crime the slave had done and was forced to pay for their crime through some kind of servitude, but the American slaves were kidnapped from their homes; innocent people made slaves for no reason by people they didn't even know.

Before American slavery, slavery of antiquity was never a life-time situation. The slaves always had a way to get legitimate freedom, either by working off their debt, or by buying their freedom with money or doing good deeds, or perhaps some merciful slave holder would just free the slaves after his death. But, with this "Peculiar Institution" of slavery in America, slavery was a life-time situation. You were born a slave and you died a slave, end of discussion.

Not only was it slavery of an innocent race people because of their race, it was genocide; it was homicide; it was infanticide and suicide; it was rape and sexual terrorism every hour of the day; it was racial brutality and unjust murders to no end — whatever evil act that could be conceived by the human mind was done to Black people through the system of American slavery, and the American government made it all possible! Our government allowed the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever known to happened to Blacks! And, our own US government won't even apologize for its wicked act!

Even President Bush says America must never forget the suffering of those who came to the nation's shores as slaves, or the bravery of those who fought for full equality.

At a ceremony attended by prominent African-Americans in politics, science, business and the arts, the president said all American children need to be taught about the indignity of slavery, and the courage and dignity shown by the leaders of the civil rights movement.

"And we all need to learn more about the men and women whose determination and persistent eloquence forced Americans of all races to examine our hearts, revise our Constitution and laws and make America into the nation it was always supposed to be," Mr. Bush said.

But the president acknowledged much remains to be done to ensure equal opportunity for all. He drew loud sustained applause when he repeated a brief passage from his inaugural address: we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time.

"We have made progress and our work is not yet done," he said. "But we can proceed with faith in our country and confidence in our cause."

Mr. Bush also used the occasion to reaffirm his support for efforts to build a national museum of African-American history in Washington. A private fundraising drive has just begun, and the president said he will make one of the first contributions.

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