Bitches with Badges

Bitches with badges is a tale of the homosexual escapades going on at the Southside Station of the Chattanooga Police Department. The main characters in this lurid tale are officer J. Fletcher, badge 727, officer Michael Keef, officer Moody and Chief Freeman Cooper. This will be a weekly series for the viewers of “Black News.” This series will last 52-weeks and will culminate in a novel, called “Bitches With Badges!” More characters will be added to this melodrama, when needed.

By The Great, Sinclere Lee

Officer J. Fletcher, badge 727 is locked in a bitter dispute with his new girlfriend, Helen. She is complaining about his inability to satisfy her sexual needs. Fletcher was left impotent from an automobile accident and has problems keeping a girlfriend.

“You need to get some help! … You need to get some Viagra or something,” Helen cried! “I can’t take it anymore!”

She spoke in a strong condescending voice.

“All you want is sex,” Fletcher said, in a soft meek voice.

There has been a strain in their relationship since she found out he was impotent and could not satisfy her.

“I don’t only want sex. … I need a real man! A man who can satisfy me in the bed”
“You are not a real man. You can’t get it up, and if you could, your dick is too little to do anything anyway, “ Helen said.

“Sex ain’t everything. Having a man who is good to you should count for something,” he said.

“Sex may not mean anything to you because you can’t get it up. … But it means everything to a young woman like!”

“I am not going to sit here and take this from you! I work too hard to provide for you to hear this shit from you! My shift is about to start and Mike is on his way to pick me up”
“I’ll talk to you later when I get off.”

Officer Fletcher stormed out the apartment when he heard the car horn of officer Michael Keef. Officer Keef has been on the Chattanooga police force for about five years. A native of Jackson Mississippi, he is a known KKK member with a racist attitude towards Blacks in Chattanooga. He has been implicated in several murders of Black men in the Alton Park area of Chattanooga, but the police chief, Freeman Cooper, has always protected him. This is a strange alliance; a racist redneck cop and a Black police chief.

It has been rumored for years that officer Keef and Chief Cooper had a special relationship on the lurid side but no one could ever prove their hanky-panky.

“What up Fletcher?”

“Nothing man. … This bitch is getting on my nerves!”

“You still having problems with that young girl?” Keef asked, as he sped off in the patrol car.

They had only been partners for only two months, and they were getting along while patrolling Alton Park. They were rouge cops of an evil sort. They were robbing drug dealer! Taking money from streetwalkers and had the community in terror.

“We got a lot to do today,” Keef said.

“What’s on the agenda?” Fletcher asked.

“A lot. … We need to go over to Big Red’s house and pick-up some money for the boss, and we need to burst in on that drug house on Dorris Street; they got their shipment in last night, and it should be a nice lick. Them Niggers may have 10 grand or more.

“Do you think it’s cool to keep on robbing drug dealers?” Fletcher asked. “What if we get caught? I heard that the Feds were in town looking into police brutality. And, if they are, they have to be-on-to us.”

“Man, don’t worry ‘bout that. The Feds can’t do nothing to us. … The boss got that covered anyway,” Keef said. “Anyway, we’re doing the city a favor, keeping our foot in them Niggers ass in Alton Park.”

“Well, I guess you’re right”
“I hate them Niggers out there!” Fletcher said. “I hate them Niggers out there!”

As the patrol car pulled into the lot of the Southside station, Keef and Fletcher could see several cops milling around outside of the station house. Half the officers at the station are members of the KKK. As a result, the Big Blue Code was in full force at the Southside police station in Chattanooga.

Come back next week’s for the second installment of “Bitches With Badges," when officer Fletcher and officer Keef find out that each other is gay, and that they got the hots for each other.

(First Published 1/16/2009)
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