Crooked-ass King children fighting over father’s estate

By Noble Johns

ATLANTA, Georgia (BNW) —
We all knew it would happen one day; the last survivals of Martin Luther King would be fighting over his estate. Far too long, they believed that they had exclusive control over the Civil Rights movement that their father was a part of a bigger ideal. A few years back, that Dexter King tired to sue anybody who mentioned his fathers name in writings and conversations about the movement. How greedy can you get? Now he and them other two niggers are fighting over money.

Hear me clear… the King family does not have exclusive control over the Civil Rights movement. In fact, the children are over rated… that’s like me saying I have control over the moon. Many Black died for the rights we have today… rights that should have been ours all along. So, when you stupid niggers agree with white people that we have come a long ways since the 60s, you are about as stupid as the Kings. We as a people haven’t come anywhere, because this racist country shouldn’t have been mistreating US in the first damn place.

In other words, there is nothing to fight over but the mistreatment of an innocent people who did nothing to deserve 400-years of suffering in racist America! Now, two children of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. are suing their brother, saying he took money from the civil rights icon's estate "for his own benefit."

The suit also alleges that Dexter, the youngest boy, wrongfully took money from the estate of his mother, Coretta Scott King. He’s probably on crack and has used the money for his crack habit.

The suit, filed by Bernice King and Martin Luther King III, names Dexter King and their father's estate as defendants.

Dexter King controls the estate "and makes all decisions concerning it," said the suit, which was filed Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court.

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III are shareholders in the estate, a Georgia corporation, the suit said.

The suit said that Dexter King "has wrongfully appropriated assets" from their father's estate.

The suit also alleges that last month, the defendants "converted substantial funds" from Coretta Scott King's estate "for their own use."

Bernice King, administrator of her mother's estate, "is entitled to immediate possession" of those transferred funds, the suit said.

Representatives for Dexter King did not immediately respond to calls from CNN on Friday.

Two of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King's children have filed a lawsuit against their brother, seeking to open the books of the family patriarch's estate.

Bernice King, administrator of the estate of Coretta Scott, and Martin Luther King III filed a lawsuit Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court against Dexter King and the estate of Martin Luther King Jr., according to court records.

"We're trying to get an accounting as to the financing and well-being of the estate," said Jock Smith, the personal attorney to Bernice King and Martin Luther King III.

Smith, president of the Cochran Firm based in Alabama, has a request pending to be allowed to practice law in Georgia.

Smith said one of the goals of the lawsuit is to force Dexter King to call a board meeting of his father's estate.

"That has not happened for some time," the attorney said.

Dexter King allegedly has refused to provide information and documentation concerning the operations, actions and financial affairs for the estate of Martin Luther King Jr., to which Bernice and Martin III say they are entitled to, according to court documents.

Court records show that on June 20, Dexter King and the estate "without authorization and without notice" to Bernice King, "converted substantial funds from the estate's financial account."

Records also claim that assets of Martin Luther King Jr.'s estate "are being misapplied or wasted."

The lawsuit asks that Dexter King furnish documents held by employees, lawyers, financial advisers and others acting on behalf of the estate, according to court records. It also seeks board meeting minutes and other records, including e-mails and financial documents concerning the estate.

Yolanda King, the eldest of the four King children, died last year of a heart attack.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead garbage workers on a protest march.

Coretta Scott King, who also devoted her life to the civil rights movement, died in 2006.

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