Is Radio host Don Imus Back at it Again?

Imus says he's defending, not offending 'Pacman' Jones

By Noble Johns

Is radio host Don Imus back at it again?... low rating Blacks every time he can get a chance. After insulting Rutgers University women's basketball team by calling them a bunch nappy-headed whores, don’t think you can hire a bunch of stupid niggers on your show to give you cover from your racist remarks. That’s an old trick used by racist whites to cover their racism… “we got Blacks working for us," they alway say. All Blacks know that you can get a nigger to cover for whites any day of the week, and apparently that’s what Don Imus has done when he says, “his show has a Black producer and two Black co-hosts.”

Who are the niggers you got co-signing the racism this time? What are their credential to be there in the first place? Or are they a bunch loafers looking for a job they can't do?

On Tuesday, he was making "a sarcastic point" that police often unfairly target Blacks when he asked about Adam "Pacman" Jones' race on his show.

Don Imus appeared on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show in April 2007, after making his last controversial remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team, and said he would change his ways. Right... it appears it's hard, it's harder for a leopard to change it's spots than for a racist cracker to change his ways.

Changing your ways don’t mean hiring some stupid niggers to cover your racism… anybody can do that, because you got thousands of niggers standing in line to back-up racist white people in this country. So, don't even try that old trick!

You see it everyday on government jobs, on cable TV, on police departments across the country, on broadcast TV and radio, and the list(s) are long with niggers covering up for whites who mistreat other Blacks just to get and keep a job they are not qualified to have in the first place. That's why they hire them dumb ass nigger because they can control 'em. The history of Black and white relations in this country is replete with that bullshit.

Keep it real Don, and don’t think hiring a bunch of stupid 'yes-master' niggers can get you off the hook with your racist remarks because Black Americans have been down that road before.

As a result of his last snafu, Imus, lost his job last year after comments on the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Then he said people who are out to get him fueled the controversy. Who are you out to get, Don?

"No man has more discussions about race than I have," Imus said. "Why not report on that? I know some people want to get me, but this is ridiculous."

Imus pointed out that his show has a Black producer and two black co-hosts. I bet you had a thousand of rotten niggers interviewing for those jobs, and the ones you hired were yes niggers!

Jones, a Dallas Cowboys defensive back who has had run-ins with the law and is serving a suspension from the National Football League, recently announced he wanted to be known by his real name, Adam or Mr. Jones, rather than his nickname.

Jones said his decision is an attempt to disassociate himself with his well-chronicled history of trouble.

The Imus controversy erupted Monday morning when sportscaster Warner Wolf told Imus that Jones wanted to swap monikers. Video Watch Imus explain he was defending black people »

"He's been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005," Wolf said.

"What color is he?" Imus asked.

"He's African-American," Wolf responded.

"Well, there you go," Imus said. "Now we know."

During his Tuesday morning show, the radio host said Jones was arrested six times because police were "picking on him."

"He's a football player. He is a lovely kid. He was out there having fun," Imus said

Imus said he was defending Blacks with his Monday remarks. That' a damn lie... one that your mamma wouldn't believe.

But Sharpton said civil rights groups, including one that he leads, still would be taking a close look at the situation, adding it would be "less than responsible" not to question Imus about Monday's comment and Tuesday's explanation. Video Watch Sharpton's reaction to Imus' explanation.

"If now Imus is saying he's joined the ranks of those that are raising the question of racial disparity in the criminal justice system, then he's taking a correct position. I don't have any record of him saying that in the past," Sharpton said.

"What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason, and I mean there's no reason to arrest this kid six times," he said. "They shoot blacks for no reason."

WABC and Citadel Broadcasting Corp. Vice President Phil Boyce told The New York Times it was unlikely Imus would face disciplinary action.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who last year called for Imus' firing over the Rutgers comments, said Tuesday that "I hope he meant what he said," referring to Imus' explanation.

Sharpton said he thought Monday's remark was disturbing "given Imus' background and his track record."

"Clearly, he did not [immediately] clarify what he meant. He left it out there," Sharpton said.

The NFL suspended Jones in April 2007, weeks after an incident at a Law Vegas, Nevada, strip club in which Jones allegedly got into an altercation with a exotic dancer and security guard. Witnesses said a member of Jones' entourage later returned to the club and fired a gun into the crowd.

In addition to Jones' six arrests, The Associated Press reported that he has been involved in 12 incidents requiring police intervention since 2005.

The Tennessee Titans traded Jones to the Dallas Cowboys earlier this year, and the defensive back is waiting to hear if he'll be reinstated to the NFL.

Known for decades for his outspoken comments and off-color humor, Imus was fired by CBS Radio over his comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team in April 2007.

He called the Scarlet Knights "tough girls" and "nappy-headed 'hos" during a national broadcast a day after the team lost the NCAA championship to the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers.

General Electric-owned cable network MSNBC, which simulcast the show, also canceled the program. Imus later apologized to the Rutgers team, which voted to accept his apology.

In August, Imus and his former employer reached a settlement over his dismissal, with both sides announcing they had "mutually agreed to settle claims that each had against the other." They did not disclose details of the settlement.

Imus' present morning radio show is broadcast from Citadel Broadcasting's WABC-AM in New York, syndicated by ABC Radio Network and simulcast on RFD-TV.

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