By Carl A. Patton

FreedomJournal — For the record, we say again all that is Black or African is not Good. Nor is all that is White or European Evil. Meanwhile, the European influence on Christianity caused many mis-guided Black Nationalists, Cultural Nationalists etc. during the height of the Black Awareness Movement to declare that Christianity in itself is evil. Those who believe this lie also must believe that God is evil. Let the record show, that those who teach that Christianity is a White religion are in most cases unbelievers and the Devils Advocates.
Christians who followed the teachings of Christ Jesus the Savior did not sponsor the institution of slavery. Nor were the Captains of the slave ships Christians. Nor were the Spanish Christians who made an onslaught (bringing death and destruction) throughout Latin and South America. Thus, it is Foolish and ludicrous to condemn Christianity due to the Crimes of a few people.

For example, do you also condemn African Traditional Religions, Islam and Judaism for the crimes of a few people? Are all Jews good? Are all Muslims free from false teachings, etc? Also, are all African Religions free from all problems? This brings up a very important point regarding the credentials of those who wish to critique the Black Experience.

For example, the “FreedomJournal” is not suited to critique the various aspects of Chinese Culture and history. However, we can note a superficial analysis, for example if we have lived in China for several years. This will allow us to make a limited analysis, but we could never reach the level of a Chinese intellectual who has lived and breathed all of his life among his people.

Now let’s bring this home to Religion. Muslims are not qualified to critique Christianity unless they have also been a Christian. Christians are not qualified to critique Islam unless they have embraced Islam at some point in time. However, Christians can make a superficial analysis of Islam and so can Muslims make a superficial analysis of Christianity. However, in order to understand the Black Experience all critiques are necessary. Therefore, we declare that before Muslims start critiquing Christianity, they should look at the many problems among the converts to Islam. The Islamic community has many problems. Therefore, Muslims that have a burning desire to Trash Christianity should think twice or three times before they attempt to make a mostly flawed and superficial analysis of Christianity.

Also, one must be aware that there is a problem among any Religion that thinks that they have the exclusive hold on Salvation and they are the only Godly people. For the record, all believers who truly Love God do not attempt to Trash or Denounce other Believers and their Religion. In order to understand the Black Experience, one must also bring up for review the Role of the Black Intellectual. We preface our statement here with noting that the role of the Black intellectual is unique and takes on different variables. Thus, the Black Intellectual has some parallels with the White Intellectual but his existence and birth comes from different circumstances. These circumstances are dictated by Culture. These circumstances are also dictated by the Economics of Racism. (See Fallen Letters: Mis-Education &Intellectual Confusion (Essays on the Black Experience) the most profound analysis of the Black Experience in the literature to date).

For the record, many Black people believe that White people dislike them because of Race. This is absurd. However, one can also note a yes and no answer here. Economic greed motivated the birth of racism based on color, etc. Meanwhile, after the doctrine of racism became firmly established many White people have come to confused conclusions about Black people because of Color and race not realizing that the Economic community invented this philosophy.

However, for Black people to accept the philosophy of racism based on Color, and ethnic origins means that they also bow to the rationale posed by racists that came soon after this philosophy extended from Economic Greed. This rationale is of course Black Inferiority. Therefore, when Blacks claim that White people dislike them because of race, they accept the false notion of Black inferiority based on race.

Furthermore, when Blacks claim that only White people can be racists they also accept the notion of Black Inferiority. In our research in “Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief” and in other writings we have noted that Thurgood Marshall in Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka Kansas set the contemporary paradigm for Black Inferiority. The record shows that his argument before the Court noted that Blacks believed themselves inferior when they passed a White school on the way to an inferior all Black school. Thus, it became in style (vogue) for Blacks to believe that integration and/or anything with White involvement was better or the road to equal rights. We also note in conclusion here that one cannot understand the Black Experience without bringing these questions up for review. However, those who do are shut out of the mainstream by those who are confused.

Meanwhile, academic freedoms are supposed to extend to all intellectuals and not only those who most people agree with. Is it responsible to agree with Truth are things that note an exercise in illogic that is abnormal? So what is the role of the so-called Black Intellectual?

Cont. Part 3: The Role of the Black Intellectual. Who is he/she? Are any among or between Black Colleges and Universities?

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