By Carl A. Patton

Freedom Journal — Brethren we come with a heart heavy laden with the Desire to reveal Truth to all who wishes to listen hear and read. However, we are humble in this pursuit realizing that surely we (FreedomJournal) do not have an exclusive hold on the Truth. But, we come with what Almighty Jehovah God has bestowed upon us.

Religion is a crucial factor in the lives of all people that walk and crawl the planet called Earth. As we qualify this statement, we note that religion and the one and only God of the earth, the universe and all that exist affect even those that are unbelievers and the agnostics. Sadly, many of these people are in denial and reject Truth. However, regardless of their denial or rejection, they still live in a world impacted by Religion. Thus, Religion also impacts on the unbelievers and those that claim they don't know.

Let it be written that all Religions are relevant. Thus, those that come to destroy and Censor any Religion reveal a twisted mind and a heart of Evil. For the record, all of the people that seek to destroy Truth, and other religions are not Evil. However, you can place them in several categories:

1. They are ignorant and don't know,

2. They are ignorant and don't want to know,

3. They are premeditated liars and know they are wrong but have other motive that sends them on a path of lies and untruths,

4. They have lost their sanity. Thus, they have bowed to the Economic Racists and Hatemonger’s of the world and has lost sight of reason and has adopted the qualities and attributes of their enemies. Thus, they have joined the ranks of our enemies although they claim they are standing-up for Black people.

We also come to testify that the Three Great Religions are extensions of the first religions upon the earth. These religions were born and bred in the land of the Blacks now called Africa. Therefore, if one is interested in a clear understanding of the Black experience over time, he must have some knowledge of these various Religions.

My Beloved, one must be removed from the corrupting and vile ways of discrimination and prejudiced thinking. As an aside how can many of the so-called Black Freedom Fighters label White people low-down Devils and Racists Villains when they accept and practice the same philosophy? Now in regard to the question of Religions. One cannot be partial toward a particular Religion to the point that it causes them to denounce all other viable Religions.

For example, the Muslim community cannot take the attitude that Islam is the only Religion for Black people. Thus, there is nothing in Christianity, Judaism or African Traditional Religions fit for the Black masses. Nor can Christians, Jews or African Religion converts take this attitude toward other religions… because there are Black Christians, Black Jews, and Black Muslims and of course all those that embrace African Religions for the most part can be described as Black.

All of these Religions have an impact on the Black Experience. Therefore, for so-called Afro- Centric (who have become Afro-Cynic) scholars to argue that Christianity is not relevant toward understanding the Black Experience is the way of a Fool, or those that have become ignorant and stagnant with Hate. For the record, hatred of any people based on Race is the Hallmark of those that Flirt with stupidity. However, in most instances these people proclaim that they are Wise because they have come up with a flawed notion about the so-called evil of White people.

In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

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