Black News to stand-down on criticisms of Bush administration

Bush said first lady Laura Bush would lead an initiative to work with parents, pastors and community leaders to encourage literacy, and discourage young Blacks from joining gangs.

We at would be fools to continue our hard criticisms of the Bush administration after he appeared to be reaching out to the Black community in his State of Union address.

If Bush is for real, and we have no reason to not believe him, he would be the first president in our lifetime to use the State of the Union address to reach out to the Black Community in addressing our issues.

Clinton didn’t do it, and we voted in overwhelming numbers for him. The Democrats in their response to Bush’s State of the Union address didn’t mention the Black community one time, so it must be like everybody is saying, they take the Black vote for granted.

We at are nonpartisan in that whoever offers help to our people, deserves the support of Since Bush appears to be reaching out to Blacks, we will have a three-month moratorium on negative comments about Bush.



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