Whoopi Goldberg’s right to defend Vick about dog-fighting role

By Noble Johns

Whoopi Goldberg, the superstar, can stand the onslaught of criticisms that she will receive for her recent, rational analysis of Michael Vick’s aberrant behavior. She implied that dogfighting is in the culture of the South. She’s right! Her stand for Vick will not be condemned because she supports a stupid Nigger like Vick. But, she will be condemned because she had the audacity to challenge the status quo.

She challenged white people's opinion of things!

Yeah, we fight dogs down here in this bottom, and we make moonshine too, and we ain’t gone stop it…. You stupid “Yankees,” how’re you gone know if a dog’s worth feeding if it won’t fight?

These animal lovers are nothing but hypocrites; they care more about their pets than the human suffering that;s going on around the world. They spend more money on these cans and dogs around here, than they give to charity.

Outspoken comedian Whoopi Goldberg drew a scathing rebuke from animal rights activists on Tuesday for defending U.S. football star Michael Vick's role in dogfighting during her debut on ABC's talk show "The View."

"He's from the South, from the Deep South ... This is part of his cultural upbringing," Goldberg said of the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, whose recent fall from grace has been one of the most stunning in the history of U.S. sports.

Vick pleaded guilty last week to federal dogfighting charges, admitting he took part in an illegal, interstate enterprise known as Bad Newz Kennels and helped kill underperforming dogs.

The 27-year-old, who grew up in Virginia, faces up to five years in prison when sentenced in December. The National Football League has suspended him indefinitely.

"For a lot of people, dogs are sport," Goldberg said on the show. "Instead of just saying Vick is a beast and he's a monster, this is a kid who comes from a culture where this is not questioned." For a lot of, so-called humans, people are sport. Veteran "View" co-host Joy Behar took immediate issue with Goldberg.

"What part of the country is this? ... How about dog torturing and dog murdering?" she asked. We do it in the South shit-head and we hunt ‘em too.

Wayne Nacelle denounced Goldberg’s comments, president of the Humane Society of the United States, who disputed that dog fighting was a cultural fixture of the South or any other region. Right!

Is a dog’s life worth as much as human life? Some think so like, Leona Helmsley's Dog Gets $12 Million in her Will. We don't thnk that way in the South. I got two hounds 'round here that won't fight or do nothing. I'll send 'em down to Michael Vick and maybe they will do better.

But, some people love dogs. Leona Helmsley's dog will continue to live an opulent life, and then be buried alongside her in a mausoleum. But two of Helmsley's grandchildren got nothing from the late luxury hotelier and real estate billionaire's estate.

Helmsley left her beloved white Maltese, named Trouble, a $12 million trust fund, according to her will, which was made public Tuesday in surrogate court.

She also left millions for her brother, Alvin Rosenthal, who was named to care for Trouble in her absence, as well as two of four grandchildren from her late son Jay Panzirer — so long as they visit their father's grave site once each calendar year.

Otherwise, she wrote, neither will get a penny of the $5 million she left for each.

Helmsley left nothing to two of Jay Panzirer's other children — Craig and Meegan Panzirer — for "reasons that are known to them," she wrote.

But no one made out better than Trouble, who once appeared in ads for the Helmsley Hotels, and lived up to her name by biting a housekeeper.

"I direct that when my dog, Trouble, dies, her remains shall be buried next to my remains in the Helmsley mausoleum," Helmsley wrote in her will.

The mausoleum, she ordered, must be "washed or steam-cleaned at least once a year." She left behind $3 million for the upkeep of her final resting place in Westchester County, where she is buried with her husband, Harry Helmsley.

She also left her chauffeur, Nicholas Celea, $100,000.

"To suggest that there is some ethnic group or racial group or regional group that finds this acceptable is just not accurate," he told Reuters, adding that public opinion polls show opposition to dogfighting "is a universal value in America."

He noted that dogfighting is outlawed in all 50 states, and a felony in all but two -- Idaho and Wyoming.

The Oscar-winning actress' dogfighting remarks came on her first day as the new lead panelist on "The View," filling the seat vacated by actress and comedian Rosie O'Donnell in May.

Goldberg's debut signaled she was likely to continue the often-controversial dynamic O'Donnell brought to the show, which blends live chat, celebrity interviews and segments on fashion, health and lifestyles.

Give ‘em Hell Whoopi… give ‘em Hell!

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