What do Nigger haters and dog lovers have in common?

By Sam Johns

Atlanta (BNW) —
What do Nigger haters and dog lovers have in common? They both hate Michael Vick!

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is expected to plead guilty Monday to several charges stemming from a dog-fighting ring he was allegedly ran and financed. Vick is facing five years for the federal charges, but many are guessing he might serve only 12-18 months. Some local sports fans don't think that would be enough of a penalty, while some think it was much to do about nothing.

The hypocrites who want Michael Vick’s head won’t say anything about how Bush pardon his crony Scooter Libby for outing a CIA agent. That was certainly worst than what Vick did. Libby testified that he heard CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity from Tim Russert of NBC News when, in fact, he learned of Plame's identify from other government officials, the indictment alleged.

"Mr. Libby's story that he was at the tail end of a chain of phone calls, passing on from one reporter what he heard from another, was not true," Fitzgerald said.

"He was at the beginning of the chain of phone calls — the first official to disclose this information outside the government to a reporter — and then he lied about it afterwards, under oath and repeatedly," he said.

White racists in this country want his head and dog lovers want his life. Both are hypocrites because they have place the life of a dog over human life. "He should serve a full sentence and then get suspended. That's a life, regardless if its an animal. What he did was cruel. I think he should be suspended for a long amount of time," one creep said.

Winnipeg defensive end Gavin Walls knows Michael Vick must pay the price for getting involved in illegal dog fighting.
But he still sympathizes with the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. I wish I could get these dogs of I got to fight; these damn hounds won't even hunt.

"He's a good friend of mine," Walls said last week. "We're from the same area and we played high school football against each other and stuff like that. I feel bad for him because they showed recognition of my (CFL career) from the beginning of the season back home and they showed his stuff doing bad.

"Of course, I'm not making the money he's making. But that's how things change. I feel bad for him and I wish I could talk to him but I'm a long ways from home. I wish the best for him but they (lawmakers) don't play around in Virginia, man."

Walls, who grew up in Hampton, Va., also refused to blame Vick's woes on falling in with a bad crowd.

In a recent article by Robert Cassidy of Newsday, Cassidy asked Roy Jones Jr. his feelings on Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and his involvement in dog fighting. Jones Jr. made it clear he was not a dog fighter and had never attended a dogfight. However this did not stop Jones Jr. from defending Vick and giving his views on dog fighting.

Quoted in Newsday, Jones Jr. on the subject of Michael Vick and Dog Fighting, stated this to the publication: "People tend to talk so hard against people. They make it such a bad thing, like dog fighting is worse than killing someone."

Jones Jr. added: "I'm not a dog fighter. I've never been to a dogfight. But just because they have the animals doesn't mean they are fighting the animals. Michael Vick doesn't have that kind of time to train and raise dogs... I like bulldogs and I like their mentally."

Jones Jr. concluded: "They are making this so bad, but really two dogs fighting can happen in anyone's backyard or on the street. It happened in my backyard, two of my dogs fought and one died."

Also quoted in the Green Valley News, Jones Jr. stated: “Fighting animals don’t necessarily get mistreated. They get treated just the way I get treated."

Roy Jones Jr. is set to face off against Tito Triniad in his next fight.

"Eighteen months is not enough time in jail.” A fool said.

What he did to those animals was cruel.

[The NFL] should ban him for life. What he was doing was wrong."

"Depending on the period of time he goes to jail for, I don't think he should be able to play in the NFL. It's stupid to do what he did when he's so rich. I don't know why he would do something like that. I don't think he should come back."

"He just wanted to prove to one of my uncles or something that it was a better dog," Walls said. "Guys got to drinking a little bit and got to proving something. But it wasn't like a big chain or anything like that."

Walls believes that Vick's NFL career is "probably ruined."

"Everybody back home in Hampton, Va., they're just waiting to see what the verdict's going to be," he said.

Like Walls, Blue Bombers defensive back Davin Bush said dogfights were commonplace near where he grew up in Miami.

"I heard about it lots but I never actually seen it," he said.

But Bush believes that Vick should get a second chance.

"Everybody makes mistakes and I feel like, if he did do what he did, he shouldn't be punished for six years or something like that," he said.

"Hopefully, it works out for him and we get to see him play again because he's a great player."

People, half the world eats dog meat every day. You, hypocrites eat chickens, hogs and cows every day. So, what is the difference?

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