Paris Hilton out of jail with “Street Credentials”

By Sinclere Lee

LOS ANGELES, California (BNW) —
Paris baby, you did the crime now you have done the time, and you left the joint with your “Street Credentials,” intact. As a result, everybody is jealous because you showed the world how to do time. By the way, you know that crying picture of you the press kept showing over and over again to make you look like a crybaby, will I guess you will be crying all the way to the bank. Who’s the sucker, now?

You’re really hot now! You're now "Paris The Great!"

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton walked out of a Los Angeles-area jail early Tuesday with a big smile on her face after serving 23 days for violating her probation on a reckless driving conviction, and girl, you’re looking damn fine and have gotten jailhouse thick. As a resutl, every woman in the world wants to be like you, now, and every man in the world wants to be with you. You go girl!

Hey Paris, please call me!

With damn paparazzi and reporters swarming behind a police barrier, Hilton waved and beamed but ignored shouted questions as she left the jail about 2:15 a.m. ET.

She walked past sheriff's deputies into a sport utility vehicle where her parents waited. The media dogged Hilton as she made her getaway, jockeying for position and snapping photos of the socialite for miles along the Los Angeles freeway system.

When her SUV had to stop at a red light, photographers jumped out of their cars and surrounded it, The Associated Press reported.
CNN affiliate KTLA-TV in Los Angeles reported that Hilton went to her grandparents' home in the Benedict Canyon area of Beverly Hills.

The 26-year-old multimillionaire was sentenced to 45 days for the 2006 probation violation but served about half the term, gaining credit for good behavior.

"She has fulfilled her debt to society and it's now concluded," said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Hilton is scheduled to give her first post-jail television interview Wednesday on CNN's "Larry King Live" show after ABC and NBC dropped rival offers last week.

The imprisonment — and temporary release — of Hilton ignited a global media storm and raised questions about celebrity justice.

Her jail time was sparked by her arrest in September on a drunken-driving charge.

She admitted alcohol-related reckless driving in January and was sentenced to three years' probation but was caught driving the following month on a suspended license. Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer ruled in May this violated her probation.

He rejected Hilton's defense that her publicist had misinformed her about the status of her license.

Hilton surrendered to authorities on June 3 to begin her sentence and spent all 23 days — bar one — at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California.

Three days after Hilton began her jail stay, the Los Angeles County sheriff to home detention released her with electronic monitoring because of an unspecified medical condition.

She was at home a little more than a day before the judge ordered her back to jail to complete her sentence. Hilton was led out of the courtroom weeping.

"This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done," she said in a statement. "I have had a lot of time to reflect and have already learned a bitter but important lesson from this experience."

Hilton's probation will end in March 2009, as long as she keeps her driver's license current and doesn't break the law, according to the AP.

The city attorney's office has said she can cut 12 months off that time if she does community service, which could include a public-service announcement, the AP reported.

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