Lou Dobbs is right; The illegal immigration bill hurts the Black community

By Sinclere Lee

Lou Dobbs is right when he says illegal immigration hurts the Black community!

Supporters of the illegal immigration bill say they are confident that the bill to give citizenship to illegal immigrants will pass despite opposition from most Black voters.

What do Blacks have at steak with the bill? Everything!

There is incontrovertible evidence that supports the fact that illegal immigration in this country hurts the Black community in more ways than one… first they come over here and take jobs that would go to ordinary Blacks and poor whites. Ergo, if they were not over here in this country illegally, the bosses who run things, would have to pay more money to the working people in this country in the first place.

While the bosses save a few hundred dollars… here and there on labor cost because of illegal immigration, the taxpayers, both Blacks and white, will be out of billions trying to support a bunch of illegal immigrants who are illiterate in their own language and perhaps not wanted in their own home. They will end up being a drain on the nation; that’s why they’re over here depressing the wages of the labor force.

Yeah, they will be a drain on the social service system and will be in direct competition with Blacks and poor whites for health care, education and food stamps in this country. How can our government care about the rights of illegal immigrants before they care about problems in the Black community? Many Blacks gave their lives to make what we know as citizenship happen for Blacks in America. Now to our chagrin, this government wants to just give citizenship away to a bunch of illegal immigrants. What's up with that?

It appears that the Democratic Party is on the verge of passing this illegal immigration bill over the objections of Black voters… if that is so, “Black News” will go on the attack and insist that the Black community stay at home on election day and kick the Democrats out.

After almost a week of contentious debate over a broad illegal immigration bill, senators said this week they expect the bill to pass. Right!

"We had an avalanche of objections to the bill before there was a bill," said Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

"And now that we're moving ahead, I think we're in about the right position. We see essentially no enormous roadblocks or no poison pills or no killer amendments ahead that we can't deal with."

The Senate lowering the number of guest workers allowed in U.S. and when they hear from their voters back home over the memorial holiday, they will have second thoughts about the bill overall.

Specter spoke at a news conference moments after the Senate defeated an amendment Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota proposed. It would have ended the temporary-worker program after five years.

Critics of the immigration bill contend it will create a subservient class of itinerant workers in dead-end jobs without guarantees of minimal labor standards or Social Security. Stupid, that’s what they don’t need!

The Senate hasn't addressed those issues directly but on this week voted 74-24 to cut in half the number of people who would be included in the bill's guest-worker program.

Earlier in the week, the Senate defeated an amendment by Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota that stipulated that local and state law enforcement agencies would be able to communicate with federal law enforcement agencies about suspected immigration violations.

The Senate unanimously approved Republican Sen. John McCain's amendment that requires illegal immigrants to pay back taxes on their earnings for the time they had been in the United States.

The provision was omitted from the original bill because such taxes are considered impossible to collect.

"I don't know how you calculate it, to tell you the truth," McCain said. "I think people ought to pay back taxes that are owed."

The 628-page bill was made public last week, and debate began Monday.

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California agreed that some of the details have proved distasteful. "Some of us have had to swallow some things that we might not want," she said. Blacks voted for her at 87% in her last election, but if any Black people in California vote for Dianne Feinstein again, they are a disgrace to the Black race.

But overall, she said, the bill would improve the outlook for American security, employers and immigrants by beefing up border enforcement and creating a path to legalization for the estimated 12 million people in the United States illegally. How is that gone benefit Blacks. The Democrats got control of the Senate because of the Black vote, and they can lose control of the Senate because of the Black vote. You better recognize that illegal immigrants can’t vote.

"I hope we keep the big picture in mind," she said, noting that it would be easy for the bipartisan coalition supporting it "to become frayed."

"Estamos progresando," said that Mel Martinez of Florida. Which translates to: “We are progressing.”

"I think, before too long, we may have a bill," said Republican Sen. Mel Martinez, who emigrated from Cuba as a boy.

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