Guest Editorial


By Karibe Kajuna

I do agree that the nonviolent approach wasn't the ultimate approach to overcome the racism in Amerikkka it was simply one method. Dr. King lived the life of a man true to his convictions and did what he felt was the best way to achieve justice. Of all of the (Jesus) ministers that I have known in my lifetime he is by far the only one I can truly say had a national agenda and lived by the principles of God.

As far as nonviolence for Blacks, there were options in the 1960s that do not exist today. Therefore, DON'T BLAME THAT ON KING but the cowardly Negroes who choose to follow Jesus to wait for his return and others opportunists who sold themselves out to the white race! As the character "Bumpy Johnson said in the move Hoodlum - "Praying ain't never got rid of the devil."

The white massa's in Amerikkka have always known what it would take to stop the movement so they "cut of the head to kill the body" through the use of murder, incarceration and money used to bribe the sellouts. They not only eliminated King but hate also eradicated such proactive Blacks as: Huey P Newton, H. Rap Brown, Stokley Carmichael, Malcolm X, Robot Williams, The Deacons of Defense and Justice, and many other non violent alternatives to King.

As the once great civil rights activist Lou Palmer said to a caller to his radio show when asked what he was going to do about a racial problems in Chicago, He chided the caller by asking him, "What was HE going to do?" Furthermore, he said he was old and had been fighting the fight for years and he needed the young people to pass on the baton on justice so they could carry on, as he wouldn't be here forever.

Lou's words says it all -- it's not King, nor Malcolm, nor Huey its the apathy of today's Negro people, its their ignorance, it's their selfishness, it's the excuse they generate for their behavior, it's their cowardly and surrendering behavior, its the bourgeoisie mind set of the middle class attitude of "I've got mind you get yours" or that the Black problems of the poor are not their problem, it's the acceptance of low standards and condition by the poor who would rather buy into the miseducated crime in poverty script instilled into them by the whites racist systems then to cultivate their genetic talents and to produce their own successes, like Farrah Gray.

I nor can you, either waken a dead person or a dead race, and Blacks people today nearly 25,000,000 of them, are so captivated by the European religious control, that they produce and surrender mush of their $650,000,000,000 gross national wealth to the ministerial (minstrel) leaders making them rich, by giving them full control over their religious funds and asking nothing in return for the improvements necessary in their lives except the "word.”

So don't blame Dr. King, place the blame where it belongs on today's Black race that refuse to become leaders to freedom. Inform these Black cowards and self serving ignorant Negroes who won't even read a quality history book and most don't even desire to know the truth about their lives - instruct them to go look into the mirror and they will discover why the black race remains as second calls citizens.


Karibe Kajuna
PO Box 1902
Matteson, IL 60443

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