Toronto woman accuses Bill Cosby: Say it ain’t so, Bill!

By Noble Johns

After running around the country as the moral Godfather to the Black community, Bill Cosby himself has been accused as being immoral by a Canadian woman. If this is true, Cosby is the worse kind of hypocrite, who preaches against one thing, but does the very same thing himself.

What kind of example is he for our kids?

And, he’s not the only one; you got plenty big-shot niggers doing the same thing today. Cosby is just one extreme example. Let’s not forget that during the civil rights movement, he was no where to be found because he was always at the Playboy Club with owner, Huge Hefner being entertained by Playboy Bunnies.

Now, a Toronto-area woman who is an acquaintance of comedian Cosby has leveled an allegation against him that has prompted a police investigation in the Philadelphia area, Cosby's lawyer said Thursday.

Lawyer Walter Phillips wouldn't discuss the specifics of the allegation but said it amounts to, at the most, "inappropriate touching." No charges have been brought against Cosby, but Phillips said authorities have begun an investigation. He said the accuser, who lives in the Toronto area, knows Cosby and the alleged incident in question happened about a year ago. He called the allegation "utterly preposterous."

"I know the person making the accusation hasn't been contacted by authorities," Phillips said in a telephone interview. "We are hopeful and optimistic that no charges will be brought forward."

Philadelphia TV station WCAU reported the woman claimed she was fondled by Cosby.

It said the woman is from Canada but lived in Philadelphia and worked at Temple University for at least two years.

Police said she is making the allegations after leaving town more than nine months ago.

The Philadelphia TV station said Durham Regional Police east of Toronto told them a Toronto-area woman alleged Jan. 13 that Cosby sexually assaulted in January 2004 at his Cheltenham Twp., Pa. home.

WCAU said the Durham police told them after taking her complaint, they passed the information on to Philadelphia police who then directed it to the Cheltenham Twp. force.

A resident of Durham, Ont., about 40 kilometers northeast of Toronto, contacted Durham Regional Police about a sexual assault that occurred in the United States, Dave Selby, spokesman for the Canadian force, told The Associated Press.

The information was passed on to police in the Philadelphia area, Selby said, but he added: "We're not in a position to identify any of the people who may or may not be involved in it."

WCAU said Canadian investigators told them the alleged victim said she attended dinner with Cosby and others at a Philadelphia-area restaurant in mid-January of last year. The woman alleges that Cosby invited her to his home where she complained about having stress and tension and was given some pills that made her dizzy.

The station says she told police her memory is poor from that night but she does recall Cosby touching her breast and placing her hand on his genitals.

The alleged victim said she awoke about 4 a.m. with her clothing in disarray and bra undone. She allegedly drove herself home.

Temple University staff members told the station the alleged victim resigned from Temple in April of last year.

The woman allegedly told police she did not immediately come forward because of Cosby's fame and her position at the university at the time of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Cosby postponed a town hall meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday and has postponed three upcoming shows in Florida -- two in Fort Lauderdale and one in Daytona, Cosby's publicist, David Brokaw, said.

Brokaw wouldn't say whether the postponements have anything to do with the recent allegation.

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