Anna Nicole Smith dead!

The worse example of Celebrity Worshiping of
an unaccomplished person in a so-called accomplished world.

By Noble Johns

HOLLYWOOD, Florida (BNW) —
America is filled with people who are literally worshiped as celebrities and heroes by most Americans, when these so-called celebrities have accomplished very little of note in this society and country… yeah, pop culture is different. Now take for example former model Anna Nicole Smith who died near Miami last week; she maybe the most unaccomplished person ever born, yet, she is worshiped as a celebrity by the media in this country.

No reflection on Anna, God rest her soul, but I think her death is as good a time as any… to make the point that most of the Hollywood bunch, the dumb Rappers, and most of the entertainment world we hold so dear, have very little accomplishments beyond timing and good luck to show for their success. From Oprah to all the Hollywood elite, you can run the list down… these people are so unaccomplished in education for example, they would be lucky to be maids at a Motel 6 in the real world.

Anna was a former Playboy bunny who married Texas oil billionaire J Howard Marshall II in 1994 when she was 26 and he was 89. He died a year later, and her only accomplishments have been her big ass and tits… plus a nightmarish behavior that would put a crack whore to shame.

Look at Stupid Bush, who would have thought a fool like him would be President one day? I know he didn't. He never ever had a real job, but he's the president and it was bad timing for US.

We have people in this country who have made great accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences, Literature, but they go virtually unknown to the general public because the general public in America is so uniformed, unworldly and unknowing, that they would rather worship trailer-trash that scientists.

She spent years in court fighting his son for a share of his estate, and won a victory at the Supreme Court in 2006. Even that freak Clarence Thomas voted for her. He is another one of our heroes who is unaccomplished. He got his job because of Affirmative Action and has spent the last fifteen years on the US Supreme Court fighting against it for other Blacks.

Anna was found unconscious in a hotel room and could not be resuscitated. No cause of death has been announced. US media have reported that an autopsy will be conducted on Friday. One of Smith's lawyers told news agency her husband Howard K Stern was "speechless and grieving". Right!

Family tragedy

Her son Daniel, the product of a short-lived youthful marriage, died at the age of 20 in September, just days after Smith's daughter was born. Anna Nicole Smith with her son Daniel in a July 2004 file photo Smith's son Daniel died only months ago

The baby girl is the subject of a paternity suit, with Smith's former boyfriend Larry Birkhead saying he is the father of the child. He sued Smith in Oct 2006, shortly after the baby was born.

Anna said Stern, who is also her lawyer, was the father of the child. A former topless dancer, Smith modelled for Guess Jeans and Playboy before marrying Marshall. She also appeared in films including one of the Naked Gun movies. She had her own reality TV show, The Anna Nicole Smith show, from 2002 to 2004.

Anna was born Vicki Lynn Hogan in Mexia, Texas, on 28 Nov 1967.

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