Stupid Bush and Rice Pudding Ain’t Got Nothing!

By Sinclere Lee

Washington —(BNW) If Stupid Bush and Rice Pudding had taken as mush time to think about going to war in Iraq that they are taking on their new plan to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq, we wouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place. No matter what they do now, or what lie they tell about the war, it won’t be enough to solve the mess they have crated in the Middle East.

We have created the problems for the poor peoples in Iraq, and we have a moral obligation to stay there until we fix what we have broken. Like Colin Powell told Bush before he went to war, "Iraq well be like a Pottery Barn... you break it, you buy it," so we broke Iraq... now we have to buy it.

Now, Bush is expected to increase the US presence in Iraq by sending at least 20,000 extra troops to Baghdad and the restive Anbar province. However, Democrats, who now control both houses of Congress, have made it clear they plan to oppose what they see as an "escalation" of the war in Iraq.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has pledged to hold a vote on any increase.

An escalation, whether it is called a surge or any other name, is still an escalation, and I believe it would be an immense new mistake
Sen. Edward Kennedy. He said sending more soldiers would be "an immense new mistake".

He has suggested new legislation requiring congressional approval for any such move.

Senate Democratic majority leader Harry Reid said he hoped for a bi-partisan measure to block the deployments.

"The president's going to have to take note of that. I think that's the beginning of the end, as far as I'm concerned," he said.

According to BBC's Justin Webb in Washington says many Democrats feel queasy about interfering in military matters - particularly if newly appointed US commanders in Iraq say they need the reinforcements.

Moreover the president could use his right of veto against the bill.

The Democrats are likely to settle on symbolic votes of disapproval, our correspondent says.

However such a move would still be the biggest reconsideration of congressional support for the war since it began, he adds.

Bush, whose address will be carried live on all US television networks, is due to speak in Washington at 9:00 p.m eastern time. He will address the nation from the White House library rather than the usual setting of the Oval Office.

Stupid Bush is expected to announce five additional brigades for Baghdad — where Iraqi and US troops have launched a fresh offensive against militants — to be deployed over the coming month

How many brigade will be sent to Anbar province?

Analysts say Bush will not tie the reinforcements to security benchmarks to be reached by the Iraqi government.

One of his expected policy recommendations will be the transfer of responsibility for security to the Iraqis for all of the country's 18 provinces, news reports say.

Only three of the country's 18 provinces are currently under Iraqi control.

Bush is also expected to announce an additional $1 billion funds to strengthen Iraq's battered economy, according to an anonymous source quoted by the Associated Press.

In the UK, Prime Minister Tony Blair declined to say whether he would follow the US lead in increasing troop numbers in Iraq.

Britain has 7,200 troops in southern Iraq, mostly in the Basra area.

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