Rice facing second day of grillings: don’t let that bitch off the hook!

By Sinclere Lee

I get sick and tired of all these so-called Black conservatives playing the race card when they get their asses in a fix. Clarence Thomas did it to get on the Supreme Court, and now this bitch Condoleezza Rice is trying to use her race to justify being the first Black woman to become Secretary of State.

Name one thing she has done as Bush’s lapdog to help her race in the past four years! You can’t!

In Senate conformation hearings this week, some senators are going too easy on her because she is a Black woman. Rice is a disgrace to Black womanhood. She got whites fooled but as Blacks, we see her what she is; an ass kissing nigger!

She’s nothing but concubine for every white Republican senator, with a hard-on wanting to hit it. We know about Strom Thurmond and his Black baby. What they are doing to Rice is the same thing, but, Strom Thurmond raped that young Black girl he got pregnant, Rice is giving it up! She has probably slept with every racist cracker in Washington.

How do you think she has gotten away with her failures of 9/11? Every white man in the Bush administration fell on their daggers to save the honor his Rice pudding when the whole country knew if any one person should be blamed of the 9/11 tragedy, it should have been the incompetence of Condoleezza Rice. Well, Duh!

How many times must it be said — even some members of the victims' families have also claimed that since Rice is perhaps the one person, as National Security Advisor to the president — responsible for protecting the security of our country — what was she telling stupid Bush before 9/11, when our country was caught off guard?

Why has she never taken the blame for that fiasco in national security? If it were a white man as national security advisor at that time, his head would have been on the chopping block on 9/12.

The only reason I can think of why she’s getting a promotion instead of being fired; is that she’s been tricking with white Republican men in Washington since she got there.

In my opinion, she’s worse than a crack whore. At least a crack whore can redeem herself, if she stop smoking crack. How can Rice redeem herself after selling out her culture and race?

Now, Rice is appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for a second day of hearings this week, with a committee vote on her nomination scheduled for this week.

On Tuesday, the first day of the hearings, Rice defended the war in Iraq in the face of sometimes-withering questioning from committee Democrats. One suggested that Rice's loyalty to President Bush and support for the conflict "overwhelmed your respect for the truth."

Rice bristled at the comment by Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. "I have to say that I have never, ever, lost respect for the truth in the service of anything," she said.

Committee members grilled Rice, who has been Bush's national security adviser for the past four years, for more than nine hours Tuesday.

Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican, said the full Senate could vote on the nomination as early as Thursday. If confirmed, Rice will succeed Colin Powell as the nation's top diplomat.

Senators on both sides of the aisle predicted Rice would be confirmed, but Tuesday's hearing saw a good share of testy exchanges.

Boxer was particularly aggressive, pointing out what she said were inconsistencies in Rice's statements about the imminent threat of nuclear weapons in Iraq.

"This is a pattern here of what I see from you," Boxer said. "It's very troubling. ... It's hard for me to let go of this war because people are still dying."

She said Rice has not acknowledged those deaths, has not laid out an exit strategy for Iraq and has been unwilling to admit mistakes -- including going to war over weapons of mass destruction found later not to exist. (WMD report)

"If you can't admit to this mistake, I hope that you will rethink it," Boxer said.

"Senator, we can have this discussion in any way that you would like," Rice replied. "But I really hope that you will refrain from impugning my integrity."

Rice insisted the war in Iraq was not launched solely over WMD. Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, she said, welcomed terrorists, attacked his own neighbors and paid suicide bombers in the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

But Boxer said the resolution that authorized Bush to launch the war in Iraq talked about "WMD, period."

"Let's not rewrite history, it's too soon for that," Boxer said.

Boxer and other Democrats also criticized Rice for declining to answer when asked whether she considered some extreme interrogation tactics to be torture.

Imbalance cited

Sen. Russell Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, criticized the administration for focusing on Iraq and allowing terrorism in other hot spots, such as Somalia, to fester and grow.

"I think the balance has not been correct," he said.

But Rice insisted: "I do sit every day and look at the terrorist threat report that's coming in. ... We are making a lot of progress on this."

On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Rice said the United States is willing to support the government of new Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. But she said Arab states must crack down on the incitement of hatred against Israel.

On Iran, she said the international community has communicated that Tehran "cannot be a legitimate participant in the international system, in international politics, and pursue a nuclear weapon."

On North Korea, also believed to be developing nuclear weapons, Rice held out the prospect of improved ties with Pyongyang's isolated Stalinist government.

She warned that the United States has its own deterrent to any North Korean military action.

But she said the United States "has no intention to attack North Korea," and she held out the prospect of a security guarantee for North Korea if it renounced its nuclear ambitions.

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic presidential nominee last year, accused the administration of under-funding efforts to secure nuclear material in the former Soviet republics.

"I don't understand how the administration can choose to spend ... close to $300 billion in Iraq to disarm weapons that weren't there, and yet $1 billion a year to secure weapons that we know are there," he said.

Rice, who was a Soviet expert in the first Bush administration, said she was "completely and totally dedicated" to the program, and it would be a topic of discussion in an upcoming summit meeting between Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Other topics of questioning included the U.S. trade deficit, the empowerment of women internationally and efforts in areas such as Kosovo, the Sudan, Haiti and Central America -- as well as U.S. relations with allies in Europe.

Rice had faced heated questioning before. In April, she appeared before the 9/11 commission after former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke went public with claims that the Bush administration botched warnings of the al Qaeda hijacking plot.

Allies say the 50-year-old Rice's background will help her on the world stage. Born a minister's daughter in segregated Alabama in 1954, Rice entered college at 15 and by 26 had earned a doctorate in international affairs.

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