Kramer 'shattered' by his racial tirade while the whole world watches

By Nobel Johns

Racism is a must in America and far too long it has gone unknown and unsaid by whites in this country who are in denial of the truth of their own racism. This denial is the result of a false perception of reality based on the very denial that keeps most Americans stupid.

Take the Michael Richards racist remarks for an example, and all the other racist acts that have been caught on camera recently of whites in their hateful ways and played on TV. We see your true colors!

In the Michael Richards case, that was cold-blooded racism, coming form the bottom of his heart. His apologies will go nowhere because we can view what he did and said over and over on the Internet and make our own conclusions.

Comedian Michael Richards said Sunday he did not consider himself a racist, and said he was "shattered" by the comments he made to two young Black men during a tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club.

Richards appeared on the Rev. Jesse Jackson's nationally syndicated radio program, "Keep Hope Alive," as a part of a series of apologies for the incident. He said he knew his comments hurt the black community, and hoped to meet with the two men.

He told Jackson that he had not used the language before. (Watch Richards' tirade on stage )

"That's why I'm shattered by it. The way this came through me was like a freight train. After it was over, when I went to look for them, they had gone. And I've tried to meet them, to talk to them, to get some healing," he said.

Richards, who played Jerry Seinfeld's wacky neighbor Kramer on the TV sitcom "Seinfeld," was performing at West Hollywood's Laugh Factory last week when he lashed out at hecklers with a string of racial obscenities and profane language. A cell phone video camera captured the outburst, and the incident later appeared on

Richards told Jackson the tirade was fueled by anger, not bigotry.

"I was in a place of humiliation," he said.

Richards' publicist, Howard Rubenstein, said Saturday that Richards has begun psychiatric counseling in Los Angeles to learn how to manage his anger and understand why he made the racist remarks.

"He acknowledged that his statements were harmful and opened a terrible racial wound in our nation," Rubenstein said. "He pledges never ever to say anything like that again. He's quite remorseful."

Jackson, who has called Richards' words "hateful," "sick," and "deep-seated," said the comedian's inclusion on the show was a chance for a broader discussion about "cultural isolation" in the entertainment industry.

"We might turn this minus into a plus," Jackson said.

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