We Need to get 911 Behind US!

By Sinclere Lee

Chattanooga, TN (BNW)—
Now, here you go again with that bowing of your heads in silence for everybody who died on 911, and then them damn bagpipes, playing that pitiful music is another crazy thing we do, and all that does is, question the psychologyical health of this country. It has been five-years and tens of millions of other people have died since then. As a result, I know the rest of the world is irritated with our pitiful whinings about 911 every year.

Tragedy is everywhere! We had the Indonesian Tsunami, in 2004 that killed over a half a million people, and millions of people are starving to death in Africa everyday. Tragedy is a part of life, so 911 families welcome to the real world. Even the Crocodile Hunter got killed last week. People feel pain everyday but at a point you get over it.

While we all feel the pain when the hijackers crashed airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon five years ago, killing nearly 3,000 people in this dreadful attack on U.S. soil, but we got to get 911 behind US because we are looking like babies before the whole world — 911 is over, so let the dead bury the dead!

All these ceremonies, starting on Sunday night reliving the traumatic memories over and over again about when al Qaeda hijackers attacked the twin New York towers and the Pentagon in Washington and seized a fourth plane that crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania is questioning our sanity.

The anniversary has sharpened an election-year debate over whether America, caught in a vicious unpopular conflict in Iraq, is any safer. This is what the world thinks, “IT’S ALL POLITICS,” and again we are looking like fools in the eyes of the world, with the US media driving this mess.

Even at the Pentagon, where 184 people were killed on September 11, Cheney and Rumsfeld, both lightning rods of criticism over the Iraq war, stood as bagpipes played "Amazing Grace." Ain't that pitiful?

Cheney, who benefited the most from the tragedy, called September 11 "a day of national unity," then added later:

"We have no intention of ignoring or appeasing history's latest gang of fanatics trying to murder their way to power."

Security officials were taking extra precautions. A United Airlines flight was diverted to Dallas after an unclaimed backpack and Blackberry e-mail device were found on board. The plane and its 50 passengers were searched again and cleared.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his predecessor, Rudolph Giuliani - who was in office five years ago - addressed the crowds.

Bloomberg said: "Five years have come and gone and we still stand together as one.

"We come back to this place to remember the heart-breaking anniversary and each person who died here, those known and unknown to us, whose absence is always with us."

Giuliani said: "God bless all of those that we lost, God bless all of you who mourn for them, remember them and live on in their spirit and God Bless America."

Stupid Bush observed the silences at a New York fire station, where he hailed the hundreds of firefighters who died that day as heroes.

As is the case ever year, the spouses and partners of victims were reading out the names of all 2,749 who died at the World Trade Center, where 25,000 people had worked; one-by-one!

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