Hugo Chavez rails against US

By Sam Johns

Damascus Syria (BNW—
Everywhere he goes, every time he can and every opportunity he gets, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is giving a straightening to Stupid Bush and the US. From Cuba to China and now in Syria everywhere Hugo goes he is giving US hell!

He pledged to stand by Syria in opposition to what he said was US "imperialist aggression" in the Middle East. He has locked like a Pitbull in on Bush’s ass and he won’t let go! He voided he and Syria would strive to build a world free of US domination.

Chavez is visiting Syria to show solidarity with it and other Arab nations in their opposition to Israel and the US.

He is on a tour of several countries that is viewed as a bid for support for a UN Security Council seat.

Chavez was given the red-carpet treatment as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed him at the presidential palace on a hill overlooking the capital, Damascus, while thousands of Syrians lined the streets of the capital to welcome him.

“We have the same political vision and we will resist together the American imperialist aggression,” Hugo Chavez

"We have decided to be free. We want to co-operate to build a new world where states' and people's self-determination are respected," Chavez said after meeting President Assad.

"Imperialism's concern is to control the world, but we will not let them despite the pressure and aggression," he said. Chavez had earlier told reporters that his country and Syria shared a common goal. Assad said he welcomed Chavez's support for Syria and the Palestinians.

"The stance of President Chavez is known and we heard it today: support for Syria in regaining its occupied territories, and support for the Palestinian people in achieving their national rights and the establishment of an independent state, in addition to the desire to help Lebanon in the post-war period."

"We have the same political vision and we will resist together the American imperialist aggression."

His latest remarks come after a report from the Associated Press news agency earlier in the week that millions of dollars in US aid were flowing to secret programs that support Venezuelan opposition groups.

In recent weeks, Chavez has visited about a dozen countries, including Iran and Malaysia where he busted Bush’s chaps. And, Bush can’t do nothing but take it because Chavez got more oil in Venezuela that the US got Niggers in jail.

Venezuela is looking for Latin America's next non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, a move the US is hoping to block, if it can. Chavez was a fierce critic of Israel's offensive in Lebanon and has found common ground with Syria. Chavez withdrew his ambassador to Israel shortly after its invasion of southern Lebanon. During his Syrian visit, Chavez signed energy deals with the Syrian government.

On Tuesday in Malaysia, the Venezuelan president met a group of local businessmen and urged them to invest in Venezuela's economy. From Syria, Chavez is to travel to Angola where he is expected to continue his ranting and railing against US.

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