Letter to the Editor
In Defense of Chattanooga

I am appalled at the article that says that Chattanooga is one of the most racist cities in America. You state that Chief Parks REFUSED to give promotions to black officers. The truth is that the black officers scores were lower that the white officers scores. Does that make the chief racist?

It also states that Chattanooga is awash with white officers murdering innocent black men. What about the shooting that took place at the strut a couple of years ago where 2 black men shot in a crowd? Oh yeah, one was the son of a black county attorney who has done everything in his power to obstruct justice and hide and get rid of evidence so his son goes free. Where is the outrage from the black community? The problem is that you see what you want to see not the way it is.

Also, saying that Chief Parks is a card-carrying member of the KKK is one of the most slanderous things I have ever heard. Not is it only slander, but irresponsible journalism. This is a hate crime if I have ever seen one. Just where you know where I stand I think the KKK should be abolished off the face of the earth. The KKK has no place in civilized society and I believe will be judged by their Creator one day. But to make the accusation that Mr. Parks is a member because of whether or not men were promoted was uncalled for.
You want to see racism, live in Chicago or Boston. And by the way, racism runs both ways.....

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