The illegals must go: And, what parts of illegal do the fools in Washington don’t understand?

By Noble Johns

Atlanta (BNW) –
The company line is that we need illegal immigration to keep the country going strong, but the reality is that illegal immigration cut in the earning power of working Americans, and is just another attempt by the people in power to not share the wealth of this country. In other words, as long as we have an illegal immigration problem, you will need to work two sometimes three jobs to make ends meet.

"You cannot enforce the border without having a temporary guest-worker program," Bush said. "The two go hand in hand. There are people doing jobs Americans will not do. Many people who have come into our country are helping our economy grow. It's just a fact of life."

Stupid Bush went to Mexican resort of Cancun for a summit with the leaders of the United States' closest neighbors, Mexico and Canada.

The issue of immigration dominated the talks, which have been overshadowed by a fierce debate in the US over immigration reforms.

Security is tight for the summit in the beach resort whose Mayan name means "nest of serpents".

Mexico sealed off much of the island, even imposing a naval blockade.

Before getting down to business, Stupid Bush scheduled to visit the nearby ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza on Thursday morning.

It was an unusual cultural diversion for a president who usually keeps a tight diplomatic schedule on foreign trips.

Thorny questions

During the two days of talks, Mexican President Vicente Fox, new Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Stupid Bush will tackle trade disputes and discuss possible immigration reform.

"We didn't always agree, but I can understand people not agreeing with some of the decisions I made. But that doesn't necessarily mean there's any problems with the relationship," Bush said. "The relationship between Canada and the United States is really a relationship not necessarily by government only, but by the people, by the interchange, by the exchanges we have."

Fox has long pushed for Washington to legalize the estimated six million undocumented Mexicans living in the US.

Stupid Bush has proposed reforms that would allow them to register for legal status and eventually for US citizenship.

However, hardline conservatives in the House of Representatives are fighting the proposal and have approved a bill making unapproved US entry a crime along with plans to build a fence along the Mexican border to keep immigrants out.

The measure touched off mass protests in US cities and now the Senate is working on a possible compromise that would reinforce border security but also allow work visas and eventual residency for some immigrants.

"It's impractical to fence off the border but it is also realistic to give our border patrol agents the tools to be able to do their job," Stupid Bush said in a US TV interview.

There are other controversial issues too:

* Stupid Bush, meeting Harper for the first time since he took office in February, will try to address Canada's concerns over an American plan to require Canadians to show passports and not merely driver's licenses when they cross the border

* The two northern leaders will also try and resolve a long-simmering row over American tariffs on the import of Canadian lumber

* All three leaders tried to repair relationships strained by the US invasion of Iraq - a decision both Mexico and Canada opposed.

Iraq wasnot mentioned in Cancun, though, where all sides will focus on the flow of both goods and people across their borders.

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