Deadeye DeLay out!

By Sinclere Lee

Atlanta (BNW)
–Finally the old fox has been treed, and his leaving can’t happen soon enough. We can all celebrate, now, because the fool of the Old South is gone!

Former top Republican Tom “The Hammer” DeLay has said he will not be seeking re-election to the House of Representatives in November, according to US news reports.

Deadeye DeLay, who is expected to announce his plans on Tuesday, is said to be likely to resign his seat and leave Congress by the end of May or mid-June.

The 58-year-old is accused of laundering corporate contributions for use in Republican campaigns in Texas.

He has strongly denied the charges in a case which has yet to go to trial.

News of Deadeye DeLay's decision came late in the evening.

It has not been formally confirmed but several of the former Republican leader's closest allies have said they have spoken to Deadeye DeLay and he has told them he is going.

'Innocent of wrongdoing'

Deadeye DeLay has been destroyed by corruption allegations against him and admitted corruption by his senior staff.

Just days ago his former deputy chief of staff pleaded guilty to corruption, saying he ran a criminal enterprise out of Deadeye DeLay's office.

Deadeye DeLay was facing a tough re-election fight in November and he has apparently concluded that he would not win.

The decision throws the spotlight on Republican Party corruption in a manner which will certainly do the party no good.

The White House is not directly involved, though late last year President Bush said he believed Mr DeLay was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Stupid Bush may now regret his decision to be so supportive.

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