G.W. Bush was obligated to follow the "due process" procedures to tap phones or spy on people. PERIOD. No law gives him the right to spy on people "in secret" the way he did. He just rationalizes all of his "law breaking"-- with FEAR. He scared us all into invading Iraq. He could have used the U.N. Inspections and other remedies first.

Now he is claiming that the Newspaper is undermining the "war on terror." RIDICULOUS !!! Don't you think Bin Laden has suspected that the military would be trying to get their cell phone number?

He scared us over "bird flu"---and we don't even know if that will happen or not. Now he is trying to scare us over "not being able to eavesdrop on American Citizens. It is pitiful.

He tried to scare us over "GAY RIGHTS" too. He needs to stay out of people's bedrooms and love lives.

BUT...ironically, he downplays the harm that his policies have done to the environment... how burning of fuels creates pollution and GLOBAL WARMING.

Everyone else in this country is expected to follow legal procedures, to go to Court to get warrants, to pass tests in school, to get licenses, to register when they want to make an addition onto their house, and most LEGAL issues require PROCEDURES or DOCUMENTATION, and so forth.

We have been in all kinds of wars in the past--- but the laws still require that we follow procedures !!!

If an investigation finds that Bush broke the laws--- the penalty is something like --up to 10 years in prison and monetary fines.

Just think how "upset" the Republicans were when they found out that Clinton had a little bad moment with Monica. I was sickened when I watched G.W. Bush on TV --- verbally blasting the News for telling it. The CONSTITUTION gives the press FREEDOM. The government does not control the News !!!

Bush is trying to turn this into his own KINGDOM....where he does whatever he wants.

by Melvia Miller

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