RE: Causes of Terrorism by M. Miller

There are numerous emails and websites that are being promoted that make wild, generalized claims that “Muslims are attacking Americans.”

These same people claim "terrorists are Muslims."

This is a gross generalization that is not correct.
The people who committed the acts against the World Trade Center and some of the acts in other countries--- may be Muslims--- but NOT ALL Muslims are

There are many Muslims who live in peace--- in fact, most of them do---right here in the USA. There are some that serve in the U.S. Military, many that work
at hospitals, schools, businesses, and other institutions. Not all Muslims are from the Middle East.

This is much like claiming, “all white people are White Supremacists”
---or all White people are Nazis.

Many people continue to advocate and assert that the modern terrorists attack the U.S. because of some "envy" or "jealousy."

I beg to disagree with both of these premises.

Jealousy or envy is probably the least of the cause of terrorism.

Terrorism is rooted in extreme disagreement, lack of tolerance, and hatred. There may some tiny element of the terrorists who feel this way, but I advocate that
the major cause of the attacks is fundamental EXTREMISM.

The fuel to the fire of terrorism is “extremism.”

And extremism exists on all sides of the problem.

Ironically, when a group of Nazis recently caused a riot in Toledo, Ohio---
We did not hear the word “terrorist” to describe them. Most of the news commentators were blaming the Blacks for “rioting.” These White commentators, such as Bill O’Reilly tried to blame the Blacks for being upset over NAZIS marching in their neighborhoods.

But the same new casters will have fits--- if they get wind of any “Muslim terrorist” doing anything anywhere.


The dictionary defines TERRORISM…this way=

The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or
coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.


The actions of BIG OIL COMPANIES in the Middle East have caused a majority of these problems, victimized innocent people and financed BOTH SIDES of the wars on terrorism.

We forget about the history of these problems and want to act like we don’t recall that the problems in the Middle East have been mounting for at least 60 years.
The events in New York of 9-11 were caused by older events that occurred in Palestine during the

Eisenhower presidency.

The battle was not over “religious differences”--- but it was over land and oil.

There have been terrorists of one kind or another throughout history. Terrorists have come from Christianity, Judaism and Islam---and other groups.


Black people have suffered under terrorism for many years…. being the victims of bombings, lynching, and other horrific acts perpetrated upon them by White

The Ku Klux Klan is a group of TERRORISTS who historically attacked anybody who was not of the White Race...who did not adhere to their philosophies of "white supremacy" and hatred of other races and ethnic groups.

They were not "jealous"--- they were extreme in their views of the Bible and of "racial differences."

When people become "radically hell bent" on a particular philosophy---be it Christianity, White Supremacy, Islam, Black Power, or political right-wing propaganda--- and they seek to attack others--using bombs, lynching, burning crosses, racial profiling, and other weapons--- because they disagree or because of differences in skin color ---or for any other petty reason.... they can be classified as "terrorists."


* There have been some nasty disputes over land and oil in the Middle East, particularly over Palestine. Muslims have been the majority of the victims.

* This modern problem is much like “cowboys and Indians.” The Muslims feel like the American Indians felt during the days of the Wild Wild West.

* The ugly politics surrounding the Oil Business has occurred primarily in the Middle East in Muslim countries.

* Many Christians have wrongly claimed that Muslims do not believe in Jesus.
The religion of Islam does acknowledge the prophets of all religions….throughout history.

* Many American Christians have not held Islam with much respect, but seek to have Muslims convert to their religion and give Christianity respect.

* All of the major religions in the Middle East have had strong elements of "extremists" who attempt to force their beliefs upon other groups.

EXTREMISTS do not have tolerance for different ways of living, for different philosophies, and in fact, want to eliminate any divergence in thought. Extremists
want to control the politics, the money, the way of life of large groups of people.

Can we say that the Taliban is an “extremist” group?

Yes. And so are the Nazis and the KluKluxKlan.

We don’t get along because we are not humane, tolerant and spiritual in our views….

Most of us do not adhere to a policy around the world---


Many of us will not tolerate a difference of opinion from our neighbor next door.

There is actually only ONE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE....and that God does not advocate killing innocent people.



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