Black Police Officers In Chattanooga Urging Community Protest Against Racism At City Council Meeting

By Sinclere Lee

Chattanooga (BNW)
–Known as one of the most racist cities in the country, Chattanooga Tennessee is a washed with complaints of police brutality and murder among innocent Black men. To add insult to injury, the new white police chief, Steve Parks, had refused to promote Black officers to supervisory positions.

He keeps promoting white racist cops to patrol the Black community, and as a result, the cops are brutalizing the entire Black community to enforce the law against a few because they don’t understand the culture and nature of the Black community.

Chattanooga, recently had a Black police chief, Jimmie Dodson, who created good relations with the Black community, but since Chief Parks as been chief, white officers have been accused of calling Blacks nigger, arresting Blacks without provocation, robbing so-called Black drug dealers, and in a number of cases even summary executions and the murder of Black men in the streets of Chattanooga.

One community activist who refuses to give his name because of police retaliation was quoted as saying, “since the Black chief was dismissed, the police has declared all out war on the Black community in Chattanooga.

“They routinely arrest Blacks in the community on trumped-up chargers to try and make an illegal arrest. When they stop white motorists coming into our community as guest, they are stopped on suspicion of drugs activy.

After the white person’s car is stopped and searched, and nothing is found and the person is obviously innocent of the stopped in the first place, the stupid cops tell the white person who was stopped that they were stopped because they were driving in a drug community”

This is a flat-out lie, and they tell this dirty lie to justify the illegal stop in the first place. What these cops are doing is casting the Black community as a drug community to justify illegally stopping and arresting people for nothing.

The stupid cops in Chattanooga are calling our communities drug communities because these fools are too stupid to make a legal bust, and then justify stopping people and arresting them for nothing by debasing the Black community as a drug area. How stupid can you get?

“How would the mayor of Chattanooga like it if I wwnt to his community and stopped Blacks who are in that area and told them that this was a KKK area where mayor lived,” another activist said. “He would not like that very much, but his community is closer to the truth of being KKK than calling our communities are of being drugs communities.”

Now, Black city police officers are urging a protest of recent department promotions at Tuesday night's City Council meetings to call attention to the racism on the Chattanooga police department.

Two black officers addressed a mostly Black audience at the Howard-Brainerd basketball game on Friday night on the issue.

Sgt. John Carter and Sgt. Cheryl Bryant urged support at the 6 p.m. meeting in which Police Chief Steve Parks is due to present the promotions to the council.

They went into effect on Friday, though police officials have not released a list of those promoted.

The Black officers said three Blacks were promoted out of 20 officers moved up. This like of blatant racism trumps any effort to bring the community together.

Chief Parks said earlier that the promotions are based on a wide-ranging assessment that was put into place prior to his becoming chief. He said promotions are based on the tests rather than race.

Sgt. Carter told the overflow crowd prior to the boys game the current promotions will affect the community "for the next 10-15 years."

He said, "In 1978, we had two Black captains and two black lieutenants. In 2005, we have one black captain and one black lieutenant."

If things don’t change in Chattanooga from the racist attitude towards the Black community, activists are calling for an economic boycott of the tourist industry in Chattanooga this summer. That appears the be the only thing these racist whites in Chattanooga understand.

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