COVERUP: The dynamiting of the New Orleans levee

by Ernesto Cienfuegos …..La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - September 11, 2005 -

New evidence is surfacing concerning the sabotaging of ,the New Orleans levee system that resulted in the flooding of primarily Black neighborhoods.

A significant number of New Orleans residents have come forward to say that the authorities breached the levees on purpose.

Also, this publication has located the original Associated Press article that reported on a gun battle between the New Orleans Police Department and US military contractors near the vicinity of the breached levee along the 17th Street Canal. The original report states that New Orleans police shot and killed 5-armed US military contractors in a gun battle. A US Army Corps of Engineers spokesman confirmed the original AP report.

The AP story has now been deleted on pretty much all news websites and a different version substituted. Our publication was forwarded a link to the original
report by one of our subscribers after reading our article, "The Great New Orleans Land Grab"

This article argues that the gun battle was an attempt by the New Orleans police to stop further sabotaging of the levee system by US military saboteurs under
high level secret orders. We have also provided a mirror link to the original AP report on our server in case the forwarded link gets deleted or the report is changed.


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