Sinclere Lee gone too far this time

I used to enjoy the way Black News put down the politicians and corruption that we all know is going on in this country. I went along with it when you talked about Oprah and Bill Cosby and other Blacks you made fun of, even though I knew it was hurtful to the families of the people who you criticized.

But, when you started making fun of Jesus Christ and God like you did in your last article, you went too far. I know what you mean by J. C. and it’s not cute!

Why do they let you keep changing the article every time I read it and making it meaner?

I will not read Black News again because that’s not how all Blacks in this country think. Most Blacks like myself are Christians and would not dare make fun of God. I hope everybody stop reading it because you are a disgrace to the Black race, and the devil from Hell!

Good Blacks in this country need to get their own web site because Black News doesn't speak for all Blacks.

Polly Young

Washington, DC

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